Secret Network ($SCRT) – Ethereum Bridge Mining Tutorial

how's everyone? Brendan from Whispernode is here, now the secret Ethereum bridge It’s already online. I want to give you an introductory tutorial on how to lock Ethereum and erc20 to earn these bridge mining rewards! So let's jump in! The first thing you want to do Yes, go to here and click on the bridge tab, Then connect your metamask wallet and kepler wallet, so let's do it quickly here. If you don't have a Kepler wallet, you need one. I did another tutorial, I showed you how to create this wallet, so I will share the link below.

Ok , My two wallets are connected here, if you are using an erc20 token, just click Here is the erc20 button and select your token. But I’m using Ethereum, so I just need to put in my The amount of Ethereum can be converted here: 0.1. I want to click to use my address. It will automatically Enter my Kepler address. Click Continue. It will ask me to sign the transaction on my Metamask And then I want to confirm there , And then I will have to wait a few minutes to complete the transaction.

Therefore, I will cut this video and come back after confirming the personnel! Good guys come back here. It looks like the metamask transaction has succeeded. I have now put Ethereum Converted to the secret Ethereum, I received a message here saying that it was successful. So what I’m going to do next is to create my secret Ethereum view key so that Click here to balance the view button. It will automatically pop up with the Kepler window and fill in The secret Ethereum view key address. I want to click "submit", click here "set fee", and approve The transaction, which took a few seconds, and then created these keys, now I can see here My secret Ethereum balance is 0.1, which means I have successfully created it if I go to Kepler Wallet In my wallet, here, I will also see the balance at the bottom, There is 0.1 Secret Ethereum, so now I have 0.1 Ethereum and I want to store it in the transition Contract so that I can earn those bridge mining rewards, so what should I do, Please go to the "Earn" button here and click on a different erc 20 token you may be using.

As you can see, I have 0.1 secret Ethereum to deposit. Therefore, I want Click the percent sign button to put all of this in the bridge mining contract. Click this earn money button and it will pop up, asking me to confirm another transaction. …. bam, it's in the contract now. As you can see, this view balance button is now Flicker on my face, tell me to click it. Therefore, I now need to create a view key for the reward, So that it automatically fills in the view button for me. Click Submit. Set the cost to average or higher, please approve here for a few seconds. Hmm… I believe this is a success, I will refresh this page very quickly, sometimes The update speed of the bridge front end is a bit slow, so even if it gets stuck, it just refreshes the website.

As you can see now, the Ethereum balance in the upper right corner is zero, and now Available because it all belongs to the bridge mining contract and no longer exists in my wallet, so These secret rewards are now generated every six seconds, and if you refresh the page, then The balance will rise, so you are locked and loaded into the contract ; If I refresh the page here, I will see that you know where the secret balance is in each block It rises slowly, so you can see here if I reload that number has changed. So almost, if you are going to enter the bridge, now everyone has Set it up, if you want to remove tokens from the bridge mining contract Take it out, you can get the reward, all you need to do is move it right here with the locked token, Indicates that there is 0.1 secret Ethereum balance, click on that percentage or you To withdraw any percentage from the bridge, click withdraw and you will be prompted to make another transaction, And you will see the balance return to The secret Ethereum that I have taken away from the mining contract, If i go to my Kepler wallet And scroll down, give it another second, I will put the secret Ethereum back in my Kepler wallet there , If you want to convert back to erc20 or Ethereum, that's almost it, you will Back to the bridge of things, you will click on this button to connect the secret network Convert back to Ethereum, I will convert to Ethereum here I am going to ype 0.1 I want to click to use my address, or you can use any other Ethereum address here, And it does not have a link to your original address, so please place a meta mask wallet here, here For other operations, an address compatible with erc20, I want to click "Continue", This will tell me that the fees I have to pay are very high, because of Ethereum fees, you will pay Return to Ethereum in the other direction, you just need to click "Confirm" and take a closer look at the whole process Processing again, I will leave it here for now, because I don’t want to do this tutorial To pay the $77 fee, but that’s how you work, I think I’ve shown you Almost everything about this bridge.

If you have any questions, join the discord, I also have a bridge support channel, others are happy to help you, thank you all.

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