Ripple XRP: You WILL Be A Millionaire OVERNIGHT! (Here’s WHY!)

It's a whole new week, but already a lot has
happened, and it's also expected to happen, especially when it comes to Ripple's future. And as always, I'm here to keep you updated
with the latest regarding this coin and any other relevant information that can be useful
in your investment journey. So, stick around to the end since there's
so much in store for you. Without any further delay, let's roll that
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opinion in the comment section below. That said, let's get down to business. There's a tweet that was shared that I'm almost
100% certain that it will happen. The tweet shares a video that talks deeply
about what is going to happen with XRP.

And they say that XRP is going to the moon
within one day. we are about to see even more significant
gains in the XRP that will surpass the move that happened in 2017. That's because the most considerable portion
of the XRP currently in the market is in the hands of retail. That means when the banks finally accept this
coin, the demand for XRP will go instantly through the roof. And I believe that's going to happen sooner
than we think. Everyone keeps focusing on other cryptos,
while the real crypto giant we should all be watching is XRP. This coin has been making waves and will most
certainly make a massive leap to the top soon. XRP didn't come here to play. Nothing will bring this coin down. The coin is about to form a move to the top
and drive traffic towards XRP, pushing the currency to the top. A tweet by @TeholBeddictXRP says, "Ripple
has a widely used dlt for cross-border payments. Their MoneyGram integration was a first step
to lower fees for cross-border payments.

They currencies can reduce cross-border payment
costs." "…other cryptos (than bitcoin) serve the
purpose better. #XRPtheStandard" And truth be told, I believe
cryptos such as BTC have already served their purpose by giving people awareness of the
decentralized community. Undoubtedly, the crypto world has changed
drastically, and that's all thanks to the brilliant innovative minds of the world. There are so many new technological advances
that by far surpass what BTC brought to the table.

Indeed, the crypto giant is here to stay,
but I believe other cryptos will take over that top spot. The most likely option is XRP and, well, ETH. Hands down! Ethereum is another crypto that has managed
to change the decentralized field for the better. Frankly, without ETH, most of the altcoins
available today could not have existed. But I believe it's a solid race to the top
for all cryptocurrencies, and the most likely winner is XRP. There's an article that's worth sharing that
was posted on The report says.' 'Cryptocurrencies are financial means used
outside the field of regular monetary systems.

Bitcoin developed to expand the use of digital
transactions, enabling a P2P transaction model. Central banks and governments have recognized
the growing demand for digital currencies; some countries such as Sweden or China are
progressing to become cashless. Financial incorporation is asymmetrical across
the globe, as emerging economies face issues in providing financial opportunities for their
population. As a result, a recent Bank of America (NYSE:
BAC) report acknowledged the benefits of digital currencies as an economic stimulator. According to a Bank of America study, regulated
or independent digital currencies could boost economic growth in developing countries. The head of emerging market cross-asset strategy
and economics highlighted those digital currencies have a "lot of potential" for including the
unbanked population in a global financial system. Furthermore, David Hauner emphasized that
over 50% of adults in emerging countries are unbanked – without access to a bank account. Thus digital currencies can substantially
decrease transaction costs to enable more economic activities to take place. Additionally, Hauner discovered that emerging
economies are increasingly active in trading cryptocurrencies despite not having a bank
account. Global consensus concludes cryptocurrencies
are a hedge against inflation. A report explains the case of Venezuela, where
inflation rose by 6,500% in 2020.

Digital payments such as crypto provide security
against inflation. Still, spending crypto is problematic as global
acceptance and usage are still short-sided. El Salvador's law of making Bitcoin a legal
tender represents the first trial run for crypto to be used as a global currency. On the Flipside
• People from emerging economies heavily depend on remittance services to transfer
funds. • The most significant countries in Bitcoin
trading volume are all part of emerging markets such as Kenya or Nigeria. • CBDC will not be integrated as hoped as
they lack the volatility of cryptocurrencies, which adds value to owning and transacting
it. Ripple, which is currently under investigation
by the SEC, created a widely used distributed ledger for cross-border payments.

Their MoneyGram integration served as a first
step towards accomplishing a lower fee threshold for cross-border payments. The Bank of America report also highlighted
digital currencies can reduce cross-border payment costs. The evolution towards a cashless global society
adds extra incentives such as reducing corruption, formalizing the economy, and raising tax revenue. Banks are disregarding the needs of customers
from emerging countries. A world-bank report states that international
transaction fees amount to 6.5%, which is "scandalously high" and above the targeted
threshold of 3%. The implementation of digital currencies is
not without risks. Hauner highlights banks will be issuing "CBDC
in the next three years." However, he cautions digital currencies could
"undermine a country's physical currency" as high volatility could hinder macroeconomic
policies. Furthermore, providing low-risk and low-cost
alternatives is the solution to increase financial inclusion. As iterated by El Salvador's president, Bitcoin
can allow people to transfer funds with ease; however, its volatility hinders its success.

The progression towards generating censorship-free
transactions is attainable; however, other cryptocurrencies or digital currencies will
serve the purpose better." Now here's what I don't get, the Bank of America
has approved the use of CBDCs in developing countries, but they can't work with a company
that offers the same framework in their backyard. That doesn't make sense unless the Federal
government plans to create its own CBDC that will compete with XRP. But that's utterly unfair since we all know
XRP has been in business for the longest time possible. Additionally, they've also made deals with
other Central Banks. In other news, Binance has been banned from
operating in the U.K. Yes, that's right! An article published on
states, 'The U.K.'s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
has ordered crypto exchange Binance to stop undertaking any regulated activity in the

But since the exchange pulled its application
for the FCA's crypto-assets register, it will be unable to offer unregulated services — such
as spot trading — either. The FCA announced Saturday that Binance Markets
Limited and the Binance Group do not hold any form of authorization to conduct regulated
activities in the U.K. but still offer citizens a range of services online. In the U.K., crypto-assets themselves, such
as bitcoin and ether, are unregulated, but certain trading products related to them,
such as futures and options trading, are regulated. Binance has been asked to stop undertaking
any regulated activity in the U.K. by June 30. The FCA has also ordered Binance to display
a notice on its website and social media that it is not permitted to undertake any regulated
activity in the country. "The Firm will remove, or where this is not
practicable, give instructions for the removal of any advertising and financial promotions
it currently has live, in whatever form they take by close of business on June 30, 2021,"
said the FCA.

Binance must also preserve all records relating
to all its U.K. consumers and notify the FCA in writing by July 2, according to the watchdog.' That's a day after regulators from other countries
did the same. Unfortunately, Binance will have to go because
of the competition. That means we are about to witness a new age
in the crypto world where the government will likely control the exchanges. I'm telling you guys, the safest place to
invest in is XRP which is a coin that most governments are already embracing. This coin will likely moon and hit that $10,000
mark soon after the SEC decides to close the lawsuit. That means everyone with XRPs will have an
opportunity to become billionaires, if not millionaires. So even though the coin is currently showing
signs of a drop, it's not time to quit on it just yet. Instead, it's the perfect time to stock up
on more cryptos because the coin will moon. That said, let's take a look at the technical
analysis. Now we are looking at weekly timeframe. If the current cycle is going to look anything
like the last cycle, xrp can peak between $120 – $180.

It could also fall short, or exceed this range. If we look at bitcoin chart in 8 hour timeframe,
This is final resistance for Upward Big Rally. So Now what…? Major resistance is $35000
If breakout upward and candle also close above then Our Target will be $45634 and $49755
But If not break out with good Volume then again ready to $29500
And Also max chance to break down $29500 support also this time if rejected from current Resistance. Trade safely guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section
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