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Hello friends, you have come to be your channel. Today I'm going to tell you about the sandbox project. This hall is actually a gaming project, but the clothing world is more of your old stock, so dead. Everything in the game world in the translated idiom world is the sandbox of integrating the [ __ ] environment. what does it do, where to get it? If you are evaluating agriculture from a project to values, how do we make money? we come to the sandbox, they come technically.

In this video, we will talk about many things about the crypto money world. we will answer. In short, if you like this video, subscribe to my channel, like the video and your comment Do not forget to comment if you have. Thank you in advance, friends. This sandbox is currently on the market for 5 cents. Is there a registered link below, you can buy the same. Of course, it is not investment advice.

Look, it is written here, this project is the project of the collection and with disgust, friends. You know that he created our own game world, we can create games. You can create pictures and animations. There is a team cm product. With Boxset, you know that there are animation products, and you know that they sell the games to other people. At the same time, friends who will have an open world in 2020, 2021, same minecraft Like, of course, the game is minecraft, which is such an advanced graphical interface. but you know what will be improved? In fact, this very advanced graphical interface. Because can you develop games with boxset? Friends? There is also the sandbox download status here. We actually shot a video about this document. With the Put Here Market, you can add externality stocks and join groups. We have playlists here. There are also videos about finance and coins in the playlists. Detail cryptocurrency buying and selling. There are trainings on the general hobby exchange. Now guys, let's get into the project briefly. The project is currently hovering around 5 cents.

Project term tray flock here is the contract address and a limited number of collection dets. With this project, we are earning crypto money sting income. In other words, we can be entitled to all income on this project. Of course, we need to buy santoku and have an audience, I will also touch on that. Now friends see you here on the feast. Look at the listed price now at 5 cents, 5 cents serious, today as a resistance has. We can see the flock in the 1-week chart as follows. Yes, we reviewed it on its weekly chart. In this way, you can do it here in Turkish as registered on the binance exchange. You can buy binance with price by throwing money here friends now sandbox Let's see age games in the market of the project.

Here with friends and in the open world. You can buy interim, this is actually blockchain-based, so for example, it is limited in these segments. counted. Because [ __ ] is based in china so we don't manufacture it. Whoever produces it belongs to the person who produces it. So the unique collective unique object is now, for example, in the game world, here the terrains are unlimited can happen. After that, cancellations and products can be unlimited. For example, 1 can be worth $ 1000000. For example, in kantir, I don't know, we've been playing Metin 2 and similar games before. You know that many projects are overvalued in this game world. So for example you have heard that a knife went on sale for 1000000 dollars or something, but this knife For example, he is life and he can increase his period and earn money, but there is no such thing here.

These productions are completely made by individuals. So they created a completely decentralized game world. You are already producing the games. Now let's get into the game first, let's see the game world from here. Look, I pressed it, it has created in the game world. Let's enter the game world over there. Today and their creations are boxed, you know how to box and design objects completely and You can integrate it into the game world. Currently, these issues are always in beta. Look, for example, you can play your screen like this.

Look with me right now, here's what's in the game look like this way the objects up you can move it down left and right. You know, click the lee from here and drag the objects here. For example, you bring it and you can put words here. Look, for example, billions of people played the miniskraft game, friends. Since these projects are unique over time, you can put people here. For example, the skeleton could not put a skeleton, but let's put a skeleton right now, you put it here. Now friends here congratulate and it's in the game. I'm logging into the game world. Look, yes, they hurt me. I cut them. Look now, it hurt me. This skeleton is a pretty thing. Anyway, it is a game like this, so this is currently beta or they are developing projects yet.

friends. We came back to our world here, for example, I have a alanya here or there with this button. here it is. Whatever his project is today, I'm going out of it. This is only when developing dm products ie one party product. one party website. For example, they know how to design things like that, look. You can do this anyone, no coding knowledge needed. You know that yes, the unique object is designed and sold in these markets. they tried to integrate logos in the game world and I think they were quite successful. Look, for example, here's how to translate it into Turkish, it is hard to find rare katar. 2750 is there any mention of art? Can you link your old wallet here again and fully, friends? After connecting your wallet, you will sit here in the chest. He created the same open world here as Mail. Apart from that, the lands where I will talk about sting income are sands, your work You know it in the jersey. The team consists of very large and experienced people.

Yes, he says there is ihsan. He wanted the pass, actually the right, so the stacking chests here. In order to be entitled to all the income in this game world, God is first in fish. Of course, as usual, you should install metal old from here and the metal old from the store. After installing your browser in the Friends browser, you must connect dolphin. After Yusuf tied up. It says here, sound youtube laptop add deposit here. Sure, where do we get the sandbox? See the dolphin on the dolphin on the vole 2 of the week. He's depositing here, wallet from here I have tied here.

Friends, we need to be students now. If you are not familiar with downloading wallets, you will not be able to watch violent videos. In the meantime, you can support us by liking our videos. Here, after Yusuf is connected, we go to the stamp. Here you can create a party again in February. Currently active click on HTH. You said too.

Is the meat healthy? I'm going to write this legal. Probably not. Yes it did not. Now, friends, we are going to info and we will write health. Flocked to this place, a piece of meat came out. Our contract address starts at 00:38. It ends at 52. Verify here, yeah, when you clicked 50 t from here. 74 yes 00:39 It starts at 00:38 and ends at 5. Okay, right friends, guests. Look, we have to put 10 seconds of liquidity message here. Put 100 chests here and here. We add it here, guys. Sandboxie for example. For example, $ 1 ethernet, $ 500 assumed, 505 $ 180 hide $ 580 full. Ether way, we will put a liquid phone here. There's a very good fare going on here. Let's pay attention to them. 30 20 30 $. That's why I don't put it right now because there isn't that much money. Then the friends are here. After you put funds here, you are giving elite e-society and pet schools sandbox only.

Because when you click here, it will appear here for you. You will say a rehearsal from there after clicking rehearsal. You will be able to do stacking here or how will you get an offer? Click here and you will say yes with the event. After that, the continuous sam will start production. Both master paintings will bring you income over time. Clicking slip here you get the incomes. Can you sell it after that guys? Speech Recognition Complete If I feel for example other people other leftover groups channels, I don't know at 00:58, why did it fall? You are talking about it in this respect. We will tell you what these projects do, rather than graph support resistors. We are trying to explain what kind of projects they are. You can support us. Look at this issue, for example, this project is currently in 5 districts, but ahead. I think this project can see 1 dollar. You will forget that you will invest in this project? You can also take out a loan with the percentage son of the capital you have.

So ultimately that percent won't hurt you. Of course, while 50 percent bitcoin is like 20 percent altcoin, 30 percent I made a basket with plenty of alcohol. So I said 10 percent of your basket is tre. For example, if what we put in has risen, buy 10 percent of it and move on to the other or something. The most productive 40 balls are crazy from there. will extend or shot a video of agriculture for example after each video we shot. You have it over there. In this video, our belief in etherna does not increase after agriculture video. Because why is it enough for us here, what's inside is talking about the police from my article. But other channels are not at work, price flew, ran away, became bitcoin or something bitcoin is this business. Where these are known to all no longer know. You can research them. I wish you all a good day, friends.

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