Ripple’s Xpring and ZCash Invest in new Cryptocurrency Startup!

Syrian jihadists are looking to finance their operations with cryptocurrency. Coinbase expands into 11 new countries and finance is off from Fiat to crypto transactions in Singapore. Let's start the show. Welcome back to crypto Global News. I'm Edward. We really appreciate it if you like subscribe and also share today's episode. Enjoy the show. Time to bomb the Syrian jihad group hired terror. Al Shabaab has been asking its donors to send their terror outfit crypto donations which once again brings the dreadful question is cryptocurrency financing terrorism now due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency which has been branded as one of its most desirable features. It's virtually impossible to trace the source of transactions received in a digital wallet unless the source is detected.

It is also not possible to cut it off and cripple the terror outfit. Now will the U.S. government and other governments across the globe be seeking increased regulations to prevent terrorists from receiving funding via cryptocurrency. Crypto compare released its exchange Review Report which seeks to review the main developments within the cryptocurrency exchange market. But this time the report was much awaited as the report captured the month of March of 2019 which was a growth month. One standout point was an increase of 43 percent since the previous month of bitcoin into USD teeth. In March it represented eighty one point seven percent of total Bitcoin volume traded into fiat or stable coin. While last month the pair represented 70 percent would signify the USD t is still the most popular stable coin and a lot of investors manage volatility using USD to. The grand rise also indicated that a lot of investors are switching their holdings between stable coin and bitcoin which would inch towards Bitcoin as they found opportunities.

It looks like the volume is surging back into the cryptocurrency market. Ripples spring and the characters of Z cash have connected to do a joint investment into a cryptocurrency startup looking to take privacy tokens mainstream. Bolt is a private off chain cryptocurrency being designed on top of the existing Z cash cryptocurrency with a focus on hand on the issue of scaling. Now among the crowd of investors into the startup are ripples fundraising division which is spring electric coin company.

The firm behind ze cash and Z cash is founders Zuko Wilcox and Mr Wilcox founder of Z cash and CEO of electric coin company told Forbes in an interview that Bolt is a promising startup primarily for the added protection it offers to users. The scaling solution being developed by Bolt labs is reportedly similar to Bitcoin's lightning network with the ultimate goal of making smaller transactions feasible and both cost and scalability. It seems like 2019 is the year when big platforms battle for speed and scalability. Coinbase the major cryptocurrency exchange platform announced that it's expanded its crypto to crypto trading service in 11 more countries with the new addition of these countries the reach of coin basis expanded into 53 across the globe coin bases open its trading door for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Mexico India New Zealand South Korea Indonesia Hong Kong the Philippines Chile Colombia Peru and Argentina.

Users will be able to avail crypto to crypto trading services such as buying and selling crypto on Coinbase pro and Coinbase dot com. In addition users can also buy and sell crypto currencies via the Coinbase app available on Iowa's and Android is Coinbase going to be the family name of cryptocurrency for years to come. Crypto currency exchange giant finance will launch its new Fiat to crypto platform in Singapore in the week to come.

Its chief financial officer Mr. Zao said that for now in Singapore it will just be big Quimby hopes to add more cryptocurrency shortly for regulated jurisdictions it tends to be easier to start with things that people know and understand and then you can gradually build on that. Now finance began its project of building fiat to crypto gateways back in January of 2019 when it partnered with simplex to let traders use Visa and MasterCard to buy a wide range of crypto currencies.

What edge will this give. Finance in the marketplace. Many thanks for tuning to today's episode. Please make sure that you like subscribe and also share today's show for crippling Global News M Edward until next time you take it easy..

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