[Music] [Music] You [Music] Hey guys and welcome to the new coding Video The most beautiful musical instrument out there is the encoded violin Guys have a great day today, I will be back with some amazing Rising content Very interesting content I wanted to I'm sharing with you today it's about the case and where I think Price stabilizer p can go and we'll take a look at some charts and I'll do some of them Price forecast guys I hope you are ready and I hope you are positive Because we will be able to see higher prices Thank you for watching my video before we dive into the content of the juice bush i I wanted to kindly remind you to subscribe to our beautiful coding binance channel like if you like consumer right Don't forget to comment if you have questions, we are a big xrp family Without further ado, let's delve into the content of the juice bush I have for you Today first of all let's have a look at xrp usd Pair in bitstamp exchange as we trade In this falling wedge pattern we have Here there is a strong support at the 60 cents level and yesterday we opened and closed On top of this we are retesting it now and if We managed to stay above 60 cents and 62 cents The support area means that we are positive in the short term I am positive in the short term because we can see here Find our support then try to hack above 78 80 cent resistance and then the next Close to $1 and then 1.13 and then we'll work our way up here Just how did we do last time ok that's it It's totally normal and I know you're afraid, and I'm afraid too Actually I'm not but I should be because I bet everything I had anxiety but no worries because from here You can see 200 beautiful of course no financial advice But if we look at the weekly pair we see that since 2015 guys All the scary accidents that didn't mean anything here, xrp went to six cents and Then it crashed all the way to 0.02 cents which is 95 after crash 80 crash after that 66 After that, 68 crashed in 2017 before The biggest bull run after the bull run 86 crash after that we saw a very beautiful green candle on Weekly gave us all hope but again a Crash 63 okay then We tried to break through, but no luck.

78 crashes Well, we are out of the major bear market Then we got a huge price hike again 80 crashes because of the second news Well now we're crashing From the highs of 74, that's totally normal I think We're still very positive if three or four months ago You told me the xp would be 62 cents and I'd be glad we were stuck In the range of 20-30 cents for three years, so of course we are now 3x and The nice thing is that we found player support Look, we couldn't break it in September 2018 after that we couldn't even break it One resistance level below that in July 2019 after that we got an exorbitant price A spike in November 2020 we couldn't get past This resistance is 64 65 cents and the second time is here We couldn't crack it and the third time we broke it and xrp I finally got the retest the retest that you should always buy when you retake the test Well, after retesting, we can see great prices guys Please we can see beautiful prices We can definitely see beautiful prices We have a lot of upside potential to continue this amazing I'm very happy if we look at the total The market value of the altcoins that we see let me show you Here in 2017, what happened we made a huge rise Then we got retested and then set out to make even higher heights Here is also a large drop that we broke from this height and made new High regional high then got a retest, it's totally normal to retest here Absolutely high retest before achieving new heights here the new High Boom All the time we're making new heights But we're retesting this is totally normal So don't be afraid don't be afraid like chicken Well otherwise you should يجب Sell ​​all your coins and invest in gold or invest in something else Not too scary, so I'm very happy and very positive In the short term and in the long term, we will see a rise in prices Look at this beautiful test, let me mark it Nice to re-test ok that's totally normal After this we will see higher prices maybe two and three trillion still Even the first men are still so early why are we so afraid Notable people are very smart people for example the CEO of kraken Jesse Powell told us this is just another day in coding Nothing compared to what we saw earlier And don't be afraid, he basically says don't be afraid Well, if we read further, I want to cover this very interesting article with you Named Ripple wants to oust former SSC manager William Henman but The organizer desperately struggles identity The private security council official that Ripple wants to remove has him Finally refueled by former director William Hinman The famous hinman declared that ethereum and Bitcoin was not a security but the SSC argues that it belonged to them Personal opinion, not organizational position Wow wow, that's crazy, you guys know what that means This means all the people who buy Ethereum Because they know for sure that Ethereum is not a security they should fear Guys because seconds can come after all of you All Kryptos Cardano are excellent they are all guys Well, the only one that will be obvious will be xrp, everything is planned, I am very happy, I am very optimistic I can't tell you how positive I am for the future So let's read it Ripple Labs and the US Security and Exchange Commission She was rocking back and forth in the court during Nomination of a former official in the National Security Council during his presence It was speculated that the official might be Jay's ex Clayton no one knew who he was for sure So far in a new lawsuit revealed the supervisory body The official is the former director of corporate finance, William Hinman Heinman famously declared that Bitcoin and Ether They are not securities and this has become a critical point Disagreement in the ripple case versus the second ripple has applied for court approval to subpoena the first Deposit manager weeks ago The regulator was resisting the move as reported in a flash news report on Thursday SSC was well aware that the position It could have major repercussions in her case, so the second one is as scared as a A little chicken in the words of ordinary people is fine So James K the villain tweeted the movement of the following broken sc files for the quest William Henman, former director of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, deposited a vision Corporate Finance, You All Should Read These People You're Not I will read everything for you but you should definitely read this and so on In the 82 pages, ssc actually refers to this ripple I shouldn't be called William Hinman and I can actually read Some parts here are called Bo Bo I'm back in the park Park Park I'm a little chicken and I'm afraid of it Ripple that's how it all goes guys look This is 82 pages of fear It's quite a cowardly movement that was felt in the southern states of New York In the alternative they seek an order Crush the subpoena without even bias After Judge Toros ruled on the Security Council's motion to strike ripple fair notice defends regulator He argues against why the judge crushed the subpoena In its overall movement one of the reasons is that Questioning of former public officials after years of leaving office Deter qualified candidates from enlisting in public service Henman expressed his personal opinions and not for a second is okay Wait wait what Hinman expressed about his personal opinions Not in seconds Well, let's watch this your talk, which I don't uh Bitcoin or Ether is considered a security and is therefore not subject to From the competence of the second, can you explain your reasons very briefly He's up to cnbc He's here on cnbc talk And CNBC Second States Speaks Bitcoin Director He talks about why he believes in ethereum Bitcoin is not a proven security, these are complex facts and Circumstances tests but when we look at Bitcoin or if we look at Ether and the highly decentralized nature of Networks where we don't see a third-party promoter Implementation of the disclosure system would be very logical so I want to ask Something he's referring to while he's speaking About that we don't see let's watch The implementation of the disclosure system would make a lot of sense so we are satisfied Uh, in a kind, uh, viewed as, uh, materials that should not be regulated As securities we are who we are and his side is Who are we? I can't understand this We are as in the security and exchange commission or We and his mother do not understand him Obviously talking about us as in seconds Guys so we got our answer it's here on cnbc He talks about that we don't see Ether and Bitcoin as securities We obviously don't see that well and you know where he is now and what he's talking about Horowitz raises $2.2 billion in largest crypto fund صندوق ever hires ssc veteran hinman hinman what are you doing bro Anderson Horowitz raised $2.2 billion to invest in cryptocurrency In what has been described as the largest crypto fund Ever, even when the markets seem bearish, the company has also hired new employees with it Most notably, William Henman, former CEO of SC Who is most famous for declaring Bitcoin and Ether? It wasn't stock, well that's a good thing because you know what Andreessen Horowitz is a great investor who will invest $2.2 billion To coding now you know who you are Fear if the biggest investment veterans invest the biggest The amount in the crypto box at all So there is no need to fear all adults Buying Cryptocurrencies That said guys, I hope this is positive for all of you And optimistic I hope you stay positive as always Please like, please subscribe and don't forget to come to the comments section Big sexy army and I hope to see you in the next Buddhist video Have a nice day bye

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