Samsung Epic 4G Hacks – How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Samsung Epic 4G!

hi all this is max from zero max calm and epic 4g dot-com and epic no samsung epic calm and samsung epic hacks com which is coming soon anyway we just rooted the phone we activated the phone we just doing everything tonight it's going to be fun open up your browser we're going to now show you how to install Wi-Fi tether so go here and type android Wi-Fi who this Q is really nice by the way I get better than the toy to not to steal it from my friend anyway we'll have a full review go to the first page there click downloads and then down the APK download it alrighty then and once it's downloads we just open it it's going to say you have to go to settings click on unknown sources okay and go back key and hit that again install installed open and close a donation bar start tethering and as if it's working goat show log and it looks like it's working so i'll be right back with my netbook and let's change the name of this let's change it to a society let's change it to epic tether right that way we could show you that it's working tether and it will change will set the passphrase I will set the path it just change the channel to like 11 or yeah higher the better I think usually it's working and let's it's Wi-Fi encryption WEP is fine and it's just set of passphrase so i'm not going to show you this so so i'm going to set the passphrase i'm going to be back with the netbook to show you working I all folks so to prove that it's working you can go to access control and there you go eee pc that's this computer connect it to epic tether and you can hold this josh and then we're going to go to Google make sure it works scattering let's do a speedtest really quick on the epic 4g on 3g network in san francisco and it seems pretty fast and i did i routed to phones today rooted the droid two and the samsung epic in the same day and also made both Wi-Fi tether work which is a cool it's my record just kidding anyway we got the test the download speed on the Wi-Fi tether of the epic 4g on its 3g network and it's pretty good almost 10 / 1 / 1 wow that's really good in this area it's like twice faster than what I got with verizon earlier today and for upload or beginning with anything upload came a board game you see what but it's okay sometimes these tests are off with the uploads but the download is fast so okay uploads Liesl so it's connected to peer to peer to epic tether and okay so I got pretty good download speeds so that's how you get free Wi-Fi tether again you have to root your epic 4g very easy to do install android Wi-Fi tether run it seta change the channel to 11 because it's better and also china make sure it's Wi-Fi encrypt it away no one else can steal your free Wi-Fi anyway that was all folks see y'all later and cheers

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