Rogue Fishing Phone Tether and Gear with Chad Hoover

what's up guys and welcome to today's 
video where i'm going to talk to you about   the rogue fishing company line of products now before we jump into the product line i want 
to talk about why i love rogue fishing companies   products so much because the guy that founded 
the company mark drury is a kayak angler and i   love supporting kayak fishing companies where the 
people that own the company and run the company   are also kayak fishermen you know it's that for 
us bias approach so let's jump into the rogue   fishing company line of products where it all 
started for me is i dropped my phone in the water   in a video and it was one of the most frustrating 
things i had to deal with because i was right in   the middle of a really big event and you know 
as well as i do not having your cell phone   anytime is a problem but when you're in the middle 
of one of the biggest events of the year it's even   more frustrating i actually released a video about 
it and one of the comments in the comment section   was you should check out the rogue foam tether 
the protector foam tether and that's how i was   introduced to the rogue fishing company family 
of products so let's take a look at that first   product that first product was this dude right 
here now it has evolved since then that they've   actually improved the rubber strap so it doesn't 
have the potential to roll off of the corners   of the phone when you're taking it in and out of 
your pocket but it's simply a ring on the back of   this rubber strap what's really cool about this if 
you take this strap off you can actually put your   finger behind it you can use it for holding the 
phone for you know the standard selfie thing like   a lot of people do with the pop sockets and other 
uh methods uh it's got this uh spring-loaded coil   got a ring that you can connect and then it's 
got a carabiner and a lot of cases i actually   get rid of the ring in the carabiner and i just 
connect that directly uh to my pfd so let me show   you how easy this thing is to set up so basically 
there's one side that's got three straps and one   side that's got two i see a lot of people talk 
about how these get in the way of the camera   that's why you use the one that's got the two 
slots on the top and i'll show you how that works   so then when you pull that down if you 
notice it doesn't cover up my camera port   so the one that has the three slots goes to the 
bottom so just remember bigger bottom and you'll   be good to go but once you lock that down again 
the one with the center piece doesn't block the   view of your camera so for those of you out there 
that have put this on and said that the strap gets   in the way it's just upside down so just flip it 
over again if you didn't have the strap connected   you can rotate this little ring and you can use 
this for selfies you can use it to hold your phone   a lot of guys use this by itself for catch photo 
release i don't know why you wouldn't keep the   lanyard on there but again a lot of people 
use that for catch photo release tournaments   by just using the ring one thing to keep 
in mind is if you don't have a waterproof   uh case on your phone it doesn't matter if you 
drop it into the water and you retrieve it you're   gonna have a really expensive water weight that 
you can just take to the store with you so what   i would suggest is connecting this thing higher 
on your person if you're going to be sitting in a   fishing kayak or uh using it in conjunction with a 
waterproof case when i'm in the kayak by and large   i'm using a lifeproof case when i'm out of the 
kayak uh when i'm filming i'm using the case for   a moment but this thing is money so what i like 
to do is connect this to my pfd and then again if   i drop it it just brings it right back there i've 
actually seen folks turn this into a wrist strap   or they put a wrist strap on there and connected 
it that way if they drop it they can raise their   hand up or if they're doing catch photo release 
they don't have to pull against the tension of   the cord and they get really good photos so that's 
definitely an option the next product that i began   using from them is this defender paddle leash now 
this thing is really long so you can connect it   to pretty much anywhere on the boat i actually 
like to take this and take apart a yak attack   base mount and just run the base mount 
through there and then this is actually   around that lock and load base but there's 
a lot of different ways you can connect it   you can connect it with the included carabiner 
and the included ring but i also like the way   that this little attachment is set up you 
can connect this to your paddle and there's   a couple ways to do it the primary method for 
doing it is that you take the paddle apart   you run your paddle shaft through here and you 
sense this little uh drawstring cord cinch down   i actually like to do it a little bit different 
and the reason that i like to do it a little   bit different is i want the attachment point to 
stick off so i actually put it around the paddle   like so and pull that bungee around to where 
it grabs that and it actually makes this thing   stick up where it's easy to grab now i came up 
with a really cool use of this product when i was   fishing with some small kids and i'm just going to 
share this with you if you take this and you put   it around the handle of their kayak loop it back 
through and cinch it just like so you now put this   piece on your kayak and when they catch a fish 
or if you need to pull up next to them for lunch   or do a float up flotilla and you need to keep 
them next to you simply take your leash and click   them in and now they're going to be held right 
next to the right next to you don't do this in   current or rough water but it's a really cool 
little kid leash set up now this is designed   specifically for paddles but this could also be 
used for measuring boards i have seen people put   this loop through the hole in their measuring 
board that way they can quickly disconnect this   to take it to the truck when they get ready to go 
fishing they just click it in and they have the   freedom of putting that measuring board wherever 
they want to but these guys came up with the titan   board leash that's specifically for measuring 
boards again if you want to use the defender   if you want it to pull double duty you can 
definitely do that but this system right   here was designed specifically for boards 
modern measuring boards whether it's catcher   either the x series the carbonite the 
custom pro series or even your hog troughs   and other boards out there with this simple 
spring-loaded lock you click that into the board   and then you have a really really bulletproof 
high-end quick-release pawl that's just a trigger   spring-loaded and then again you can connect this 
to your boat you can connect this to the board   when you get ready to take that back to your 
vehicle it's easy to plug and play you don't   have to hook up the lanyard each and every time 
so for basic gear attachment they also make this   a leash called the guardian it comes with a ring 
on both ends and a carabiner they make it in a 55   and a 115 size so depending on how much length you 
need or what you need to connect if you're just   simply looking for a lanyard this spring-loaded 
coil is perfect this double connection is ideal   and it really allows you to customize your 
kite to attach everything to it so you don't   lose anything overboard so again two sizes 55 
and 115 if you need a little bit more length   another product from rogue that i'm a big fan of 
is this ally drag strap or stand up assist strap   and so it comes in a really nice package just 
like so but i'm going to show you mine this is   really directly off my kayak i've had this thing 
for about a year and a half now uh i've beat it   up have gone all over the country with it 
i've dragged my kayak all over the place   and you can see here it's kind of coiled up 
what i do is i put that around my front handle   i take the handle pop it through and then that 
just cinches down to the front handle of my kite   so again this is on the front where i'm using 
it as a drag strap but you can also move it to   a fixed point in your kayak where it's a little 
further back where you can reach it you can use   it for a stand-up assist a sit-down assist 
and i also use these a lot for towing other   anglers i'll put this on the front of their boat 
i'll hook it on the side of my seat and i'll tow   them from spot to spot so it's called an ally 
because it really is an ally to help you move   your kayak help you sit down and stand up and help 
you toward a buddy so guys that's going to do it   for the rogue fishing company line of products i'm 
going to encourage you to support those companies   that are kayak anglers trying to provide solutions 
for our day-to-day lives when we're out there   on the water so i'm a big fan of rogue fishing 
companies products and i think you should be too

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