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welcome back to the show everybody we got some straight fire for you today we're gonna have an update on everything that happened yesterday we're gonna let jeremy hogan give it to you and then we're also gonna take a look at square which is opening up the platform for d5 come on in we're also going to take a look at shout out to xrpi for this one and others who sent this and we're going to take a look at this this is some interesting information we're going to speculate on and it's xrp quant and the british pound baby and there's also a new ripple partnership out here let's go ahead and roll this beautiful intro it's a lot to unpack today this is digital perspectives with brad kymes subscribe for new content notifications now here's brad kinds come on in [Music] welcome back to the show everybody you can follow us on twitter at backup bradley above and everything that we're talking about here today also give us a follow on facebook at i'm sorry digital perspectives news no spaces on facebook we do live streams there now and they've been going really great so we look forward to doing more of those exclusive content for you let's take a look at the price right now 1.277 trillion for the cryptocurrency market cap billions tens of billions of dollars are missing right now and more than a trillion from our all-time high in the crypto space no wonder right now everything is absolutely falling like a manhole cover from the sky right bitcoin at thirty one thousand two hundred plus and ethereum at eighteen hundred plus right now cardano at a dollar eighteen and xrp at 59 cents ladies and gentlemen looks like we're bleeding going into the weekend we see the price right now at 0.5930 the low range is almost 59 cents flat the upper range is at 6187 we will keep an eye on that going forward let's go ahead and get into the news it starts right here with coindesk square we'll create a new business focused on creating an open developer platform to make it easier to provide non-custodial that's right d5 baby decentralized financial services the company ceo jack tweeted how about that one it's coming everybody and this is a reminder here we went over this but take a look at the macro what's going on finance is not authorized to operate in italy now we've seen this and it is obvious that there is a global effort we saw the uk we know that the united states of more than a year or so ago told us we had to get off binance malta and then binance u.s was created and now we have the ceo brian brooks at binance us so it does appear that there's a global effort here more on that in a moment in the united kingdom's financial conduct authority our version of finra and fincen and the sec combined i would say created an 11 million pound 15.2 million dollar digital marketing campaign to warn citizens about the risk associated with crypto investments shout out to bankrupt for that one they don't want you in and i feel like yes that is true until they get it worked out with the legacy firms investment banks and banks traditional banks where and broker dealers that you would go to get this stuff and that's when i think the floodgates are really going to open we may be closer to that than any of us realize let's take a look here because this is a paper that's out for the chinese yuan looks like they're i guess you know version of a white paper i've gone through this lightly and i will provide this for you guys in the comment and description section so you can take a look at it here things are moving on an international global effort here believe it or not this is a great comment from mr mclean he said this narrative cracking down on kryptos and stable coins is clearly globally coordinated with that being said is it too much of a conspiracy theory to believe that they all are coordinating a new monetary system asking for a friend nailed it i think that's exactly right i think this is much bigger than just introducing an emerging digital asset class yes that is part of it but when you look at the cbdc development of 85 percent of the world's central banks are in fact in some sort of position of launching testing of piloting a digital central bank dollar for their country that tells me in fact that absolutely this is correct and when you look at the exchanges and finance certainly in the crosshairs and that elmer number no fud xrp down here says it too firmly believed that binance is caught in these crosshairs and i believe that's exactly right we've said that on this channel too i think they're being made an example of just like potentially going forward in the future we may see tether also come up we know that stable coins in general are being looked at harshly and sharply by jerome powell the fed as well all of this leads me to understand that not only are we introducing a new digital asset class to the world but we're also working towards going to a new monetary system globally as well don't believe it i think it's still true and here's some evidence right here that is clear speculation but check this out because there's a lot here when you start scratching and snipping nava quamfy thank you and xrpi thank you for sending this to me quantum xrp what we're looking at here is the digital pound foundation limited oh really i'm going to read this to you and it's new so we don't know a lot about it so as we speculate on what this may or may not be and why am i not following nava and now i am i confirmed that the company is wound up while i am a member or within one year after i cease to be a member i will continue to the ass could i will contribute to the assets of the company by such amount as maybe required payments of debt liabilities of a company contracted before i ceased to be a member payments of cost charges and expenses of winding up and adjustments of right of the contributors among ourselves not exceeding this specified amount below and then it shows here electro neum and it shows billion financial ltd and then it says co buzzicot llp we'll get into this stuff here in a second and then we have obviously the british pound quant network right um and it's showing one british pound basically here so it's like just enough to open this license i would imagine is what it's looking like and ripple labs ladies and gentlemen along with the quant network right this is really interesting stuff here now let's take a look so we know electro neum right is a cryptocurrency with a huge genuine usage via our world ecosystem it allows you to use it everywhere it's an app you know what's going on here i think you get it then looking here we see buzzicot is trusted for the experience we have the specialisms we understand the relationship we build and the values we live by they are an accounting firm they are also associated with a much larger company buzzer cop we trusted our experience specialisms to find our clients to be partner we could trust we blend pragmatism front line experience insightful knowledge industry leader nearly 450 of us work cooperatively with specialist teams under one roof to tailor make solutions for you and obviously it talks about being a member firm of prime go global here which for which the largest internet one of the largest international accounting associations in the world they accommodate or combine their personalized approach with multinational support across 90 countries and the other one on here as we see is c and this ties in everything here so we know sia targa targets interoperability for banks and blockchains with over ledger this is back in june 5th of 2019 but just tying all this in because quant and xrp are certainly interoperable in fact i think it was something i heard a long time ago where you could run a xrp validator node and earn quant i think it is or something of that nature but anyway they're interoperable quant network started uh in 2015 last month was named as gartner cool vendor in blockchain technology for 2019 one of its main products is atlas a cross-border open banking solution which is powered by over ledger over ledger blockchain solution currently supports enterprise blockchains running on hyperledger corda jpm morgan's quorum ethereum ripple as well as two permissionless blockchains how about that one right now let's go back to here because we're trying to sort this out and obviously this is relatively uh new so we're trying to find out what's going on here and anybody that knows anything help us out here you know chip in you know so let's take a look here and listen to this really quickly quant are working with in talks with numerous central banks such as bank of england as shown below we know bank of england is also a partner for many years now with ripple head of technology at the bank of england in this hyper-ledger trade finance call listen to this which is a network of networks of blockchain which is an interesting uh product tech company on vale's network of networks solve blockchain's interoperability issue for trade so this is a firm called quant network uh that have launched a product called overledger now i had a preview of this from one of the people from quant a few weeks ago before their uh their headline presentation at cyboss okay so this is quite an interesting product the idea is it creates common language that sits across different blockchain networks and there you have it and that's where the interoperability comes in here what's interesting about this is when we go past and show you that quant and all of them and quant obviously working with sia which is tied into 570 banks to work with sepa right payment system there in the uk and other places and what's interesting about this is when i pull this up on the government uk site here for companies looks like their sec kind of pulled the pull the company up and i start going down this thing you know it's interesting because susan friedman is in this company officers list that's really really interesting to me because susan freeman if it's the same one is the head of public policy for ripple and we know obviously ripple is listed here so it looks as if susan freeman may be representing ripple's interest in this digital pound foundation limited now the question i have to ask is and i'm speculating obviously with anyone who can help we appreciate it but the question i have to ask here is is this somehow some kind of like digital dollar project foundation you know kind of thing what like chris john carlos doing here is this more of a payment consortium just like we see with hyper ledger and things of that nature but it's much more focused to the uk in the pound or is this some kind of foundation that is to organize what is to happen here for ripple piloting a private ledger for central banks which would include bank of england and part of this pretty interesting stuff what's going on out here you know i don't know about you but you could choose to look at price and what's going on or you could choose to look at the fundamentals today and here's some more fundamentals wrath the conman here now this is not speculation new ripple partner brac banks 2020 annual report notes that they're planning to launch a blockchain based remittance gateway in a partnership with ripple black bank bangladesh was formed to reach the unbank focusing on small medium enterprises smes there it is right there if you're not following wrath of common i would i would follow them yeah i really would there you have it so a little bit of speculation on what may be to come and here is absolutely no speculation about what's already coming and this is pretty amazing stuff now let's go ahead and change gears and get to the case that went on yesterday shout out to john deaton and crypto law here i tell you the sec is throwing deliberative privilege over everything they don't want to share and judge netburn should not be surprised if it happens over scope of headman's deposition it goes on but let's go ahead and quickly move now to jeremy hogan's thoughts on this too and it says here uh first of all he's replying to john deaton who says i've said multiple times judge netburn is one of the sharpest judges i've listened to for reference i've appeared before a hundred different judges in my legal career both in federal and state courts john dean's no joke and neither is jeremy hogan he said during the hearing judge netburn acknowledged you yes you all of you he's saying in her ruling and me too she mentioned the significant public interest which is you each and every one of you in the case is one reason why this was an exceptional case and a basis for the hindman deposition that's right ladies and gentlemen the phone line was maxed out at 4k again congrats to all of you because william hinman is to sit for that definite that deposition now let's go ahead and take a look here at a clip from jeremy hogan's most recent video of legal briefs and by the way not only is he a brilliant attorney he is brilliantly funny and watch the whole thing even though we don't have time to today i'm going to take you to this time marker here and give you the run and the and uh the final thoughts here pretty much so what i'm saying is a little conspiracy theorist ish which i'm not by nature but even thinking about appealing this order suggests to me that the sec is desperate the smacks of desperation for this deposition to not go forward why exactly they are desperate i do not know but there is something there that is just not normal bad but really really bad but here's the caveat to that ripple probably doesn't know exactly what the sec is hiding maybe they do but after today i don't think so and the bad news is that judge netburn is going to be very restrictive on the scope of what ripple can ask about she was unusually clear at the end of the hearing when i think she was getting a little pissed off at everyone that what makes the case exceptional is the speech and maybe what led up to the speech what i'm saying is that there is something to be unearthed here and the question is will ripple be able to unearth it now i don't well and that is the question right because we have to wonder if william hammond will plead to fifth we have to wonder if which could be looked on as negative i do understand that if he were to do so but we have to wonder too the deliberative uh what john deaton had called it here let me go back uh let me see i think it's right here uh deliberative privilege over everything is what the sec is going to continue to try to do it looks like as well so we'll have to see what is yielded from a william hinman deposition but one thing we don't have to wonder about is whether that's going to happen or not judge netburn ruled yesterday that william hinman will sit for a deposition and in large part because of all of us and the uniqueness of his speech that he gave well this gets more interesting by the day ladies and gentlemen and i'll say this because i'm 12 years short of a law degree but i can tell you this to jeremy hogan's point there is a very big reason why the sec does not want william himman to say anything or be questioned anything about the remarks that he made in a speech or any kind of communication that he's had with anyone about ethereum in his time while being at the sec i can only hope if this doesn't actually come out that the power of making him sit for the deposition pushes pushes us all closer to a resolution in this case albeit a settlement or a summary judgment that's going to do it for me make sure you hit the like and subscribe leave a comment below remember link to ladies and gentlemen private investing made simple ripple the stuff goes so quick this stuff goes so quick i tell you look boom just like that it was there and now it's gone it's unbelievable uphold boom gone just like that there was a ton of that there yesterday on uphold and it's gone but there's still link to kraken's back on the board so many other products out here ladies and gentlemen make sure you check them out if you're not accredited make sure you do the process to see if you are accredited and if you aren't hang in there regardless of what the price is today i believe there's going to come a moment that most people hearing this message are in fact going to become accredited because of our portfolios that we've been building through this long cold bear market for which i don't believe we are in anymore let's get some regulation let's get some legislation matter of fact follow me on the next video because we're about to talk about that next big big bill being proposed by tom emmer it could change the game for all of us i'll catch all of you on the next one

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