SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) – Análise de hoje, 12/05/2021! #SAFEMOON #XRP #ripple #BTC #bitcoin #ETH

Hello everybody has a lot of people in the telegram asking me to speak Safe 1 good so come whenever that time has a capitalization of four 9B points I took a read on the White Paper very interesting so cousin project will be a Fi but with some features distinct it will have the touches of liquidity the LP exchanges like all wi-fi but the big difference is that accepting one will provide an rfp Easy Taxi Rio Verde and that will be a static reward that will increase the balance of witnesses in Brazil indefinitely what that means merely that the mere holding of the Safe tokens one will provide a dismissed increase the logical balance that for this to happen you have to you have to keep this film in a not worth ex boon marketing not and a means by example like Gate and we’ll see where it’s being traded in the pancake Swap yes because it’s going to farm in the farmen’s pools but at Gate or for example it’s a decentralized network will not generate this salt that indefinite growth right so I think for so that the holders will see here O Who are the other Safe 1 The mother is here in talking gives me six Moon if you filmed have a million 942 000 holders and is quite titling enough holders is a considerable leap of addresses running servimon obviously so that this static reflex growth you know what they are calling it is aesthetic reflexion that laugh RF that will generate this growth from the transactions are each transaction in endless' one o three simple functions occurred during each trade reflexly strictly Rio this one goes a portion of the transaction cost will reflect on the balance of all the other London taps the LP acquisition wants to be the liquidity taps and Burn ie a portion of and not burned so it is a is a distinct proposal it is different from the original I will acquire a little servimon I confess that I am reading their whitepaper more due to the interest the interest of the community and it is very interesting this proposal seems to be able to work for Safe one already has a capitalization of four points 9B the total supplement of coins is high like the Chiba of the shiba inu of the touch in style is a quadrillion is a million billion trillion quadrillion is but we don’t know where the crypto world will end.

The fact that benesse Smart ’s Road to Safe Moon Wallet is already going to provide the Selma sea with a passive farm, but I think it’s also worth farming on Suape pancake because you choose a pool there and also have this ability to farm there I will do both I will touch my Brave Bible if marketing has and also in the pancake Swap let me see Kiko and she is in punk Suape in pair w in BNB wrapped rap BNB well let me see if this shovel is working for a year rap Beat Hi it's working I think I'm going to go here and I give it to you guys 61 is a project that's a project that can work it's interesting original this re flexo esthetic reflection Hair says it will provide the indefinite growth of the balance due to the fact that holda I know that one at Alex looks very interesting So guys, this analysis is graphically I can't do much because being a cousin is not negotiated in says they plot graphs in the sending tower I can make an analysis here for the coinmarketcap graph that clearly shows a congestion Yeah, it looks like we’re smoking marijuana a triangle that will probably explode upwards and you can’t put it in front because it’s not these platforms that I negotiate them in a centralized way doesn’t provide the signals to send, so this personal analysis is interesting I think the original project is going to put a little bit on the rythmoon ok if anyone has any suggestions for analysis can put in the messages below and I find an opportunity of World clip that I remember again big hug

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