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Hello guys, let's go to SAFEMOON, which is at 202 at coimarktcap, this marketing that Market Cap here says 3.6 is wrong because if Safe Mundo was worth 3.6 Bier and it would have to be on the line or in the ranking 30 something that the model would have it’s here at 31 32 and it’s in the 202 ranking of coimarktcap, because there must be some divergence in the Supply or in the own account here at and from coinmarketcap But anyway, it’s in the 202 ranking, you don’t know exactly what its market Cap has to confirm the supplement there in and on the blockchain workshop on the official website is not a project, right? Safe one is a project is a token is one will be the native token of one of the decks and the tinge of fi that will always be called one it has the differential of creating this RF state that raises the holders by just stealing the Safe world on the Bible's Alex smartshake will be entitled to a portion of all transactions made on na That's it Ain't Safe one which will provide the Indefinite growth of Saulo's cradle mai s anyway being common is very interesting i have a little bit of it the paper bleed a lot like everyone everybody crypto the changes mainly bleed a lot with the one who owns Bitcoin is and at the moment i'm doing analysis here in milk or because they haven’t put a collection in the main ones yet you haven’t yet in the trade saw Safe hand here in one hour crossed from bottom to top in the video shimoku opened a greenish cloudiness here in which the drawing here is in the one hour chart Safe assembling a reaction drawn I think that this paper has already done a personal background it’s already in an hour, it’s in an hour this paper has done a lot just like I think the bike has done a lot already I’m going to talk about Bitcoin to Safe one by opening this one in the Projection of 26 periods of the ichimoku cloud, this greenish cloudiness opens up an interesting opportunity for entry.

For me, the role has already taken a deep place, we have to analyze the crypto world at that moment with an eye on the asset that we are analyzing and with another eye and Bitcoin itself is an eye on the cat and another eye on the fish because Bitcoin was the one who orchestrated all this brutal fall and Bitcoin has already made a personal fund Despite this Wide or is a sequence of ripples of a selling character a two three that is a quadruple ripple of a karate salesman that didn’t even give a chance for the formation of buyer character waves, you can see that the impetus of the sellers has already run out of Bitcoin clearly already forming here in the four in all four hours already in training already formed three Kendall of buyer character and one here of indecision so the paper is migrating to see the app in ao in the region of 46 thousand dollars and if you drill annually you will get the monthly in 49 thousand dollars 48 849 $ 1000 to Safe one on the mat this recovery of btc will also go and the levels for me will go back to higher levels higher than it was in the pre- fall of Bitcoin ok folks is this Alert I like to clarify for my followers that Bitcoin It is in the absolutely normal movement the crypto winter did not arrive every four years Bitcoin suffers a rave that happens between 8 and 12 months later by a BO ram for a bull run which is what we are living now because of the Halloween that happened in May 2020 that provided the donkey now here 2021/2022 which was exactly the same pattern as what happened in May 2016 that provided great 2017/2018 that took Bitcoin from 1,166 to $ 20,000 and which was exactly the same was the same pattern seen in May 2012 and when there was Halloween that cut mining fees in half each Halloween each year Bitcoin mining fees are cut in half in May 2012 that generated dumb donkey 2013/2014 that took Bitcoin from 32 dollars to 1166 So people Bitcoin in the middle of this race of Bulls in the middle of this cake hum suffers a congestion as it suffered in 13 14 as it suffered in 2017/2018 as it is sof I am laughing at this moment with this Mega correction that happened in the last few hours in this donkey of ours 2021/2022 that probably must have been the biggest correction of this cake of this race of all ah that will take Bitcoin to the range of $ 200000 So guys, this is my analysis haas F1 In my opinion it is able to return to levels equal to or higher than the level it is in and before this Bitcoin Mega correction which is normal the crypto winter has not arrived as some Knights of the Apocalypse are propagating without any factual basis or without any no reliable comparison standard So if it is logical that you have divergent opinions in any area of ​​human knowledge but for someone you promoted an assertion in the sense that the crypto winter has arrived that Bitcoin will drop to the xyz range down so much there must be some feasible foundation has to have some standard of comparison has to have some line of reasoning that can explain and being only a speculative opinion I prefer to rely on the patterns of graphical analysis that I am almost sure will repeat and based on this is to promote the assertion that crypto winter defends this my premise that crypto winter has not yet arrived based on analysis of analysis of past and standardized movements And the probability of repeating this movement will probably be repeated This standardization is very high and based on this it is possible to affirm that the crypto winter has not arrived that both Safe Moon and all the other changes have yet it has a brutal potential for appreciation at that moment accepted a pierced the ichimoku cloud from the bottom up the cloud opened a green cloudiness and it is an interesting entry point Of course, because it is a project to boot this investment a risk is relatively greater than investment up to r13 And then xrp exile or intron now because it is a project because there may be some problem with the project now it is fundamentally telling you it is a good project to have for the fun it seems to be punctual and responsible in the sense of delivering what they are promising so it is never good to put all your eggs in one basket but it is also never good to be left out without the ticket for party so yes yes no we buy a little bit to weave to read a ticket at a possible party as I always recommend so folks get this analysis from Safe anyone who wants to suggest analysis of Some asset can leave in the messages below and I find one good opportunity in the crypto world cut back ok great people

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