RobinHood : Listing Update for Shiba Inu Coin! SHIB BURN CONFIRMED! SHIB to 1 Cent? SHIB News TOday!

we all know that a massive shiba inu price pump is coming yes it's robin hood listing we got some major updates today about this listing every shiba inu holder is waiting for the official announcement of sheb listing on robin hood how much price pump can be expected with this listing and most importantly when this is all planned these questions will be answered today further we will also share two more price-boosting catalysts coming this month so stick around for that because today's video is full of major shiba inu updates but first let's raise the shiba army hype by hitting the like and subscribe button also we're giving away 200 at the end of the month to our two random subscribers to start them on their crypto journey to enter all you need to do is like the video subscribe and comment on your favorite crypto coin in the comment section down below so without further ado let's dive into the topic meme cryptocurrency shiba inu has been on a fire literally while many sheep fans have been gunning for it to rise to one cent fellow meme crypto dogecoin has been in the wilderness after a recent sell-off happened yesterday the price of shiba inu dropped but shiba inu is all back with yet another big rally and price is up with a profit of more than 27 percent in the last 24 hours so it is clear that even the massive sell-offs cannot stop shiba inu to rise meanwhile shebe fans have been lobbying to get robin hood to add the crypto the popular trading app already has doge on its platform billion dollars of sheep is being traded every day and the buy to sell ratio is much higher sheepholders are buying the dips and holding millions of sheep tokens before moving toward the major updates from robinhood let's quickly check where shiba inu is holding its position today sheba enu coin after some major price correction happened yesterday is all back with a massive profit of around 27 in the last 24 hours currently one shiba inu coin is worth 281 satoshi units with the 24 hours trading volume of around 12 billion dollars the total market cap of shiba inu today is approximate 11 billion dollars shiba inu is ranking number 19 in the overall crypto market so did you sell some of your coins yesterday do let us know in the comment section below if you are holding shiba inu coins you must know how important it is to have shiba inu listed on the robin hood app if the coin gets this listing we will definitely get a massive price surge and price will cross its all-time high and even more why robin hood will list shiba inu on its platform there are multiple reasons why we will get this listing in the next few weeks shiba inu's rival dogecoin is already available on robinhood crypto exchange in recently shiba inu crossed dogecoin's potential in every aspect or we can say shiba inu is earning its name as dogecoin killer in terms of trend trading volume and even buy to sell ratio shiba inu is surpassing dogecoin the reason why we believe that robin hood will shiba inu on their crypto platform in the coming weeks as per the tweet shared by sheba trend shiba inu is winning over dogecoin the user shared stats of coinbase where it can be observed that shiba inu has more popularity than dogecoin now the trading volume ranking is also more than that of dogecoin further investors are buying more sheep than selling it and dogecoin is losing its worth as it is getting more selling pressure than buying every day sheep fans have been pushing robinhood to get this listing done as soon as possible we can find thousands of tweets related to this and that two from major crypto influencers the robin hood and shiba inu discussion is getting so hyped that the hashtag robinhood app is trending in the business section of twitter crypto influencer and shebe army member milkshare also posted to get robin hood's attention toward this so we made you trend robin hood app time to handshake back to sheep further yet another tweet is there from another shabami member which states that i just got off the phone with robin hood i explained reasons why they need to list shiba inu i highly recommend other shiba enu army members to do the same if we do the employees we'll talk about it more at work and we will get listed this was further retweeted by milkshake with pushing more pressure on robinhood we also have insider news that robin hood is already working on a listing of shiba inu coin and we can get this news rolled out anytime in the coming days but most importantly how this will help the shiba inu coin to raise in price it is understood that the price of any crypto asset depends on the supply and demand of that particular token with the listing of shiba inu on one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges robin hood shebe will get mroe exposure and more trading will be done this will definitely include more buy than sell hence increase in demand further with the incoming token burn with nfts and fractional burn in each transaction supply will get reduced hence with the increase in demand and decrease in supply the price of shiba inu will rise exponentially we all know that when dogecoin got listed on robinhood it accounted for 34 of crypto revenue from robin hood help doge to hit an all-time high of the year in 2018.

Shiba inu has more potential than dogecoin and according to us if robin hood lists shiba inu now shiba inu will definitely cut one more zero out and will give a massive 10 times profit further the petition to list shiba inu on robinhood on is getting more hype now almost 214 thousand users have already signed this petition if you haven't signed it yet i am leaving a link to this petition in pinned comment below let's put more pressure on robinhood to get this listing done as soon as possible further two questions hitting everyone's mind are should i hold or sell the tokens will shiba inu hit one cent most of us are already on profit reason why yesterday after sell-off price dropped and many of us might have sold their sheep tokens in panic but today shiba inu is back with good price pump however we all know that the major catalysts are on the way to boost sheba enews price like robin hood listing an active developer community shiba inu developer team is going to reveal nfts named s hiboshis their own blockchain chebarium nft based game with multiplayer capabilities like axi infinity more catalysts are automatic burning systems enlisting on robinhood but hitting one cent is still a long milestone due to its massive token supply hitting one cent or more is quite unlikely for now but is not impossible with such a good hype and developer support if burn happens and circulating supply gets reduced on which developers are working 24 7 it is possible to hit one cent very soon so according to us the price will not stop in this last quarter and will raise more if you are planning to sell you are still on profits but these major price boosting catalysts are all set to arrive in days or weeks so hold tight don't forget to share your buy or sell thoughts in the comment sections down below with this we have come to the end of the video thank you for watching if you enjoyed it please give this video a huge thumbs up subscribe to the channel let us know in the comments your views on the shiba inu token and make sure to turn on the post notifications to get notified every time we post a new video before ending this kindly note that prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have changed to a whole new value the information provided in this video does not constitute investment advice financial advice trading advice or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the content as such the content in this video is for educational purposes only and hence should not be considered as financial advice do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] you

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