Ripple’s CBDC Adoption On Their PRIVATE Ledger Is On The HORIZON! (Clock Is TICKING For XRP!)

Did you guys witness the $1.7 breakout? Did 
you? Well, it didn't last for long, but hey,   that's progress. Unfortunately, XRP is on a 
downtrend since that high, but, as always,   this coin shows promise for any long-term 
holder. That's not the only news I got for you   guys today. Stick around to the end, my XRP Gang.
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This news just came in, and Ripple has announced   that they are partnering up with the National 
Bank of Egypt and the LuLu International   Exchange Connect.

They will be using RippleNet 
to elevate Remittance Experience into Egypt.   I told you guys that nothing would slow 
down this company, and as you can see,   they are still on their way to the top.
This partnership will allow cross-border   payments between UAE and Egypt through RippleNet. 
Egypt currently ranks as one of the top   five remittance recipients globally after India, 
China, Mexico, and the Philippines. The country   received a whopping $24 billion in remittance 
in 2020 alone. Imagine that! When the world was   suffering from the pandemic, Egypt has such big 
numbers. What do you think will happen this year?  On top of that, the country is now incorporating 
RippleNet into its framework. I can't wait to   see how this partnership will fair 
soon. Like I keep on saying, guys,   the SEC will not slow down this company at all.
Another news that I thought you should also   know about is the crackdown Argentina 
is having on cryptocurrency users. So,   if you are a citizen of Argentina, you need to be 
careful. That's because the government is trying   to find out how they can leverage tax on such 

The same case has happened with Coinbase   since the company had to cough up its list of 
users, which significantly affected the users.  All in all, ever since Coinbase was listed on the 
stock exchange, sales have gone through the roof.   Back to the news on Argentina, all my Argentina 
fans, you will need to be cautious from here   on out. Don't trade your cryptos frequently 
because that could expose you to tax fines soon.  Bitcoin is bleeding pretty heavily at the moment, 
and I thought it's worth mentioning. It's recently   below the 40k dollar mark, which is substantially 

One of the reasons this crypto king has had   this significant drop is the Tesla news. Well, I'm 
sure it doesn't surprise you that Tesla could have   such a drastic effect on the cryptocurrency world. 
That's the unfortunate side of the crypto world.   The prices of the coins will be positively or 
negatively affected by the news. And that's the   reason for such videos so we can always keep you 
in the loop on current events happening worldwide.  Another Billionaire who's also making waves in the 
crypto community is Mark Cuban. He's going bullish   on the crypto adoption processes saying that 
the cryptocurrency prices increasingly reflect   the ever-growing demand for these coins. 
He's also going bullish on DAO participation,   networks with real usages, and mass adoption 
on the horizon.

But here's the thing: XRP   has been in the market for a while. And in my 
opinion, I have a feeling that this coin will   be taking the stage shortly. That's because 
this coin isn't just your ordinary crypto.  And in other news, Ripple recently announced that 
they would be hiring a Senior Frontend Engineer   for RippleX. The said engineer will prototype new 
use-cases and user experiences relating to NFTs,   CBDCs, and the XRP Ledger. Guys, we all know what 
that means, right? Ripple is about to launch an   NFT platform, and their CBDC adoption on 
their private ledger is on the horizon.  We all love NFTs, and we've seen the impact such 
platforms have on the cryptocurrency world.

Now   we know that Ripple is continually hiring people 
on the backend, especially in the CBDC department.   That means they are expanding this department 
to tackle the ever-increasing demand for their   private ledgers by the world's Central Banks.
So, we already know about Egypt adopting XRP   and the Bank of France. But the way Ripple is 
hiring staff members shows that more and more   banks are willing to embrace their technology. So, 
guys, I don't know about you, but I really think   this company is close to being indestructible 
even if SEC keeps banging at their door with   a sledgehammer. A coin that doesn't go down 
easily, even with the current crypto volatility,   should have my money if you ask me.
Yes, the SEC lawsuit might be slowing down   the roadmap of this company, but I don't think 
that will hold for long. XRP, on the other hand,   seems to reflect the adoption of RippleNet 
that's why we witnessed the high recently.   But like I always say, these slight upward bursts 
show that this coin is headed to greatness. Soon,   the crypto will be so influential 
it would be impossible to ignore.  And if you don't jump onto the ship in these 
early stages, you could potentially miss out   on a good investment.

Either way, XRP will 
still head to the moon or even past it.   It's already doing it. That's why I don't think 
the $10,000 mark is an overestimation. In fact,   that's the right price for this coin once the SEC 
lets it go. This coin and the company behind it   are putting up one hell of a fight against going 
down. It's likely that they will both be soaring   in profits before the year's end. It's time to 
look at the charts and see what's happening.  Now we are looking at 4-hour chart, Updated 
wave counts after the previous corrective wave   finished.

We stayed in the range previously 
forecasted. In an ascending triangle at the   .786 fib level and again at the 1.0, we are 
now very bullish. (thick orange/red-orange)  Light blue is just a guess and the faint grey 
line is fantasy. Guessing we bounce around the   fib levels before we flip and go parabolic. 
This move will coincide with some news,   my guess is the SEC lawsuit will resolve itself 
and a re-list in US exchanges will happen.  I made this on the log scale and it looked better.
Previously the XRP started a big powerful   bullish rally after the formation of 
Gartley pattern. XRP completed a big   Gartley pattern for up to 161% profit rally.
Now this time on the 2-day time frame chart,   the price action of the Ripple has completed 
the final leg of another Gartley pattern.   There is also 50 simple moving average support 
below the buying zone of this harmonic pattern.  Buy between: $1.22 to $1.07 and 
Sell between: $1.33 to $1.6.  The maximum extent of the potential reversal 
zone to $1.07 can be used as stop loss.  As per the above targets, this trade has 
a profit possibility up to 50% and a loss   possibility is 13%.

Make your own decisions guys.
Best wishes to everyone. Trade safely my friends.  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
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