Ripple XRP: YOU Can Suddenly Become A MILLIONAIRE Overnight! (NOT MUCH Time Left!)

XRP did it again! For XRP holders, this is another bright day, we are slightly biased green. Don’t hold up too much hope for the time being, because the cryptocurrency market is very It is difficult to predict, anything can happen in the next few days. all in all, I have some unbelievable facts, which I think deserve your attention. persevere until the end , I promise the technical analysis worth the wait.

Having said that, let's get started, shall we? What's wrong, guys! Welcome to Money Side, we let money do the talking. If you haven't, please Click the subscribe button and notification bell to get the latest news about cryptocurrency. The first is the news published by @xrp27648639, an encryption enthusiast on Twitter. There is a recorded failure From the thread point of view, it only happens on XRP. This is a clear sign that XRP is heading to the moon . As the tweet implies, this is the best example of how the phoenix rose from the ashes, Frankly speaking, this is true. If there is a minor malfunction, it means that the whale may have Purchased as much XRP as possible.

Although it has been consolidating sideways in the past few weeks, But this may push the price of XRP to a record high. The token does not Give up, it's all thanks to the support it received from the cryptocurrency community. There is also a tweet that I think is worth sharing, which shows Encryption is a long-term investment. Five years ago, the trading price of XRP was as low as $0.0058. Now it fluctuates to the two-dollar mark at the US dollar exchange rate. To be sure, these cryptocurrencies Will continue to exist, and XRP is ranked first. Although most people are complaining The current price of XRP is falling, but I believe this is due to the late entry, but this is not A bad thing. XRP is still in the lead, but all we have to do is to wait patiently . I think this is the best course of action to avoid current market volatility. Then there is the confrontation between Ripple and Ethereum. Quick question; if this is a real life event , Who do you think will win? Ripple or Ethereum? I believe most of you will choose ETH, I don't blame you.

Ethereum successfully built Established one of the best dApp platforms ever and led the development of the industry. but, Did you know that Ripple is also leading the forefront of CBDC? Well, that's right! In CBDC, In the world of cross-border transactions and low cost, Ripple is in a leading position. With this in mind, Putting these two cryptocurrency giants at the same level is challenging because they actually solve Different problems. All in all, I will still deposit my money in XRP, no offense, my ETH gang! June 3 is another important day for Ripple and the SEC litigation. This court case has been going on for several months, and I think it's time to reach the end. We all want to see what happens next after the SEC abandons Ripple. The token may hit a new all-time high and may profit traders millions Even billions. If the SEC simply withdraws from this lawsuit, anyone who invests in the token has a chance to make a huge profit .

Just a few days ago, I shared a story about the corner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission An important lawyer withdrew from the conversation in this lawsuit. This shows that The regulator may lose the case. But we haven’t seen what will happen next, So please cross your fingers and let us hope the Ripple community achieves the best results. One of you asked me for my honest opinion on whether the SEC should be dissolved? Frankly speaking, I believe that the SEC is a necessary regulatory agency that protects all the chaos that occurs in the crypto market Brought some sanity. I mean, a lot of new coins are popping up in every corner, Some I don’t even know how they work. From my perspective, In all this chaos, some cryptocurrency creators may try to get the law to They are favorable.

This may result in the loss of large amounts of cash, Especially for ordinary traders. Most importantly, regulators have mostly done impressive work , This should also be recognized. I insist, mainly! However, when it comes to XRP, I think a lot has happened in the audience Thing, we can't see it. From this perspective, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission may harm Ripple’s plan In the end, the damage to the entire cryptocurrency community outweighs the benefits. anyway, You can't blame them for trying to exercise their legal work by pursuing encryption. However, if any SEC member sees my video, I think it’s a vision for them . Pursuing Ripple for the sales they made during the launch was too much.

Maybe if the sale happened last year or even this year, it might be a more reasonable move. All in all, the judicial system may benefit Ripple, which may push the price of XRP higher. We all know that Ripple Labs is designed for the corporate world, so they are bringing their The RippleNet framework integrates with central banks to provide fast transactions on a global scale.

The best part It is that the fees for these transactions are very low. This tweet also shared their ODL service; For any company that cooperates with Ripple Labs, this is an overall victory. The company promises to provide its customers with opportunities to obtain liquidity without pre-financing. This may change the financial industry forever. Provided by Ripple Lab Free working capital with on-demand liquidity to realize instant cross-border payments. This is actually the sweetest transaction of any financial institution I have ever seen. More importantly, the ODL solution will significantly reduce the cost and delivery time of cross-border transfers , And most of your customers will benefit from such networks. This will start from Essentially speed up cross-border commercial transactions, thereby smoothing the business between different continents Connectivity. Moreover, the fact that this service is affordable It is a clear advantage for any international merchant business.

Therefore, The bank and Ripple Labs will not suffer any loss in cooperation. In fact, they Benefit from this partnership. This is why several central banks have joined the system. I think now is the time when the government and banks accept the existence of cryptocurrency Up. That's because the sooner they do it, the better for them. I actually believe that as long as governments all over the world believe in the cryptocurrency market , They will benefit a lot from the cryptocurrency market. More importantly, Bitcoin overthrew the world government The original goal is no longer the mission of most cryptocurrencies, including XRP. XRP is doing its best to merge these two worlds that should be praised rather than prosecuted in court.

They should work together instead of the SEC's strong attempt to cancel Ripple . So far, Ripple Labs seems to have The most logical mission ever. The company has no support from influential people, nor is it a hype currency. Traders believe in the roadmap of XRP and Ripple; no wonder The market value of this coin keeps growing. It may even reach the $2 mark earlier than we thought. I mean, why is XRP the only cryptocurrency that can survive the market crash that happened a few weeks ago ? To this day, we still feel the impact of this decline. XRP took a hit, But it is not that important compared to giants such as Bitcoin. The king of cryptocurrency The transaction price of less than 40,000 US dollars shocked the entire market. And it all started with A simple tweet by Elon Musk.

Let's imagine! One person, plus other news that happened later, It caused serious panic in the market, and I believe that when we talk, most people are losing money. Now, this shows that hype coins and anything that blindly follows the path of Bitcoin will be affected by whales. Highly affected. Had it not been for the US Securities and Exchange Commission's lawsuit, XRP might have been on the moon now. Therefore, the mission of XRP is stronger than most people think. Most importantly, this coin has no Play a role. It ventured in unknown waters, many people failed, and others didn’t even dare Try, and it is currently succeeding, even with all the challenges on its way. This is a coin that I can always support . Once all this chaos ends, XRP may become the winner of the longest lasting cryptocurrency ever . I can't wait to say, "I told you," when the coin went straight to the moon and beyond. one way or another, Before ending this video, let’s take a quick look technical analysis. If we look at the view of the hourly time frame. Since XRP managed to bounce back within its structure, it has continued with some interesting settings , As I have discovered now, it has formed this main channel within the structure Structure, internal coherent wave number and wavelet A to B have been completed The wave C in the remaining channels will complete the main wave B in the larger wave number.

When XRP then managed to bounce back in the structure shown in my chart, This will cause an upward break above the upper border of the channel and continue Upward, the upper target area may approach from there where the situation needs Upgrade again, if Ethereum manages to continue or form a reversal in the first place. Now we are looking at the monthly time frame. That's great! SEC's price suppression of XRP It's coming to an end because of rumors that SEC employees and whales have bought as many things as possible at low prices. According to cryptocurrency watchers, earlier this year, the San Francisco company The case for defense seems to have completely drained. FUD is the biggest, haters applaud, and weak The hand is sold.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission files a lawsuit a few days before Christmas 2020 , Claiming that its founder is selling its products, imagine? A company that sells products Until now it was unheard of. They also stated that their founders became wealthy, which is also unheard of. Now I'm experiencing Six months after a series of fierce battles Now it seems that Ripple Hodlers has a great chance of winning. Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel For entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comments section below , Let's have a conversation. Thank you very much for watching. Don't Forgot to like this video and click the subscribe button below. Open notification To get notified when we publish great content. See you in the next video..

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