SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) – Análise de hoje, 15/05/2021! #SAFEMOON #XRP #ripple #BTC #bitcoin #ETH

Hey guys, I'm going to analyze SAFEMOON here on the GATE io chart or because it's not yet planned on a demo Trade, there is not always normal shipping because it does not trade in major regions, So I'm going to analyze it here on milk or on a one-hour chart for those who don't know it is to be For those who don't know we're serving one is the original touch to this satin surface that I already know we've seen one doing Create an interesting one here is the farm in the passive qrf that the reflection of the step of the heroes the reflection of the heroes that The person will end up passively receiving one portion of all transactions through The simple fact is Holda safe1 logically that this would be possible if one was working on Its own fan, so let's analyze your hand here on the gate diagram or put it here What's new is that I only know the world is buying it, I bled a lot in the ones that have it biticonha for the eleventh day, it advanced to the twelfth day, it even beat 0.0000 39 this In dollars in partner movie An SBT now I do not do gorge here Kiel channel that is no longer You can imagine that the entire channel broke through the cloud estimated to be dense And thick what is a big support and always pass through the soap opera of the sector Green will suffer from this magnetic repulsion so men are for those who are not Always on the moon and it would be good to start in a staggered way without putting all Capital available for this role, I slowly put myself down I felt I was Read here a little more about the project This RF stech seems to be a riot thing Quite different, as you will only receive premiums for every Dex satin transaction Safe Play 1, so the analysis of the graph here is either great or pure due to the fact that Paper is in In an hour here he doesn't have a two- hourly chart but since the paper on the hourly chart has been Going through it all, with Kiel Channel with the race you shouldn't be here but you can Imagine that and the third channel is being passed from the bottom up and the thickness of the cloud is where The bottom line points upward and generates this strong support, the higher the ichimoku .

Cloud The thicker it is in green, the larger the bone is the greater support it represents and the higher it should be Magnetic repulsion has a role to suffer when it moves on the green sector until Character is this analysis there of science fiction and no one did analysis so rich because I Analyze it in a graph gate or're draw a good're an interesting character entry point Whoever has any analytical suggestion can put comments below and I select Some interesting entry points here into the crypto world and I'll again report a big hug

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