Consolidation, consolidation. That seems to be the buzz word in the SafeMoon
community these days. There’s a lot of excitement but also a lot
of confusion about consolidation and how it affects investors and their ability to profit
from their investments. I have talked about consolidation and V2 before. And in today’s video, I’m going to try
to clarify more areas of confusion, especially questions regarding what happens if SafeMoon
hits a penny in V2. Will you earn less or will you earn more? But if you think you know everything about
consolidation already, then let me prove your wrong.

Also, this video has a lot of important updates
about Safemoon. Well, make sure you stick with me to the end
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Without further ado, let’s get straight
into today’s video, we’ve got a lot to talk about. First off, let’s begin with a SafeMoon wallet,
and this is coming from the official SafeMoon Twitter account. SafeMoon Wallet update. Add custom tokens. Expect to see this new feature pushed in the
next wallet app update. This is great and exciting news. Not long from now, you should be able to add
your favorite tokens to your SafeMoon wallet. Don’t forget that the application is open
for tokens that wish to be listed on SafeMoon Swap. So, if there’s any token you’d like to
see listed on the Swap, make sure you reach out to the developers and have them fill the
form so they can be listed. There are already many projects reaching out
to the SafeMoon dev team right now. So, it might take a while before there’s
a response.

But once they do, it would take about 15 days
for the token to be configured in order to be listed on the Swap. And since we’re here on the topic of the
SafeMoon wallet, let’s talk features. I’m pretty sure you have features that you’d
like to see on the SafeMoon wallet. Well, here’s a particular feature that I
find quite interesting and very efficient too. Basically, this feature will help you divert
and save up your reflections in a separate wallet for whatever goals you have.

In order for this feature to work, let us
assume that multi-wallet support and the reflection tracker system is already established and
working in the SafeMoon wallet. In theory, I would like to have multiple wallets. One wallet for savings, and a few wallets
for spending and/or separate savings wallets with different goals assigned to them. I would like to be able to direct all or some
reflections from my savings wallet to go into the wallets of my choosing. This could be used to make separate wallets
that I could automatically send a percentage of my reflections to that could be set aside
for a new motorcycle that I would like, or a $5000 vacation goal, or even a $1500 goal
for rent.

On top of that, having the reflections tracker
show the percentage I still have to go until I hit that amount would be sweet. I think I would use this feature a lot and
that it would be super cool to see and use. And I think so too. So, how about you? Would you like to see this feature on the
wallet? Be sure to let me know in the comment section
along with other features you’d like to see. But for now, we’ve got to move on with the
video and talk about consolidation and what happens if SafeMoon hits one penny in V2. Don’t worry. It’s very simple math, not rocket science. So, it’s quite easy to understand. Now, to make this even simpler to understand,
let’s say the market stays frozen and SafeMoon’s price is not moving in any direction. So, the SafeMoon dev team mentioned that the
tokens will be consolidated in the 1000:1 ratio.

This means that if you have 100 million V1
tokens, in V2, they become 100,000 tokens. That’s pretty straightforward, right? Now, let’s imagine that these 100,000,000
V1 tokens were worth $200 before V2. What happens to your investment when SafeMoon
upgrades to V2 and you now have 100,000 V2 tokens? Again, assuming the market stays frozen, you’re
still going to have $200 worth of SafeMoon tokens. Now, that’s the simple part. Here’s the part everyone is confused about. Market cap. But here’s the thing, if the value of your
investment remains the same in V2, it means that market cap will remain the same as well. It won’t increase or decrease. So, you’re not going to be richer if SafeMoon
remains in V1 as opposed to V2. Why? Because the value will stay the same. Now, I’m not a financial advisor and I can’t
tell you what to do with your money, but if you do your research and follow the results,
I think you’ll see for yourself that there’s no better time to HODL.

And since we just talked about SafeMoon hitting
1 penny, I think this makes a great time to segue into this rather interesting thought
shared in the SafeMoon subreddit. Well, according to this SHIB user, SafeMoon
has actually hit a penny many times before now. That is, if you consider account consolidation. Specifically, this has happened twice: once
on April 20, 2021 and again on May 11, 2021. This post is supposed to give the community
some motivation. One penny isn’t an impossible or difficult
milestone to hit even after V2. So, we might even need to set better and higher
milestones. So, “When $0.01” becomes “When $10”
and “When $1” becomes When “$1000.” Alright, before we go on with the video, you
should know that this channel has a daily giveaway of 1 million SafeMoon. For a chance to become a SafeMoon millionaire,
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Good luck! Now that we understand how the consolidation
will affect your holdings after SafeMoon hits 1 penny, let’s talk about the migration
process. Many people have asked how we will make the
upgrade to the V2 token once it is launched. Well, CEO Karony has made it clear that it
will be a super simple, one click or almost one click process.

You won’t have to do anything manually. Now, here’s how it will probably work. In my opinion, they’re gonna launch the
new contract, burn the same amount percentage-wise and move over all the BNB. Since John said it was as simple as pressing
a button, they most likely will just airdrop all of us the new amount of tokens we would
have after 1000:1. This means all we will have to do is add the
new contract address to our wallets. I think the only ones who’s gonna have to
do something manually are those holding on Bitmart and other exchanges. I really ain’t sure how they are gonna go
about that, so let me hear your thoughts in the comment and I’ll join in after work.

All of this is pure speculation, but as a
last note, stop stressing about it. It seems they have it figured it out and will
let us all know in due time. Now, still on consolidation, I have addressed
some confusions and misunderstandings about the consolidation. And I do hope that you found the answers helpful
so far. But there’s one more question we need to
sort out. Why is the dev team even doing all of this
in the first place? When this question was posed in the SafeMoon
Discord, CEO Karony mentioned that we need the consolidation in order to shave off some
zeroes. This way, we will be more likely to get some
strategic pairings with coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum that will be good for SafeMoon
in the long run. Someone once asked why the dev team is focused
on huge coins like Bitcoin and isn’t really trying to get pairings with smaller tokens. Well, the team has not said that SafeMoon
won’t be pairing with the smaller tokens. But you’ve got to admit that SafeMoon cannot
be looking to pair with every crypto on the market.

We have to go with coins and tokens that are
highly traded, at least, for a start. And since we’re still on the subject of
pairings, let’s check out this other question and then I’ll share my thoughts afterward. How can SHIB get listed with all their zeros
but we can’t? Just a thought, no fud. Also noticed it went up 50% in one day, madness. But how come SafeMoon team used the argument
of too many zeros yet meme coins like SHIB can. Luckily, the answer to this question is very

The number of zeros in a token’s price have
no direct impact on whether they get listed on exchanges. A token can have an infinite number of zeros
and as long as it meets certain requirements, it will get listed. Now, that’s one side of the conversation. SafeMoon not being listed on as many exchanges
as Shiba Inu isn’t really about which is the better project.

It’s just that tokenomics can be a very
tough mechanism to implement for many exchanges which is probably one reason not many exchanges
have listed SafeMoon. Plus, SafeMoon is currently on the BNB smart
chain and isn’t even a year old yet. Another reason exchanges like Coinbase haven’t
listed SafeMoon. Nevertheless, even though the number of zeros
in a crypto’s price does not exactly impact on whether a coin is listed or not, it does
affect whether the token is eventually paired with the big guys like Bitcoin and ETH. Oftentimes, too many zeros create problems
when making transactions. This is why the dev team has come up with
the consolidation idea. If we get a BTC and ETH pairing, the exposure
is going to be amazing for SafeMoon. These are the two most powerful cryptocurrencies
in the market, after all. So, we should really hope to get those pairings. Anyway, thank you so much for checking out
today’s video. And be sure to leave your thoughts and comments
in the comment section as well.

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