SECRET Crypto Project Partnered with Amazon and Oracle

opportunities usually come once in a lifetime but here at bitboy crypto we like to defy the odds and bring our viewers potential to earn in this market daily today we've uncovered something that's massive and that's an understatement as you'll see stick around to find out why this coin could bring life-changing wealth with just a small investment we are diving deep down the blockchain conspiracy rabbit hole today let's get bit it is the hottest new way to trade tokens calling all the top decentralized exchanges visible gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to boy crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button if you want more underground altcoin conspiracy videos like this one then make sure to hit that like button so we know and youtube knows that you like it also if you want to use my deep token research platform of choice make sure to visit deals to learn about tokenmetrics it's bar none the best research site out there for altcoins and you get a seven day trial for about five bucks make sure to visit deals today we're going deep on a project primed to make a run now when we go digging deep on our channel with our mining hats we go deeper than any other youtuber in this space our researchers are comprised of my private research team discord researchers and tips sent in for the channel flat out we have some of the best if not the best researchers in this entire space recently someone who frequently watches this channel which is called bitsquad bob gave us a monumental tip on an old gym bob felt he had uncovered a threaded partnership with oracle my private research team dug in and found even more so enough anticipation what project are we talking about for quite some time last year i expressed the zero chain or ztn had some massive things in the works now it's time to reveal everything that we found to you but first i'll say this could be the equivalent of getting involved in one of the biggest projects in crypto it's going to be huge starting out zcn has partnerships with oracle aws and later partnered with oracle's blockchain oracle yes the mega company that's a top 100 corporation by revenue in the us one of the most influential big data enterprises in the world is officially backing zero chain back in 2018 phil castillo who is now oracle's group vice president as of 10 months ago stand on linkedin xero chain's partnership allows oracle and its customers to leverage our blockchain as a service or baas and storage solutions hosted on their world-class cloud platform used by thousands of customers in the post castillo noted that this was the first of many announcements with oracle and other partners as we approach our mainnet launch later this year this indicates that castillo was once a part of zero chain now if you think that's it you've never watched this channel before again we dig so deep we sometimes need to phone up the government and ask to borrow their tunnel boring machine they use for building all those elitist classified underground bunkers to use it for a better cause digging into crypto projects of course so we took that super secret government technology and dug deeper because this is a conspiracy after all it turns out that phil castillo was once zero chain's chief revenue officer in 2018 as for a medium post published by zero chain ceo and founder saswada basu in february 2020 zero chain officially announced that oracle is a partner putting more in emphasis in a tweet basu recently announced that zerochain's mainnet is set to launch in q1 2021 noting they are calling it fuji aka the iconic mountain in japan and a nice hibachi restaurant near me back in 2018 you may have noticed in that linkedin post earlier that castillo had talked about the main net for zero chain launching at the end of the year people are often very impatient many of you expect quick gains and that's fine but guys you got to separate gains from perspective new technology development takes time to build new technology and delays happen which are unpredictable or you know course plans can change there are long term plays and there are short term plays if you find gyms like this you should always hold on throughout the development with the stipulation that there is a solid team behind the project to achieve the goal at hand zero chain isn't just partnered with oracle one of the biggest players in cloud computing they're also partnered with amazon web services as a partner network as well that partnership also goes back to the magic conspiratorial year of 2018.

In a post published on medium for 2018 derrick feinberger operations director at zero chain noted the aws partnership and hinted that there was a further deal being worked out fiverr i don't know how to say this name writes the following aws has engaged in a joint investment in our development process they've invested resources and continue to invest in helping xero chain build our current global devnet on a multi-node aws environment now as previously mentioned we presently slot in the standard we've been working with aws for almost 1.5 years to date and this partnership is constantly evolving we're on our way to becoming an advanced partner which will transition our partnership from an investment and marketing oriented partnership to a selling partnership that's not all xero chain is integrated into oracle's blockchain as a technology solution together with chain link yes chain link link marines assemble as chad hansen points out in a medium post both link and xero chain are involved in a partnership with sorts which seems to have gone under the radar xero chain in collaboration with oracle wants to provide hyperledger fabric customers a solution to use xerochain d storage as a trusted party for file based transactions the require data validation the concept is to have enterprises upload the data to d storage and submit a transaction to the fabric with a document hash and have it verified by endorsers retrieving the data directly from d storage or through a third-party distributed verifier there are several use cases for multi-party transactions involving documents in various verticals one example is in health care where a medical claim document shared between patient hospital doctor lab and insurer needs to be secured to prevent fraudulent activity other verticals such as supply chain logistics manufacturing banking real estate agriculture identity voting insurance cross-border payment clearinghouse licensing and ip energy trading certificates deeds ads registries telecom forensics and government industries could all use the fabric with d storage for an end-to-end secure transaction platform this image right here is from medium now if you needed more oracle themselves from their security account has tweeted about xerochain multiple times even oracle blockchain senior director mark rakmilovic has discussed xerostore a product by xerochain even oracle's top tier directors that shared zerochain's tweet by oracle on linkedin according to an account named larryzcn on twitter which shows its evidence oracle gives xerochain the access to all of its clients using oracle blockchain which ultimately means all of their data but wait before you run out and go buy a bag of zcn there's much more recently matic announced which is also a digging word announced that they will be partnering with zero chain however you know we go one step beyond and really take thematic and dig deeper because we have an insider deep throat like the whistleblower that exposed nixon's watergate it's weird saying deep throat on the channel my anon source shared the following information about matic i've got some infomatic is involved in some massive things in regards to stable coins fiat crypto bridges that a lot of banks are going to use now can xero chain be involved with this as well finally we have a potential brewing partnership with ocean protocol and you're starting to see where all this is going this leads us to one of the best tokenomics in crypto staying for access to use a service while giving yield at the same time the zcn token is tied to network usage the more data is stored and goes through the network the higher the token price oh lord so the more enterprises and crypto partners that are onboarded the higher the price per zcn once all this launches this is because a large amount of tokens will be locked as enterprises have to lock up their tokens to use the d storage network meaning the scarcity will increase exponentially in 2021 leading to what we see now with bitcoin supply shortage resulting in a crazy pump due to high demand what's more is you can stake and earn tokens as well all in the xero wallet yield we love it mainnet will be out in this quarter of 2021 in a few weeks xero chain has the potential to make file coins gains look pale in comparison xero chain has retail products though which are either live or being developed that are planning to launch soon zero a secure fast and cheap decentralized dropbox to send and store files with just a few clicks a messenger app with the latest encryption standards ease of use and it's free xero store of course for enterprise customers which requires staking and finally zero wallet a secure and private wallet for your zcn tokens where you can stay for yielded return as you can see zero chain not only specializes on corporations but also on retail this is one of the most bullish things for a project to have to serve both markets i believe zero chain is just getting started and this tweet about enterprise adoption makes me more bullish than ever what's more the ceo sanswata has said the enterprise isn't oracle in the last ask phoebe's ama not to be confused with ask jeeves that old search engine that we didn't realize was a search engine whatever happened to that i guess it went dead another google kill the ceo of xero chain saswada basu said the big enterprise company is a fortune 100 company adding the upcoming fortune 100 company is not oracle which means there will be in total two fortune 100 companies including oracle with their mainnet launch you can buy zcn at uniswap bilaxi bitfinex and one inch this one hasn't even hit most exchanges yet or most big exchanges there's a gym in the rough and the moon shot that could take off in 2021 mark my words let me know what you guys think about this one and what is going on under the surface between zero chain and big enterprise also don't forget to subscribe and smash a like that's all i got be blessed 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