The number of Shiba Inu investors is growing every 
single day, and the coin has recently become more   popular on the coinbase trading platform. As the 
number of Shiba Inu Coin investors grows, there   is pressure on Robinhood to add Shiba Inu Coin 
to its platform. What are the plans of Robinhood   concerning Shiba inu growth? When will the Shiba 
Inu be added to the database? In today's video,   I'll answer all of these questions and more. The 
insider information from Robinhood about the rush   to list Shiba Inu coin will also be discussed. 
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shib tokens. With no more excuses, let's get   started. Shiba Inu, the meme crypto currency, has 
literally been on fire. Dojecoin, the other meme   crypto currency, has been in the wilderness while 
many Shib supporters have been aiming for it to   rise to 1 cent.

Shiba Inu's ranking has risen 
from 53 to 12, according to Coin Market Cap.   Shiba Inu value dropped after a recent token 
sell-off of 32 billion tokens. Shiba Inu, on the   other hand, has returned with yet another strong 
rally, and the price has risen by over 16% in   the last 24 hours. There's nothing stopping Shiba 
Inu rise, not even with massive whale sell-offs.   While this is going on, Shiba Inu supporters 
are urging Robinhood to include crypto currency.   Dogecoin is already available on Robinhood's 
platform, a popular trading app. Every day,   billions of dollars worth of Shib are traded, 
with a much higher buy-to-sell ratio. Those who   own shib buy the dips and have a large number 
of shib tokens on hand.

Before we get to the   important Robinhood updates, let's take a 
quick look at Shiba Inu current position.   This coin has recovered with a massive 
gain of around 16% in the last 24 hours,   following a recent price correction. Shiba 
Inu coin's value is currently $0.000031,   with a 24-hour trading volume of approximately 
$6,789,441,342. As of today, Shiba Inu has a   market cap of roughly $11,355,079,085. Shiba 
Inu is currently the 14th most valuable crypto   currency by market capitalization. "Dojecoin 
killer Shiba Inu is ready to rally after launching   10,000 NFTs on ShibaSwap," according to the 
Shiba Inu Twitter account. Shiba Inu developers,   according to Shytoshi Kusama, plan to release 
10,000 NFT tokens as part of a massive Shib   token burn. NFT buyers will also be able to change 
the Shiboshi they purchase name by burning Shib.   As with Axie Infinity, the announcement hints 
at another gaming or play-to-earn launch.   As a result of the Shib token burn, the 
circulating supply will be reduced, resulting   in an increase in token price.

Holdings should 
be ready for a Shiba Inu price boost as a result.   He revealed that CoinBurn has been confirmed, 
and that every Shib holder can support the burn   process by releasing 10,000 NFTs Shiboshis. "I am 
proud to announce the name for our 10,000 NFTs:   Shiboshis!" he wrote on Medium. Ten thousand 
adorable NFTs are generated at random and only   accessible through Shiba Swapp to be traded for 
Shiboshis. From now on, Shiboshis will only be   accessible to LEASH holders. To make matters more 
interesting, each person who purchases an NFT has   the option of renaming the NFT by burning Shib. We 
can see one of Shib's many burn mechanisms in the   near future through this burning process. This 
is only the beginning of the burning procedure.   More burning mechanisms are being developed by 
developers, which will aid in Shiba Inu's rapid   expansion. The next burn plan, for example, 
involves a partnership with now   Shiba Inu will be burned in proportion to the 
amount of money you send through the Now Payments   payment gateway.

Another blockchain being 
developed by programmers is dubbed Shibarium.   It is currently in the testing phase, but it is 
expected to go live as early as the fourth quarter   of 2021. This meme coin is fortunate to have such 
a vibrant community. The important question is,   when will Shiba Swapp support these NFTs? Even 
though the exact date hasn't been announced,   Shytoshi has revealed that NFTs or Shiboshis will 
be available for purchase in the next one or two   weeks, depending on the model.
In addition, he plans to add a medium-sized post   to accommodate future plans from Shib Developers. 
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Will it go up or down from here? It's not just   because of the Shiba Inu hype on social media 
that almost all Crypto experts and analysts are   bullish on Shiba Inu.

That's all in this last 
quarter because of the Robinhood listing and   developer projects like NFTs that let people 
earn money while owning their own blockchain   and Riyoshi Token. Shiba Inu's price, according 
to FX street reports, could rise to $0.000092   by the end of the month. If this happens, the 
Shiba Inu coin will reach a new all-time high.   And for the millions of token holders who 
have been patiently waiting in their wallets,   this will be the beginning. In my opinion, a 
Robinhood listing for Shiba Inu can easily remove   1 zero from its price, allowing it to reach 
$0.00014 in no time. Burning takes time, but   Shib is expected to rebound within the next three 
months. Shiba Inu value will skyrocket following   the completion of this burn.

Will shiba inu coin 
keep rising? After a meteoric rise last week,   Shiba Inu (SHIB) is still in a bull market. By the 
time the rally peaked, SHIB had risen by over 400%   in just a few short hours, with the asset rallying 
by 267 percent. Several factors have been cited as   the cause of its sharp increase in price. One of 
the most well-known factor, was Elon Musk's tweet   about his new pet Shiba Inu, which he got a month 
earlier. However, the asset's price recovered at a   time when massive amounts of coins were being 
dumped, causing a drop in its value.

At this   point, SHIB had risen to a new six-month high, and 
the selling pressure was building in the market.   This was largely due to the meme coin's history, 
which shows that it has no real utility aside   from the marketing hype it has received. Assets 
worth 1 million to 10 million SHIB were dumped   in the asset's largest dump. After a brief price 
rise, the digital asset saw a record-breaking drop   in value, according to data from Santiment. 
Holders reportedly dumped 31 billion coins.   Most of them came from wallets containing 
anywhere from one million to ten million SHIB.   An interesting fact about this dumpsite: most of 
the trash was being dumped by small-time traders.   It's been surprising to see how well the Shiba Inu 
whales have behaved during the rally.

Meanwhile,   small-time investors sold off their holdings 
and transferred the proceeds to micro investors.   Because of the dump patterns, the asset's price 
has been shaky and its hold on its new highs has   weakened. Even so, the impact on the market would 
be short-lived because the digital asset's price   had recovered from its Thursday lows, with a green 
seven-day trading average of 83.45%. When, will   Robinhood list Shiba inu token? This then raises 
the age-old issue of "When will Shiba Inu appear   in Robinhood?" Robinhood is a well-known retail 
trading platform. Also, since early January,   it's been the go-to for meme trading. It's also 
one of the few exchanges that allow users to   purchase crypto currencies directly from the site. 
Because, it lets people buy Bitcoin and Dojecoin,   the app has been a huge hit. Robinhood is 
upfront and honest about its growth prospects.   Customers will soon have access to a crypto 
wallet that allows them to easily move their   crypto assets on and off the platform. There has 
been a lot of talk from the company's executives   about how they want to expand their crypto-tools, 
including their coins.

When it comes to catching   the attention of Robinhood, Shiba Inu traders work 
extremely hard. Nearly 200,000 crypto traders and   Robinhood users have signed a petition calling for 
the coin to be added to the app. The gains of the   last month have also been used by SHIB supporters, 
crypto influencers, and everyone in between,   leveraging social media to nudge the company to 
make it happen. It's still unclear whether SHIB   will be listed on the Robinhood. Dogecoin, on the 
other hand, was listed by the company at a time   when it was only worth a few cents in 
2018. SHIB is in a similar situation,   and the stars are aligning for something to happen 
because of the fervent support it has on social   media and its multi-hundred-percent gains.

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