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after such a great bullish run shiba inu price is showing major price correction lately this price drop is because of a major sell-off that happened recently after the listing on coinbase but will the price of the shiba inu coin bounce back in quarter four of 2021 what are major supportive catalysts heading in this quarter and most importantly what robinhood is just planning for meme coins and other crypto assets in this quarter for these questions will be answered today we will also analyze if this is a good time to invest in shiba inu coin or not so stick around for that because today's video is full of exciting updates let's raise the shiba army hype by hitting the like and subscribe button also we're giving away 200 at the end of the month to our two random subscribers to start them on their crypto journey to enter all you need to do is like the video subscribe and comment your favorite crypto coin in the comment section down below so without further ado let's dive into the topic just after the listing on coinbase and binance us the price of shiba inu gained more than 35 in just 24 hours but the price dropped after a week there are two major reasons behind this first is the massive sell-off many of the shebholders sold off their shiba assets as soon as the price hit the peak value after this sell-off price correction happened and the price again becomes stabilized this is not over yet after coinbase and binance robin hood is taking over the charge to jump into this crypto exchange war if you never heard about robin hood let me quickly brief you about it robin hood markets inc is a financial technology company that operates an online discount brokerage offering commission free trading with robinhood you can trade stocks etfs or exchange traded funds rights options and few cryptocurrencies all with no commission fees that you need to pay out the only fees you pay are the expense ratios associated with etfs and nominal regulatory fees robinhood provides a web-based and mobile-based financial services platform that empowers users to invest in and trade stocks etfs options and american depository receipts or adrs it also allows users to invest in certain cryptocurrencies based on their geographic location the company makes money through payment for order flow premium membership fees stock loans interest on uninvested cash exchange fees related to its debit card and other smaller revenue streams before moving to the robin hood update let's quickly check how shiba inu coin is performing today sheba e new coin price is almost stable with a gain of 2 percent in the last 24 hours we can see a little bit of price correction today but price is still showing profits currently one shiba e new coin is worth dollar 0.00072 with the 24 hours trading volume of 337 million dollars the total market cap of shiba inu today is approximate 2 billion 830 million dollars let's get back to the topic so what robinhood is planning now recently we got the news that robin hood is secretly testing the crypto wallets this news was just reported on bloomberg by their reporters annie massa and mark german as per this news robin hood markets inc is testing new crypto wallets and cryptocurrency transfer features for its app this would allow customers to send and receive digital currencies such as bitcoin ethereum and sheba enu coin every shiba inu fan is waiting for this moment but the question arises when this is going to happen well this is not made official yet but beta app glances have already been seen many experts and bloomberg reporters are confident in saying that this could happen in the last quarter of this year but if this is going to happen then no one can stop the price hike of shiba inu a beta version of this iphone app has been appeared lately which shows evidence of the company's work on such features a hidden image portraying a waitlist page for users enabling users to sign up for the crypto wallet this beta app also has code referring to cryptocurrency transfers with such crypto wallets consumers can use virtual currencies or crypto coins without having to convert them to dollars they also provide a single place for customers to store all of their virtual currencies protected by a private key which is most important for novice users further a very trending petition is live on to list shiba inu on the robinhood platform this petition was started by tristan luke this petition has been set to collect 200 000 signatures this is interesting to note that more than 185 000 signatures have been collected till now if you haven't signed this petition yet i am leaving the link in the description below so that you can sign this to raise shiba inu voice to robin hood as per this petition request tristan mentioned this petition is designed to kindly request of robin hood to please list shiba inu coin to trade dogecoin has been a huge success for robin hood and its investors we have all enjoyed the ride shiba inu is a similar meme coin with genuine potential up 2 000 in the last weeks gaining new ground by the day sheba has just been listed on binance and its momentum grows by the hour half the questions when we log into trading forums ask how can i buy shiba let's encourage robinhood to be the first traditional brokerage to get on this train thank you another good news is coming from shiba inu ecosystem about the nft involvement on shiba swap environments this has been informed by many shiba fans on twitter in a tweet post which was further tweeted by the official shebinformer account is this something related to the nft on which sheba enu developers were working we are waiting for some more official acknowledgements for this nft appearance on sheba swap in gathering more information related to this and will share more information in upcoming videos so make sure you keep yourself subscribed and post notification enabled to get simplified information that can impact shiba inu price moving further is this the best time to buy the dips according to crypto experts shiba inu has a very active developer community which are working day night to achieve shiba inu goal which is to outperform dogecoin without even crossing one cent mark the activeness of the developer community can be observed by this and confirms that they are coming with their own nft to reduce the supply of shiba inu tokens further shiba enu developers are developing more tokens including ryoshi vision token based on their own developed nft this is going to happen in this end quarter of 2021.

Crypto expert professionals and websites are claiming that shiba inu will definitely cut few zeros out of its price with this ending year and can give a tremendous return this looks promising as shiba inu ecosystem is working to burn massive tokens to reduce the supply and increase the scarcity of sheep tokens this will certainly raise the price of shiba inu what are your thoughts about this do let us know in the comment section below with this we have come to the end of the video thank you for watching if you enjoyed it please give this video a huge thumbs up subscribe to the channel let us know in the comments your views on the shiba inu token and make sure to turn on the post notifications to get notified every time we post a new video before ending this kindly note that prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have changed to a whole new value the information provided in this video does not constitute investment advice financial advice trading advice or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the content as such the content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] you

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