Sacrifice Phase Starts in 24 HOURS – Biggest Crypto Airdrop in History !!!

Welcome to the 590th day of my hexagram and Paul is coming soon I hope you come makes everything great Thank you to my new subscriber Jesus Welcome brother Thomas Jude And now please press this button like it's gold Get up to 300 videos I'd love to know Subscribe button And post activation Notifications to inform everyone New video Let's now start Today's issue in today's issue I want the latest news on this Pulse series makes the greatest giveaway sacrifices in history Yes listen a minute before then we'll receive an announcement in the next ad Slaughter stage 24-hour train pulse Это начнется, так что будьте готовы, но сначала мы Бегло взглянем на обычные шестнадцатеричный это потому что Hex достигла нового рекордного максимума сегодня Поздравляю всех сильных владелец Wir denken über 13 Cent oder so sind wir gonna check this in a second then the second part of this video will be the sacrifice update we have some nice information i will do a short summary so you will get the best out of it and the last part of this video i show you once again how you have to prepare yourself to be ready for the sacrifice phase so now without further ado let's start the show let's jump into it and we can see on day 590 on our hex wallet we have already a steady supply of 572 billion hex tokens if we scroll down a little bit we can see the t-share price in usd yesterday closed above the ethereum price so one ethereum is at the moment around two thousand dollars we have now a t-shirt price from yesterday of 2127.46 so the t-shirt price alread y flipped ethereum soon maybe bitcoin we will see the payout per t-shirt is still steady going sideways yesterday we received 5.989 hex per t-shirt that gives you an apy of 39.10 this is pretty amazing we will see in a second why the apy is a little bit higher than usual we can see well in the last couple days 38.37 around 38 9 so this is pretty dope we are already in one and a half year from hex still get a pretty decent payout but we will see shortly as well why this apy could go down a little bit more people are flowing in onboarding is working flawless and we can see also more stakes are staked in the hex ecosystem so let me just switch to hex you can see compared to usd hex is up 2317x that's amazing compared to bitcoin we are up 524 x and compared to ethereum that's a pretty damn high number we are up now 157 x this is amazing as i said all time highs just today we will see this in a second on the chart if we switch over to you can see 9.649 percent are sta ked off the total circulating supply i'm curious to see how many people will actually sacrifice the uni swap pools are doing great on the version 2 usdc pair we have 54 million hex tokens and on the usd version 3 pair we have 20 million hex so Compared to everything we have quite a decent amount of pools enough liquidity if you want to buy or sell some hex the current apy sits at almost 40 percent now the total staked amount is over 8 billion us dollars if you add to pools from the uni swap pools we have 8.3 billion us dollars in staked and pools total locked value this is amazing as already mentioned you can see it white on black here one hex is now 13 cents congratulations to all the stakers you deserve this one t-shirt at the moment even more than one ethereum 2 487 bucks if we zoom into a little bit the chart you can see that the t-shirt rate in yellow has to catch up now this massive price movement we are now at the level almost going towards 14 cents we will come down for sure so me people can't handle the mad gains they will take some profit but the sacrifice phase just announced a couple minutes ago it will start in 24 hours so we will see what this will do to the price let's move on to hexdot vision you can see this was i was talking about just before we can see we found the bottom into the staking total amount per day and now it's going up today we already have almost 1,000 stakes in 1081 stakes yesterday compared to the day before with 729 stakes so i assume the people really want to get their stakes in lock this t-shirt rating because the t-shirts is the money machine in the hex ecosystem and with the airdrop you will get all your stakes and liquid hex on the pulse chain as well for free let me check quickly how many new addresses are we holding right now i would say roughly addresses in the last 24 hours are new in the system we see now daily volumes above 1000 addresses this is quite amazing and if we see the penalties and now they're amazing chops so thank you very much xerox cbd for 1.17 million hex tokens thank you very much 0x97 for 1 million hex tokens and penalties and 0x fc for as well 1 million hex tokens and penalties it just goes on the list eight hundred thousand eight hundred thousand five hundred thousand in the last 24 hours we received eight million hecks in tokens for the staker and the waitress this is just wonderful the system works we are going up quite heavily in price people can't handle their emotions unstake the red button and lose half of their stack wonderful this is just a game theory you have to commit to your stake and this is nothing else you can do about it the gas situation looks like error let's reset this page real quick in the meantime we can observe the chart for the next 15 years we still have this massive downtrend ladder in here for the first 10 years you have quite a nice cap in between the 10 and 15 years i think this big baller here is new i'm not quite sure but i'm pretty damn sure i think t his is the dude who just restaked everything he had and he will earn decent interest for the next 10 years so let me check back the gas situation back we are 53 to 50 way for the fastest and the fast transaction it gets up a little bit more expensive i hope for the sacrifice phase it will not be too expensive to sacrifice so better get your stuff done really quick and we will see in the next 24 hours what will happen so if we move on to the staking ladder this we checked now we check on and for those who missed it the top cryptocurrencies by market cap hex just entered to top three this is amazing we are just under ethereum now and under bitcoin and we have a decent market cap of 77 billion us dollars we went up 33 in the last day and compared to the rest of the market hex is doing pretty damn well this is some red stuff going on we see all the tokens they were just pushed down and hex is doing really well so now to the second part of this video the pulse chain sacrifi ce announcement if you go to the website i think richard hart just took two hours of sleep because he will have to work a lot the update is not in yet if i zoom in a little bit you can see the sacrifice phase is planning to start in the next couple days this changed we just saw on the live stream a couple minutes ago that it will launch in the next 24 hours so be ready for the sacrifice phase and we have now also more information about the phase sacrifice i think the list is still not final we will see the final list on the website and please don't get fooled for any scams out there it hasn't started yet so if you get contacted on telegram by email by whatsapp or whatever don't follow the scams wait for the official announcement from richard hart from the pulse chain twitter account so just wait for the official announcement i'm pretty sure it will come soon so at the moment we see a list it's a smaller list than expected we see some avalanche bitcoin bitcoin cash cardano dogecoin ethe reum litecoin monero and ripple and c cash maybe c cash will be eliminated we don't know yet but maybe it will stay on the list so this is the list which you can possibly sacrifice in the next 24 hours and if you move on we have more information there we posted some screenshots about the bonding curve it's more a linear curve we can see some information i will not read all of that you can read that on twitter by yourself if you don't understand everything just join us on the pulse chain telegram group you will get a lot of answers we have a lot of people we have at the moment an active voice chat of around 120 people so this is quite amazing but i try to summarize this real quick for you guys if you have a look at this bonding curve we can see the first three day there is no change we can also see that the sacrifice phase was shortened from 30 days to 17 days so what we can read out of this chart the first three days everybody gets the same deal we have also some values about the extr a points the bonuses you can get but for the first three days everybody will get the same points and the same value so everybody will get the same deal that means for me maybe the whales will fight pretty damn hard in the first three days to get the best drank i'm not sure if the first three days are for the little guys to the right place but i'm i'm pretty sure the community will figure this one out as well so for the moment we have the first three days same deal for everybody and then it's getting more expensive around five percent every day and you can see so if you come in later you will get a smaller bonus and you have to pay a little bit more so you will have a lower rank what we can also see is that in the last three days you will get a 1.25 x flat bonus and compared to the first guys which entered in the early stage if you enter really late you will get roughly 50 percent less if you participate with more you will get more out of it and if you participate later you will get less but still some bonus i think there's some great explanation if we have a deeper look on this one i will link everything down below this is really important that you can read this and join our streamers join our youtubers out there we will have a lot of information we will also have to proceed this information first but overall it's really easy don't think about too much me personally and this is no financial advice i'm gonna hold on my e-hex i gonna enjoy my free px which i receive i gonna sacrifice a little bit just to play a role in the pulse ecosystem and then i will enjoy the free ride of everything which will go on from there and as already mentioned to be prepared you need to minimize wallet just go in your browser type in hold the talk scroll down the website a little bit and you will find quickly here a video install metamask it's a two minutes video which explains you how to install the metamask how to securely store your seat phrase and then you're already half done a nd ready for the sacrifice pulse chain and once you have installed the metamask extension let's jump into our drawing board real quick so we can check this so we already did what we have to do we installed the metamask wallet this is really important so do this as quick as possible and then the first step is to send all the ethereum and erc20 tokens to your metamask wallet send them off the exchanges withdraw them from all the exchanges you can because only like this you will be able to get the airdrop so once the snapshot date will be announced and it's not official now but it will happen after the sacrifice phase you will get an airdrop of all your erc20 tokens so this is the second step you can do if you already have withdraw all your crypto to your own wallet where you 're holding your own private keys then you're pretty much set and done so if we zoom in a little bit from this for the third point if you would like to sacrifice from the exchange i think it will work like this once y ou have installed your metamask wallet this is the first step you will be able soon i guess in the next 24 hours to connect your metamask wallet to the pulse chain website this is the same procedure you are already doing if you go to go.hex.

com you connect your metamask wallet and you can stake and unstake some hex so once your metamask wallet will be connected to the you will generate the sacrifice addresses for example for the list we just saw before for bitcoin for bitcoin cash cardano dogecoin and so on so this will generate you some addresses in here so let's say just abc for the simplified way and we can see then you can for example send already all yuri theorem which you're holding hopefully in your metamask world in here you will be able to send this ethereum from your metamask wallet to the address which will be displayed on the website but hold on what you do when you would like to withdraw some crypto from the exchanges which you i by the way shoul d not hold krypton exchanges but anyway so if you hold some bitcoin on binance for example you will do the same go again install the metamask wallet this is the important step connect it to the pulse chain website generate the bitcoin address to sacrifice once you will see the bitcoin address to sacrifice you will be able then to send the bitcoin from the binance exchange to this bitcoin address and because you created the bitcoin sacrifice address with your own metamask wallet you will be then able to claim back the pulse tokens once they're released from your bitcoin address which you sacrificed from to your metamask wallet this is at least the way how i understand it anyway the first step is really please install this metamask wall so anyway this is the only way you will be able to participate in the sacrifice phase and this is also already the end of this video for today if you found any value please leave a like and subscribe to the channel this would be really appreciated and if you would like to support this channel you can now also be a member just click the join button down below and you will be able to choose different levels with that this is all for today i gonna keep you posted in the next coming days as soon as sacrifice phase starts have a good one steak long and fat stay safe out there and see you in the next one [Music] peace [Music] you

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