RTX 3080 Mining Overview | Profitability, Hashrate, Overclocking & Thermal Throttling

hey everyone welcome back to another mining 
chamber video in today's video we are going   to review the rtx 3080 so we finally were able 
to get our hands on one of them and now we are   finally going to review it so we're going 
to talk about profitability costs as well   as how much you should be paying for it and 
what overclocked settings you should be using   on this gpu we're also going to talk about the 
overheating issues and what you need to know   about that problem as well so let's go ahead 
and get into the video right after the intro the rtx 3080 one of the best gpus for mining out 
there now it almost did replace the radeon sevens   for the new crown king for hash rate but the 
radiant sevens did get a boost recently which   increased their hash rate by 10 so from 90 to 100 
mega hash on a fairly good amount of wattage which   would be around 200 to 220 watts so that leaves 
the rtx 3080 and the radio and 7s very close to   each other i will be doing a video on the radeon 
7s on how to get that maximum efficiency very soon   but for now let's talk about the rtx 3080. 
so here we have the asus tough gaming model   of the rtx 3080 and it is a pretty nice 
model it looks really nice it has some rgb   on it and it's a heavy card it does come with 10 
gigabytes of gddr6 and of course it's a great card   for gaming so the rtx 3080 generally takes two 
eight pins to power up some models have three   eight pins which is a lot just like the 3090s so 
that means you will need a couple of splitters   to be able to power a good rig of those cards and 
they do consume a good amount of power so usually   around 200 to 220 watts for 100 mega hash which 
we will cover later on in the overclocked section   and the profitability on these cards as if the 
date of this video being posted is very good   so now let's talk about how much you should 
be paying for them and where can you buy them   that is if you are able to find them and 
then we can talk about the profitability so availability this part of the video is 
becoming really hard to do because these cards   are very expensive right now so as we can 
see the MSRP is at seven hundred dollars   but we all know that these prices are nearly 
impossible so the current price that you can   find these cards for is way above MSRP 
so as you can see currently in eBay it's   selling around two thousand and two hundred 
dollars for these RTX 3080s and as you guessed   it on amazon they're nearly impossible to find 
so on amazon you won't be able to find any RTX   3080s and if you do usually they're gone right 
away at this point you're honestly better off   buying a full computer with an RTX 
3080 than just buying the GPU itself i'm joking guys don't buy a full computer just 
to get the gpu out of it only buy it if you're   actually planning on using the computer so now to 
buy the rtx 3080s it's hard to find them anywhere   like i mentioned so you can try to look on ebay 
if you're eager to buy one at these prices then   yes you can go for it and you can also find some 
on triple a wave dot com so you'll find them here   for two thousand and three hundred dollars which 
is pretty expensive as well and then after taxes   it will be even more expensive so as my personal 
opinion i honestly would not buy it at this price   like i mentioned before guys it's a bit expensive 
but if you are eager to start mining or if you   want one of these cards then you can definitely go 
for it now i can't advise you financially it's up   to you to do what works best for you now if you 
plan on buying it from aaawave.com i do have a   promo code for you guys to use and it will be 
in the descriptions below the promo code will   give you 50 off so you guys can feel free to use 
it and get 50 off now one thing i really want to   highlight about buying these gpus is to be careful 
of scammers there are so many gpus that are being   sold for such a low price and they're not the 
actual gpu itself so for example here you have   the box being sold and sold at 900 so if you would 
buy something like that and you don't read the   title or description properly and you charge into 
buying it you will hit a wall and ebay will not   refund your money if it does state that it's a box 
so please be careful and read the description make   sure you're buying the actual gpu and not just a 
box or a picture there have been a lot of people   doing it lately to hunt down bots and they would 
just sell a picture and ebay can't do anything   about it because in the description it states that 
it's just a picture of the product so please be   careful and don't rush into buying them now if 
you're wondering where i got mine from i did get   them from nerdgears.com so i did pay a premium 
on it as well but it wasn't as bad as it used   to be so nerd gears had them out for around 1 350 
and also they are going to be getting some stock   coming up in the next couple of weeks i'm not sure 
if there will be any rtx 3000 series cards but   i highly recommend bookmarking nerdgears.com and 
checking them frequently for any new stocks so now   let's go ahead and talk about the different models 
for the rtx 3080s and the thermal throttling issue   so some brands of the rtx 3080s are really bad 
with the thermals for the memory that is due to   having bad thermal pads now by some brands i do 
mean that most of the brands for rtx 3080s have   that issue i did talk with red panda mining and i 
watched a couple of other youtuber videos on rtx   3080s and it seems like so far that the evga 
ftw3 and the zotac trinity are decent options   while the msi trio and the gigabyte ones 
are not doing well at all with thermals   now even i have the asus tufts and they're not 
doing well either so they do thermal throttle   and this is even a bigger issue if you're planning 
on building a full rig of these gpus now there   are two ways you can get around this other than 
overclocking your cards properly and reducing your   power limits the first way is putting a bunch of 
fans around your gpus push as much air as you can   away from them to keep the heat away and that will 
help you reduce your thermal throttles so you can   either get box fans or you can get 120 millimeter 
fans and just put them all over the rig make sure   you do proper airflow strategy so that you push 
the hot air out and then from there you should   hopefully have a better chance of not getting 
thermal throttles now the main solution to this   as some of the crypto mining channels did as well 
is replace the actual thermal pads on your gpu so   you can grab the thermal grizzly thermal pads and 
then replace them for your gpu the proper size for   the thermal pads will be around three millimeters 
and then you can just replace them then if i   end up having to do that i will end up making a 
video on that topic so i will let you guys know   in the upcoming video please check out red panda 
mining and all these awesome cryptocurrency mining   channels that cover this topic so you can get 
some more information regarding to the rtx 3080s   so now that we got the hard stuff out of the 
way let's go ahead and talk about the fun stuff   how much money can you make with this card so just 
a reminder you guys will be able to find all this   information on miningchamber.com so profitability 
and everything like that if you just open up this   website which will be in the descriptions below it 
will take you to this article where you can find   different information here the profitability that 
shows in here will be up to date so whenever you   open this page up you will have the accurate daily 
estimated earnings at any time you open this page   so if it shows right now 10 dollars and 34 cents a 
day it might not be the same when you're watching   this video this video is being recorded february 
25th 2021 so whenever you're watching it you might   be seeing different numbers so now let's talk 
about how much money this will make so with the   overclocks that we're going to go over later on 
we're going to be bringing around 98 mega hash   and we're going to be using 220 watts now these 
overclocks are just the base you guys can fine   tune them but we will talk more about that later 
on so with 98 mega hash we are bringing in every   day 10 and 34 cents which is really good and then 
the daily estimated coins is .0066 ethereum so   a month this card will make you give or take 
around 300 a month so which means for your break   even based on when you decide to buy this card and 
the profitability staying around the same range   you will be making your money back in around 
seven months and that is if you do buy it at two   thousand two hundred dollars now mind you that the 
profitability did drop a bit when ethereum price   was two thousand dollars you would make more money 
but now ethereum is at a thousand and five hundred   and sixty eight so the profitability can double 
or decrease so it all depends on what happened   with the crypto space so now if we go ahead and go 
to what to mine.com and then we select 130 80 here   we can then just fine tune the mega hash here 
so let's say 98 mega hash and then 230 watts   and after that we can go ahead and hit calculate 
so with the price of 10 cents per kilowatt   hour you will be making 9.87 cents without 
electricity and then 9.32 cents after electricity   so as you guys can see the profits did vary a 
little bit from miningchamber.com but it's all   because all these variables do differ and every 
pool will have different variables and different   block rewards that calculate into profits so other 
than mining ethereum the rtx 3080 can also mine   cone flux pretty well so this would be one of the 
best options to mine after ethereum goes away now   ethereum is not going to proof of stake anytime 
soon but eventually it will change to proof of   stake and then from there you guys will have to 
pick another coin so for future proof rtx 3080   is not a bad choice at all you still have multiple 
different coins that you can mine after ethereum   and now that wraps it up for the profitability so 
now that we covered the profitability we can go   ahead and move on to testing the gpu so as usual 
we're going to first run this gpu on windows and   we're going to run the stock settings and then 
we're going to fine-tune the overclock settings   but just remember to download the 
latest drivers for your gpu first   and then from there you can use whatever mining 
software you want in this example we're going   to test it with phoenix miner using the stock 
overclocks so let's go ahead and run the phoenix   miner as an administrator and then from there we 
can see how much power we're going to be using   so with the stock settings we are getting around 
87 mega hash and for the wattage we're drawing   around 415 watts that is a lot of power so 
the gpu will definitely overheat like this   and that is why you should always avoid mining 
with stock settings it's not good for your gpu   you'll burn it down the least you could do is try 
to lower your power limit percentage and then you   should be safer so now let's go ahead and turn 
off the miner and then we can fine tune the gpu   for our overclock settings and then from there we 
can run it again now for the overclock settings   you guys will be able to find them as usual on 
miningchamber.com so just scroll down in the   gpu overview section and if you find your card 
here then you will find some settings in there   so for the 3080 we currently have the settings 
set in place now after the testing in this video   i might be changing some values so after 
placing these settings let's go ahead and   run the miner again and then we can see how 
more efficient i can set these settings to so now after fine tuning the gpu for a while i 
got it to 97 mega hash and the power draw off the   wall is at 290 watts which means we have 30 to 40 
watts for the system and then the rest for the gpu   which leaves us at around 250 watts for just 
the gpu now i'm pretty sure you can tune this   more and try to get a 100 mega hash out of it 
but as of now i do think it's a good place to   leave it at so i will update the settings on 
the website to reflect the current settings that   i have on so that you can use it as a base and 
then you can fine tune it further if you'd like   now one thing i want to highlight on the fan speed 
is that this gpu is not loud at all it's fairly   quiet but if you do put it on hundred percent 
it can be a bit loud but since it's a 3080 and   it does use a lot of power and like i mentioned 
previously with the issue with the thermal pads   and then it might be thermal throttling which 
means it's getting too hot and it has to reduce   its performance due to its temperature what i 
would suggest doing is pushing your fan speed   as high as you can if you're having that issue 
if you weren't able to change the thermal pads   so now we finished overclocking in windows let's 
go ahead and run it in hive os and then we can   overclock it there as well so for hive os you 
first want to make sure that you are on the 455   drivers and if you're not on them then you want to 
just go to your ssh and then when you're open with   remote access you want to run the nvidia driver 
updater command with five five we did do this   for the rtx 3070 video as well so you generally 
want to do this for any rtx 3000 series card   now once you have that out of the way and your 
card is showing up properly then you want to go   ahead and overclock it so for the settings we're 
just going to copy over what we had in windows   which would be negative 200 for core clock and 
for the memory clock since we had 950 in windows   then here it will be the double so we'll be doing 
a thousand nine hundred fan speed i am going to be   setting that at seventy percent and then the power 
limits i'm going to be doing that at 230 watts so   now when the overclock settings are kicked in i'll 
go ahead and activate my flight sheet for mining   so now after the flight sheet kicked in we can 
see here we're getting around 96.51 mega hash   although i am going to try to reduce the 
power limit by 10 so it's at 220 and then   we can see here if it crashes or not and if it 
doesn't then this would be a good number for it   awesome so now at these settings so far it's 
running good so you can go ahead and use these   settings for your overclocks in hive os you can 
fine tune them like i mentioned or if it does   crash on you and it's not stable here and you're 
getting rejected shares then do try to reduce   your memory clock by a bit and increase some 
power limit on it as well so now that wraps it   up for testing on the overclocks for windows and 
hive os now we can go ahead and talk about the   conclusion for this gpu so the conclusion this 
card is a great card for mining the rtx 3080   does 100 mega hash at 230 watts that's already a 
selling point for me now the only downside is that   this card is extremely expensive to buy now and 
they're nearly impossible to find them for msrp   now we can also say that there's a downside 
for the thermal throttling issue and i agree   that can be very frustrating if you're buying 
these cars and then they end up thermal throttling   all day and you don't get the full power for them 
so if the two solutions don't work for you you   will be stuck in a bad spot now i personally let 
the addiction take the better part of me and i did   buy a couple more of these gpus but you guys will 
learn more about that in the next video so that   wraps up the video guys i hope you enjoyed it and 
if you have any questions please leave them in the   comments below and let me know what troubles 
have you came across with the 3080s so far   and if you did find the secret way to fix 
this thermal throttling issue please let me   know in the comments below and also give me your 
opinions on what you think of this card so far   i've recently did a poll on what you guys think 
is the best rtx 3000 series cards and honestly i'm   very surprised from the results it does vary a lot 
between everyone and of course as a lot of us were   not able to get our hands on any rtx 3000 series 
cards i do feel really bad making videos on these   cards but i hope these videos are helping you guys 
decide better on which card you should be getting   next now thank you guys again and if you enjoyed 
this video please leave a thumbs up and if you're   new here make sure you hit that subscribe button 
i will be posting two videos a week and a lot   more guides are coming up very soon so now that 
being said i hope you guys have a wonderful day you

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