SEC Archives States XRP is a CURRENCY! (Coinbase Re-Listing XRP Q1 2022!?)

in fact the united states is the only 
country on the planet that has suggested   extra visa security the idea that xrp is a 
security it has traded out there for eight years   you know it's kind of like well if 
it was a security i guess we should   have known that a long time ago 
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100 p.m let's get right into today's episode   is combat's relisting xrp we're going to be 
breaking that down and we got some bullish bullish   news coming out of ripple potential potential 
huge developments coming in the horizon with   new products we will get into that as well but 
before we get into that take a look at the xrp   price we are sitting at a dollar 10.

levels are going to not last very long guys and i   100 guarantee you that if you guys are new 
to the sector go watch my previous videos   but extra people are you and i both know we are 
coming to the end of this whole political theater   and we are going to be laughing at the end how 
this plays out because we are going to provide   regulatory clarity and as per buying armstrong 
he states the ripple case seems to be going   better than i expected meanwhile the sec is 
realizing that attacking crypto is politically   unpopular because it it harms consumers so 
this is brought up obviously with the whole   ripple community coming together with i i think 
we're rounding up to 100k individuals that signed   that petition for that lawsuit the class action 
lawsuit and obviously they see that we are taking   over the internet xrp ripple is going to take 
over media when this whole thing settles and   we are going to disrupt the whole crypto sector 
and it is going to go kaboom ladies and gentlemen   it is going to be insane but take a listen 
or take a look at what mr craig dewitt replied to mr armstrong so he replied 
to brian saying wait till you hear   how our products are doing hinting is it 
doing well is it doing awful we don't know   but do we know yes we know we are taking over the 
world all the money baby it is going to be insane   when trillions are going to flood this xrp market 
and it doesn't matter if xrp is worth 30 trillion   20 trillion because that's what the world's 
going to run on and fundamentally looking at it   from that perspective utility market cap cannot 
be comparable to especially stock market caps   because they don't go hand in hand they're 
two completely to two different animals but   and then somebody else replies saying take a 
look at this somebody replies saying let's see   it did state right oh yeah right here so he says 
wait till you hear our products are doing and then   some troll replies saying our products that don't 
use xrp are doing or he might just be saying you   know bunny i bunny quote ears uh not doing and 
then he says with the trump wrong stating that   yes they are using xrp but at the end of the 
day you and i both know ripple the company   is yes different from the xrp but xrp is 
the native digital currency that ripple uses   and has been using and testing for the past 
years and they're not going to just drop that   so you could put that whole you know i don't 
i wouldn't say it's an argument to into rest   because xrp's not going anywhere um and that 
being said let me know what you guys think in the   comments down below again we are so close and xrp 
is going to get relisted it's not a matter of when   uh it's not matter if it just when and when 
that time comes again there's so many exchanges   that have xrpd listed and when the herd comes 
when media comes think about it guys there's   we don't even have five percent 
penetration into cryptocurrencies yet   and when that money comes when people are 
realizing that the future is in crypto   and it's just how the media is gonna play 
it out right it's when the media is ready   for it that's when the herd is gonna listen 
that's when they're gonna start getting in   but we the pioneers are already in this we 
are seeing this all unfold and it is gonna be   a mega generational wealth uh ahead of us and 
it's just crazy to see the uprising of how this   is all coming about and how we are the leaders 
in this crypto sector how the xrp community   are the leaders in this crypto sector that is by 
far 100 accurate because we are going to provide   regulatory clarity for the whole market itself 
and at the end of the day when we take number   one which we will 100 it's gonna be crazy 
guys we are going to take number one that's   when that day happens it's going to be amazing 
it will happen in our lifetime that is for sure   uh because it's not going to take a lot of 
money to do that because once you till the   utility kicks in that's when the trillions 
are going to kick in and we are going to   finish this video off on this little 
uh i saw this going around on twitter   uh from baylord inc and it's a code of ethics 
so if you guys have seen this let me just clear   because when we just scroll down to it i 
let me read this paragraph for you guys   so under cryptocurrencies in light of extremely 
complex nature of legal analysis regarding   cryptocurrencies to determine to determine 
which ones are securities and which ones are not   bailord has decided to allow investments in three 
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum and xrp that   are generally accepted to be currencies and are 
not currently subjected to regulation by the fcc   these three cryptocurrencies are 
treated as non-covered securities   outside of these cryptocurrencies investments in 
other cryptocurrencies is prohibited so a lot of   people are saying oh look it's on the sec website 
um it's got it and they stated that xrp is a   currency while this is just the code of ethics it 
doesn't necessarily mean that the sec wrote this   well as you see this is baylord's code of ethics 
and this is baylor's perspective that has because   they're registered with the ssc so their code 
of ethics would be uploaded to the xcc archives   by law um does this mean the sec reviewed this 
probably not because it is a code of ethics and   they don't they don't put a lot of resources in 
reviewing code of ethics they would do a manual   review i don't know how their corporate 
corporate uh structure would work   but given my banking experience you know code of 
ethics you know it would be the last thing i'm   in the pile this is just kind of out outlining 
everything uh within baylor in this perspective   so and again there's no point of you know putting 
this news i mean not out there because this in the   lawsuit wouldn't really mean anything unless the 
only way this archive would mean something is if   we could get a hold of somebody that put this 
together at baylord and who that individual's   source was to obtain this information stating 
that bitcoin ethereum first of all they offer   that as an investment okay that's fine but 
the question is who did their representative   at baylor go within the sec to get this 
information to approve this to allow this   as currencies because baylor just itself wouldn't 
be able to just make this without any resources   provided from regulatory officials from the sec 
or so on their partners right so let me know   what you guys think also in the comments of this 
because this is kind of stirring the pot i saw   with uh some twitter replies and everyone's saying 
you know everyone's saying oh this is huge but   this is not that huge unless we could find the 
source of who did it of who put this together   so let me know what you guys in the comments down 
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