SAFEMOON AMA the next DOGECOIN 2021? HOW TO BUY Safe Moon + Price Prediction $0.01

safe moon is heating up you guys and it looks about ready to break out again sitting at around 0.0005 cents per token at the time of this video safe moon is faring lower than its all-time high but definitely higher than what anyone paid for it in early march when it first launched backed by rapper lil yachty youtuber jake paul and even one of the backstreet boys safe moon has made some people overnight millionaires just recently safe moon overtook bitcoin as the number one watch coin on coin market cap now the question that we're gonna answer today is could safe moon be the next dogecoin this 2021 is safe moon a scam could safe moon blast off safely to the moon at a penny like they say and for those who are new to this what the heck is safe moon anyway find out all about that in today's video but first let's bring some mother's day cheer to the channel by saying a quick greeting in the comments and then hit the like button so that everybody on youtube can see how much we appreciate the moms in our lives and to all the moms that are watching us right now i just want to say i really appreciate each and every one of you now with all that being said let's go ahead and jump right into the video now as of today safe moon has over 1.3 million watchers on coin market cap versus bitcoins 1.2 million now that's very impressive given how new this crypto token is to the market no kidding here guys they launched just last march and they're already getting everyone's attention that's kind of a big deal safe moon has been trading sideways for weeks since its drop after a massive spike but the last 24 hours saw some of that star power or moon power come back with its 50 percent gains for some of its 1.6 million holders all right hold up let's pause for a quick minute to explain what safe moon actually is since safe moon has been taken over social media what is safe moon is quickly becoming one of the most searched questions on google right now i bet some of you guys did a quick google search for this video right so for everybody's benefit let me give you a quick background on safe moon so safe moon is basically the baby of the cryptocurrency world it launched on march 8 2021 and is one of the newest d5 tokens or decentralized finance tokens to hit the market like dogecoin bitcoin and ethereum safe moon runs on blockchain technology a blockchain is a public ledger shared in a network that records every single transaction that's made with it so imagine a global record that's made for the people by the people without the middling institutions like banks or the government dipping their little grubby little fingers into your business that's blockchain for you now what safe moon does differently from all the other cryptocurrencies in the market is it charges sellers a 10 fee and redistributes half to other holders to incentivize buying and holding so you see crypto holders sometimes have a bad habit of premature selling and extreme volatility that's the sudden drop and rise in prices and so that's why the safe moon team is hoping that the 10 fee thwarts safe moon holders from panic selling still safe moon prices have been swinging wildly since its launch on march 20th safe moon was trading at point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero seven three cents a month later safe moon reached an all-time high of point zero zero zero zero one four cents that's a whopping nineteen thousand seventy eight percent increase even bigger than the twelve thousand percent increase that dogecoin has had however after that point zero zero zero zero one four peak safe moon is now trading at point zero zero zero zero five at the time of this video which is a sixty four percent drop now one safe moon story i found online was of brandon who's a 25 year old mortgage broker in training who invested a hundred thousand dollars into safe moon back in march he said all these d5 tokens started coming out of the blue doing 50 x 100 x i thought if i could do that once with the amount of money i currently have i would be set now he did this on the 17th of march and a short 24 hours the price tanked leaving 35 000 dollars in his balance mind you he started off with a hundred thousand dollars at that point people were calling safe moon a scam but still brandon held on though i don't know if i could have done that but apparently brandon had diamond hands and after holding his investments through the dip he became a millionaire from safe moon by the 16th of april and a multi-millionaire by the 21st of april that's basically the mindset behind all these tokens blasting off to the moon according to experts newcomers see the tremendous amount of money that people can make and they want to have the same in the next few days thanks to celebrity endorsements tick-tock hype new exchange listings and a flood of retail investors safe moon and other starter tokens are enjoying price explosions like never seen before and on the 29th of march rapper lil yachty tweeted safe moon is the new dogecoin and a day later youtuber jake paul he responded with facts and by the time backstreet boys member nick carter tweeted it's time for the blast off on the 19th of april the coins price had climbed nine thousand percent above its all-time low veteran investors are quick to point out how safe moon has no real use except for selling off supporters responds saying that dogecoin and other digital assets have low utility as well many people use cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle hoping that the price skyrockets and increases their return on investment or roi exponentially like a lot of d5 tokens out there safe moon is a high risk high reward bet and i think it's way too early to say whether or not it has potential for growth it could crash and burn just as quickly as it rose to unexpected highs and as for price prediction safe moon looks about ready to break out again now if that happens safe moon could reach new highs and coin more overnight millionaires now on the other hand safe moon might not be able to hold on to its recent gains now if that happens and safe moon falls to where it was before the breakout it may see a further push down a penny price prediction not in the near future at least but let's wait and see in our future videos now if you're looking at buying into some safe moon you have to go to one of four exchanges you got pancake swap you've got bitmark you've got and you've got white bit now pancake swap is one of the most popular platforms for purchasing safe moon there's a tricky little conversion process before you can actually buy safe moons so it's best that you you know google for a step-by-step guide on that one the safe moon team plans to launch its own safe mood exchange and according to their twitter account they've already raised 1 million dollars for that project now of course this is not investment advice this is purely for entertainment purposes but like i always say you know if you're going to invest in dogecoin safe moon or whatever the case is only invest in it if you've already done your homework and you thoroughly believe in it and at the same time i wouldn't bet the whole farm definitely wouldn't bet my life savings and i probably would not bet my kids entire college fund on one seemingly lucky racehorse diversify and invest in crypto only with the money that you can afford to not touch for a long time ideally money that you could actually afford to lose remember always keep those financial eggs in different baskets are you guys interested in more crypto videos and how to's or maybe just stock tips and other investments anybody out there want more info on side hustles let me know what you're interested in so i can plan out my future videos for you guys so anyway guys that's all for this particular crypto and finance update the new crypto safe moon taking social media by storm its potential to be the next dogecoin this 2021 its potential to be a scam and our own price analysis and forecast i hope you guys enjoyed all of it and if you haven't already do like this video i put a lot of effort and time into each and every one of these videos definitely subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell so that you are the first to know as soon as i release new videos and content and i'll see you guys on the next video take care you

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