SAYLOR MOON TOKEN ($SMOON) – The First Anime Style Token| Price Action, How to Buy and Latest Update

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the channel to invest in tomorrow’s video with Kay. Today’s video is a bit outrageous. My regular video, because today’s video is a response to one of the videos. A request from a community member. If you are watching me, please shout out to Mike for hope Do you like today’s video how to take her knees so use my broken mandarin. In today’s video, we will introduce what is Sailor Moon token how can you buy it now, what’s the price now after release and the last action question you should Buy it, needless to say, let’s quickly scroll to introduce Sailor Moon is an iconic anime character especially well-known in Europe and North America about 25 years ago. This is a short film of it [Music] Sailor Moon is one of the new tokens The Sailor Moon, which was recently released in May, is the first anime style token, which is a serious long-term project based on their website.

They talk about their goal to develop their own exchange and be able to use the current through borrowing in real life. Chika This hasn’t happened yet, but that’s their long-term goal. Sailor Moon is a character who dreams of going to an anime. At the beginning of the journey, she relies on the wisdom of Michael Seiler. If you still remember Michael, guide her Seiler now. Michael Sailer and Elon Musk had a quarrel after a while, if you don’t remember to watch this video, because then the statement made in May came from the Elon Musk price that caused Bitcoin to crash. The current market value is about 1.7 million US dollars. There are more than 32 000 token holders and there are about 122,000 transactions, that is, so far, they have burned about 18.72 tokens so here are some functions. This token is redistributed which means the Sailor Moon Smart Contract Applicable 10 fees for all transactions, which means that the buyer and the cell 5 are automatically distributed to the holders who are not cultivated. This means that the number of tokens in your wallet will always increase this redistribution function with people’s transactions.

Not unique to this particular token. Many new tokens have appeared recently. Where is this special feature? It rewards you for holding tokens for a longer period of time. This is also a decentralized one which means that there is no one main owner of the token. The decisions are all in favor of the community from a security point of view. The initial liquidity is locked in the dx scale. The technical rate audit request is for more information. The upcoming technical rate is basically a team of engineers and analysts. They focus on blockchain technology. Established an audit and development company. For the early smart contract ico, we promoted and expanded our expertise to market research, exchange, analysis, security and technical evaluation of the project. This is very important for new tokens. They come out so they should get these audit reports. Just build More credible among buyers, this is the roadmap.

The Sailor Moon token they launched is based on Elon Musk’s Twitter. The next goal is incredible growth potential. They want to build at least 10,000 holders by the end of June. They will be able to recruit and expand on the coin gecko cmc development team in the month they want to go public. They are already listed on the bank. We look forward to the fourth Season’s hot bit xt and professional bit complete the sailor exchange. We will explore the sailor moon and feet through q for 2021. It is an irreplaceable token for those who don’t know nft. Next, they also want to list large-scale transactions like kucoin Huobi So Gate and Binance and the second quarter of 2022 they want to achieve a debit card application that uses real world currencies , so here are three use cases that I think this coin can be helpful.

It can be used as a payment method like anime Large-scale events such as exhibitions, which are generally held in San Diego in July and October. Purchase animation goods and subscription fees in New York. Funimation and similar platforms. If you and I really want to buy Sailor Moon tokens, I suggest you visit their website and check Their steps have been provided and I will also provide a link to how to buy the video description below so they did a survey recently yesterday.

They asked the holder what is the most exciting thing for you is that they can choose the sailor exchange nft store bear market ends and others Taylor Swift has won here a lot of people are looking forward to sailor swaps also as they mentioned on the roadmap they are looking for debit card, this is how the rendered image debit card will look now let us see Look at their prices to take action on what’s happening. This particular token has risen by about 5% in the past few weeks, because most of the broader cryptocurrency market is also at the same price as Mariner Moon Token, such as What you see is around here. Within this time frame, Elon Musk and Sailor Moon spit, and the Sailor Moon token has really become very popular. Since then, with the volume of the cryptocurrency market This particular coin is on a downward trend and completely dried up . There is not much trading volume in the past few weeks.

In at least the past 24 hours, the price has increased by about 5.67% and the volume has also increased by about 4.34%. So this is a good sign for a token at this price. There are two prerequisites for this token to go up. The wider crypto market has the first and second volume to go up. The coin must increase to improve the price. Finally, what should you buy? What made me start to say that I am not a financial adviser. Is this financial advice? The answer to this question is very simple. Just invest what you are willing to lose for this. At the current point in time, there are many tokens that have been launched recently and honestly, I personally think This is not financial advice nor am I a crypto expert token will be able to mess up the cryptocurrency market at this time Point until we have a little bit stable.

Where is the crypto market . Big boys like Bitcoin and Ethereum have stabilized. We won’t see any major price improvement until then. For these coins, I also want the Sailor Moon Token to be absolutely fine. Survive and I hope this token will become more popular because of two benefits. First, it brings animation . More and more people at the forefront will start to understand animation. Second, it provides us with another. As a complete disclosure, I did not invest any money in this particular token, nor do I have any near-term plans to invest in Sailor Moon. Well, I’m everyone in this video.

I really hope you like it today. Don’t forget to like the content. Click the subscription and ring the bell notification, so as not to miss any videos that appear in the future. See my investor family next time , but don’t forget to invest tomorrow.

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