Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about two new things that just came out about xashmining, now xashmining has litecoin mining and dogecoin for you that is coming on the channel now My name is Rafael and welcome to the channel the sky is the limit the channel talks about investments free earnings sites online survey sites, faucet advertising websites where we can advertise, the sites and our social networks and tutorial in general let's go for the news of the day xashmining ltc and the xashmining doge now we can invest in these two cryptocurrencies, litecoin and dogecoin to register we will put the wallet and start mining let's click on star ltc in the register win 3 mh / s to start mining I will log in to dogecoin tmbm here the minimum purchase it's 20 mh / s the daily gain is 0.00120 litoshi It's the biggest 40,000 mh / s and the income per day 7 litecoin the price is 200 litecoin and the smallest 0.12 litecoin let's see the minimum withdrawal the minimum withdrawal is 0.20 and a maximum of 100 litecoin per day here the bitcoin who has been online for a long time dogecoin was released today litecoin’s and soon we will have ethereum and monero from xashmining here in earnings here has no earnings yet affiliate deposit part withdrawals references, where we have the link payments haven't done any yet, why the site launched today in the settings we can change the wallet the password and here our payments I will still deposit on the site now XASHMINING we can invest in litecoin and dogecoin let's go to dogecoin dogecoin are different sites ok here the minimum it's 2 mh / s will cost 1500 dogecoin and the daily gain 15 dogecoin and the maximum purchase 3000 mh / s and the daily gain of 88,500 dogecoin in the amount of 3 million doge here we win free 1 mh / s to start mining and the back offce is the same as the litecoin as I already showed let's see the least of this dogecoin minimum withdrawal 500 dogecoin so that's it guys the news, which started now and now we can mine litecoin and dogecoin coming soon ethereum and monero that strong hug thank you all stay with god and until the next video

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