– Oh, we got Oreo thin, salted caramel. I've never seen this before, these are cool. This is my favorite part of the Oreo packs, Doing the lift sign. (Angelic singing) (Upbeat rock band) Hey, it's Kayla. – and Tyler. Who we are are Davises and today we'll do it Salted caramel everything savored a challenge. We get tons of foods that are flavored like salted caramel And we'll tell you what to think. – Yes really. – But first We thought it would be smart if we did the original Salted caramels, I got some of these from Lolli & Pops. We got a bunch more, yeah ♪ – [Kayla] won't eat all of these. – [Tyler] Yeah I'm fine. – I like caramel very much. This is our obvious staple food Because this is the same pretzel caramel, it is very clear It gets a 10 out of 10 on the Salted Caramel rating. (Laugh) – Yes in deed. – One round, ready? Three, two, one. Oh, we got the salted caramel pie and waffle mix.

So we already cooked these. Salted caramel pancakes. – they are good. They just taste like a cake though, so I'll have to – Yes, it just tastes like a waffle, I don't taste any of the salted caramel. – But it doesn't taste good. – Maybe like a dash, it's like a hint. – I don't taste anything I'll give her one. – There is a salted caramel core. – Actually, yes, there is a small one – There is an essence to it. So on the proximity of salted caramel, like two. But they still taste good, So on general taste, I give it like nine. The next round, we got a flamingo box. – Flamingo Box – Beautiful. Well prepared – three, two, one, go. (Panting) – It's chocolate caramel salt! – It's Ghiradelli Chocolate! Yay! We got our caramelized sea chocolate salt. Can't wait to eat these. I did this – I'd like one dark chocolate. – They are all dark chocolate (laughs). – Uh, no! Well, three, two, one. – This is very good. It clearly tastes like sea salt and caramel Because there is sea salt and caramel in it.

Overall taste I give it 10, because it's delicious. Then the proximity to sea salt and caramel, I give it a 10 too because there are so many From sea salt and caramel – I was going to give her seven Cause chocolate kinda took all that– – But he's still there. It's like saying that the cake doesn't taste like cake Because he is writhing (laughs). – The next round, okay! ♪ So we got this llama chest and let's open the box ♪ – Gosh! – It's ice cream.

– Gosh. – Ice cream is topped. Salted caramel. Salted caramel core, so there's a big ball Of salted caramel there! I try it first without the caramel sauce. Mm, it definitely tastes like salted caramel Because it's just a big ball right in the middle. – It's like hey, let's fill this up with salted caramel – Yes, but I like salted caramel So I personally really like it, so for general taste Because I love ice cream and I like salted caramel, And you put them together and it is like heaven, So I'll give it like 9.5 Just because I can't give everything 10.

(laughs) On proximity to salted caramel, and also on 10 Because there is salted caramel in it, So it clearly tastes like salted caramel. – For general bait, I will give her eight, And why tastes like salted caramel, I'll give her 10 reason it's literally caramel-infused In this, it's like oh boy. – You cannot deny it when it is there In front of your face, so yeah. – How is it with the stuff? – Oh yeah I forgot.

(Laugh) Look how gorgeous this is, awesome. It's like adding more caramel to your cream than caramel. Mmmmmmm I like that. So I'll give this 9.5 On the overall taste – – I'll give 9.6. – 9.5 because it's really good on top of this ice cream And I can't wait to use it on other ice creams Because it is so delicious. It is clear after 10 on the proximity of salted caramel Because it's literally a jar of salted caramel. – It's just salted liquid caramel. – It's good though, I love it. – I want to do 9.6 reason I want one up Kayla For general taste. And it's salted caramel.

Is the taste a word? I don't think savoring is a word. – Well, I used it And everyone understands what I mean. And the Caramel Nice is 10 to it literally Jar of salted caramel. – Yeah. Hey camera, I'm famous now, I give this video a cloner and a crush button. – I don't think that's a thing. – Give this video – Hershey! – Give this video a subscription, Kayla gives this video the subscription, and don't forget– – Subscribe button. – Give this channel a massive fat subscription. Give this video– – Hey my world Tyler! – It's the next round, we got another square, it's pixelated. Let's open it up to three, two, one. Hershey is under my legs. – Hershey, my kisses? – That's good, look.

– Oh, I see. – So we got kissed by Hershey, and Hershey was under my hand. So why not – – Let's give this wallpaper. – [Tyler] He's on a photo shoot. Caramelized bread flakes made of sea salt. Ta-da! Contentment chips ♪ – Smells like salted caramel here. Just like galore Okay, let's eat these, ready-made, three, two, one. – You've already eaten one. – What? – it was good. very good. – Well, it's not the best (Tyler faucets) in my opinion.

For general bait I'll give her seven, Because it still tastes good And I'm sure it'll taste good in a cookie or something, There's just something about that, you know? On proximity to salted caramel, I'll give it a try Like seven, yes, "the reason is not the salted caramel itself," And the flavored salted caramel is not that strong It is more salt than caramel. There are a lot of factors I did not think it was executed very well. – I'll give her overall a bait, I'll give her eight. Cause it tastes good, and closer To Carmel, I must give six I really can't taste at all, no way, uh-uh.

– But they still taste good. – Yes they were actually good, I want to eat them. – Hey, my ball, okay, next square. We got that old box it's really cute, ready? – [Both] Three, two, one. – good job. – Oh no! Stop raising the box! Salted caramel, Ghirardelli salted caramel bag. So I guess these are cookies but I'm not– – but with salted caramel in the middle. – They might be for cookies. I'm confused what these are, I'm excited to see. – Well let's go see what it is. (Fun music) Well the outside is just chocolate – So it's the thing in the middle. – Yes, yes, no, no. (screaming) (Laugh) Three, two, one.

– That's fine, but I don't know if this is a thing I crave it, or if I've been thinking. If I had been somewhere I would probably pick one, but I'm not gonna Go out of my way to buy them or their bread, you know? If you were wondering, the cake is chocolate And the inside is salted caramel. Overall, I give it a seven for general bait. Then to the closest to salted caramel, 9.5 Because the type of chocolate sprinkled with salted caramel So you can't taste it too much But the salted caramel was clearly still there. – General taste, I'll give her eight.

It's good, they're like a once craving snack. And the closer the caramel, I'll give it 9.4 The reason I want to lower Kayla's score. – Well, the next round. We got a polkadotted box. – Oh! – And let's see what's inside. We got Oreo, and salt caramel. I've never seen this before, these are cool. This is my favorite part of the Oreo packs, Doing the lift sign.

(Angelic singing) Hey this being bad, the real packing is stuck. There we go. (Angelic singing) Look how perfect this is. The smallest salted caramel – I hardly see it. I'm on the right path to baby I was born this way ♪ – I am completely divided, I am very proud of myself. Mm, that's really good, plus a plus. – That was fine, I'm gonna give that 10 For the overall score the result is just how amazing it is This Oreo stuff is, because it's thin (laughs) I'll just have to give it a six for the near Whatever it was, caramel was salted, because I could not taste it.

I'm sorry. – you are crazy. – I'm sorry. – I'll give them 10 for the overall rating Because it's so good and I'll give them a 9.5 For near salted caramel because ice Tastes just like salted caramel. – what do you mean? – windshield wipers, windshield wipers. – Yes your windshield wipers are broken. (Laugh) Windshield wipers. Windshield wipers. ♪ Next Square ♪ – It's a box. (Laugh) – [Nope] Ooh! Sea salt caramel. – Sounds like something pretty. – [Kayla] Fancy. – She looks pretty. Oh! – Oh fancy. – Should we eat tin foil? – This is so big, so gigantic! I'm afraid, that's too big, okay. – It's actually good.

– Mother. – I feel like chocolate, I hardly ever taste it Chocolate but I actually taste a lot of chocolate. – I'll give this 10 for the overall rating Because I really like it. It's so delicious, you'd expect it to be bad Because it is very large, and usually when there is a lot of sugar Squeezed into something like this, I don't like them. But I actually love more than I thought, For near salted caramel. You'd think it would be just caramel Because there is no salt in caramel But there is salt on chocolate, so it gets mixed up And caramel becomes salted. So I give it 10. – The total score will be eight. It was good, the criteria were not fully met.

An approximate of salted caramel would be 10 Because there is literally salted caramel in it. (clap) – The next round, we have our own unicorn box. – Yes, it should not open, we must admire it. – Yeah, just a fan of the box – well, next round. Ready, three, two, one, open. – Oh. – Nature's rods, I wasn't expecting this. – [Tyler] Where do you think we are? – I'm not thrilled with this. Usually I don't really like nut food.

You want this tape, (laughs) I don't want that. – there he is. It's got salted caramel on the back. – It'll work, take a bite of it I guess. – I also. – Uh-oh, uh-oh, I don't like him. I'll go spit it out real quick, I'll be back. – That was disgusting! – That was disgusting. I don't know if you know this but me and Tyler I hate nutty things, like peanuts, reese, and stuff And for this there were so many nuts And one thing I didn't enjoy. So the overall rating I give it one. – I'll give him a zero. – a solid one. (Laugh) For not making me throw.

(Laugh) Closer to salted caramel, I didn't get any salted caramel, I just got a big mouth full of nuts. Did you only take a little? – No, I get the chocolate out of it. – (Laughs) So I'll give this one zero For near salted caramel. – the same thing, the same thing, except in general it is zero. Do not advise if you do not like nuts. – Mom, why are you just doing this? Why do you like to torture us? – Illiterate! (singing) This is the last round, we are very excited about it. – This is the end, we have the fish. – fireworks. – (Laughs) Okay, open the box. – Three, two, one, go! Uh ♪ Single fiber bars? – I'm fine, bye. – Single fiber? – Well, that's the end of the episode We hope you enjoyed it.

– Cartridges across the chamber. They didn't look that bad, oh there's a higher box on it. (Laugh) – Hey mom another bar, mom! (Light music) – Willing, is it really bad? It's not that bad. I got gagged, but it wasn't that bad. I'll give this four, I never will Ask to get one of these again. Then the closest to salted caramel zero, I didn't taste any kind of salted caramel, I tasted a ton of cake, or whatever that portion. Single fiber. – not good. Well, my scores are zero and zero Because that was just so disgusting – O salted caramel cheesecake, So I just tasted cheesecake, I didn't taste That is, salted caramel.

– It seems I don't like cheesecake. – Yes, we hope so guys enjoyed this video Comment below if you like or ever try it None of the foods we tried in this video. My favorite tour was Ghirardelli Chocolate. – That was true. – So this was my favorite tour. – My favorite tour was ice cream The ice cream causes tastes like ice and cream. (Laugh) – Harley doesn't agree. – She does not like! – In any case, don't forget to check out our business Super cute shirts, link in description. – Check it out, check it out! – And give this video Excellent big, subscribe and turn on post notifications To see more videos like this. And until the next time– – [Nope] Goodbye! (Upbeat music).

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