Ripple/XRP-Wells Fargo-Economic Liquidity Crisis Incoming,SEC vs Ripple Fallout Could Bottlneck XRP

welcome back to the show everybody we got a great one lined up for you today we're going to talk about the impact of the economy and the liquidity crisis that is upon us believe it or not even if you're not feeling it you better beware wells fargo has given us signs now we're going to get into that inflation as well g20 imf world bank the market cap a crypto what could happen to the price the sec ripple lawsuit and so so so much more let's go ahead and roll that beautiful intro this is digital perspectives with brad kimes subscribe for new content notifications now here's brad kinds come on in [Music] welcome back to the show everybody you can follow me on twitter at backup bradley above and everything that we're talking about here today and what we're talking about right now is the money that's missing from crypto how's this look at this a sea of red everything currently falling like a manhole cover from the sky uh it's at this point i want to remind everybody that you know this is a speculative market use case utility is not driving this market or primarily any one of these assets and that's what i'm waiting for for xrp and the other assets that i hold as well now let's go ahead and take a look at where xrp is at the number seven spot courtesy of the dereliction of duty and intimidation tactics by the sec but let's see how that works out because we got a deposition coming up we're going to get into that in a little bit too and some other things like what the effect of price could be based on what comes out of all of that so looking right now we're 0.5697 for the price of xrp we are ranging on the low end from that price to the high side of 5924 so we are well out of the 60 cent range you know we've talked about this a lot the technical analysts and the experts that look at the charts that we uh refer to on this channel have told us many many times that the longer of the price sits at a resistance level which was at 65 66 cents several days ago the more chance you have of the price rolling over down to a lower support 55 is that next support line if we fall through that we could be looking at 45 and possibly going back down eventually into that range of the 30 cent range which we live for so so long hopefully we don't but we see there's more sign of the price falling here now we will keep an eye on it head on a swivel but while that's happening let's focus on the fundamental news because the fundamental news is ultimately what makes the chart go nuts right and obviously they're spirit animals too you know but i love the fact that we can focus on fundamentally what is happening out here in the market and the conventional markets and the economy itself we're going to get into that in a second so you know bond crypt xrp hall of famer says large xrp transactions are surging two leading xrp wallets moved approximately 124 million coins recently when i look at this you don't get much more details than that but why is so much it says here leading xrp addressed moved for 84.3 million coins to an unknown wallet the total value of the mentioned transaction stands at around 50 million transaction was recorded by and it says in a separate transfer around 40 million xrp coins worth over 23 million dollars were moved from a crypto wallet to the digital exchange binance which is interesting it's like what is going on with all of this right i mean i really wish we knew there's not much more definitive information here so i'm not going to read the rest of the article to you we've got a lot to go over today so looking here now this is why i tell you about link to private equity breaking new ipo details from robin hood app including a valuation of 35 billion dollars and an ipo price in the range of 38 to 42 bucks the company's road show begins this week according to leslie picker reports on cnbc now this is why i always show you this right here ladies and gentlemen yes you have to be an accredited investor which means if my memory serves me right you have to either make 250 000 a year for two years consecutively or you have to make 300 000 a year between you and your spouse two years consecutively don't hold me to it but i think that's true or have a million dollars worth of assets in your portfolio now if you think that that is a high height bar let me tell you something the link to has done everything they can to make this as available to all of us as possible this is not their rules this is the sec finra guidelines they can't change them but what i do know is i show you this in a manner of forward thinking if you're not accredited because eventually i believe the market will stop being read and i believe we will get regulation and legislation that we need that will not stifle innovation and i believe the market will begin to move forward and change at some point from a speculative market to use case utility and that's where my portfolio hopefully and hopefully all of yours that are hearing this experience an incredible rush of gains my speculation not financial advice but if it does then we all become accredited at some point or make it much easier for us to become accredited and if so then we have a chance to experience that i remember coinbase was on this platform as private equity sold for uh 32 bucks and then ipo'd for almost 400 so that's the kind of the the gains that you can experience in private equity if you're able to get in so i always like to be forward thinking i know more people are not accredited than are but don't take it off the table all right looking right here we are swapping one addiction for another this is a great little write up here from it's talking about trouble in river city is what we're talking about here uh this is talking about the whole idea and understanding of the liquidity crisis wells fargo and the repo market sounds the alarm very quickly if you don't understand what the repo market is the repo market is the overnight lending market wholesale for banks to borrow from one another they have requirements and regulations that require them every day at the end of business day to do whatever they need to to make their back their books balanced by next business day in order to do that banks borrow from each other in the wholesale repo market now for over two years now there has been a gap in the lending to cover that situation so the fed has come in to cover the gap now just a few days ago we covered that there was 900 billion dollar gap overnight which means the banks with money and the banks without money each end of business day don't want to lend to each other because they can feel that moment coming when the bank you lend to can't pay it bank back that's what we're talking about here and it says from debt binge to credit crunch this is exactly what happened back in 0809 everybody went and got that new style nuevo mortgage right and then what happened everybody got the deferred you know variable rate for three to five years and then when people started to welch on the banks with their mortgage notes and the foreclosures started they raised the credit criteria for which you could get a loan which meant that the people in good faith that were holding on to a variable rate for three to five years now don't qualify for the fixed rate they intended to lock the interest or mortgage rate into and then they went belly up because they couldn't handle what was had to be paid when you deferred the interest off the front end of the mortgage loan that's in a nutshell that's what happened and blackrock came in and bought up every all the real estate a large part of it at 40 to 60 percent off right from fair market value and then turn around sold to everybody for the last several years and here we are again it's very cyclical what we're witnessing it says here risk assets namely stocks bonds and real estate hello if you're looking for where the correction in the market will be wells fargo just told you uh you know people say but the stock market's still going up oh okay yeah that happened back in 0809 too i was a real estate appraiser and i was working for a company doing uh appraisals and guess what the housing values were constantly going up at the same time we were starting to watch foreclosures come in economists surveyed by cnbc say they expect strong growth and higher inflation to be a part of the landscape for at least the next four quarters both peaking in q2 this is the outcome of what happens when you print too much money right this is going to be an effect from too much money printing and we're also going to be dealing with an enormous amount of probably huge correction in the market and probably a huge correction in the real estate market for foreclosures that may come i don't want to see any of this happen by the way i do not want to see any of this happen but this rhymes awful lot like 0-809 so this is a big deal here because we want to stay focused on where we're going i covered this over friday and the weekend when this came out but we need to stay focused on what's going on here it is the proposed bill it's a bipartisan bill the securities clarity act and this is tom emmer representative darren soto and rokhana and they have bipartisan support here yes it's in the house and yes it needs to go to the senate and pass there and then signed at the president's desk we all know how it works right but the reality is it's very simple it is such a simple bill from what this appears to be laid out here that really what this does is amazing in the regard that it just separates the clarity for the sec to get back in its lane it just says they believe these are in fact these digital assets are always and have always been commodities now with that being said what they do is the legislation solidifies the status of any asset sold as the object of an investment contract a term with more than 75 years of jurisprudence by proposing a new definition which is investment contract asset this little separation would put the sec back in its own lane because the problem we have right now is that the sec looks at an investment contract and these assets are not looked at as separate which this would clarify and do this looks a lot like the traditional approach to commodities market and the products that are sold on top of the underlying assets so if you have gold and you have the actual physical gold which is uh regulated by the cftc and then you have all the products sold on top of it call options future swaps those kinds of things it's important to understand that the sec actually regulates those paper products that are sold on top of the asset i like this because it gives us the simple clarity between digital assets and an investment contract and if they pass it soon enough the judge may able may be even able to lay on this as part of her decision making to be honest with you and that would be amazing for the ripple sec case because there is a clear clear line between the investment contract and the asset underneath of the contract itself this to me is so simple and so clear uh that this could be exactly what we need to get the sec back in its own lane not stifle innovation and watch this market go incredible doesn't mean it's the only thing we need but it's certainly hugely promising here the imf world bank and bis recommend countries work together on central bank digital currencies to enhance the new fourth industrial revolution and the new financial payment system central bank digital currencies are going to happen this is not an opinion it is happening and you know what we know that ripple has a private ledger for central banks built off of the xrp ledger open source technology we also know that they're continuing to hire senior managers to bring together the ripple x developer team with central banks to help them on board to the xrp ledger private ledger for central bank digital currencies so they can launch their own how about that one you think any of this is mutually exclusive to the fact that the economy is about to take a huge dump i don't i don't at all federal judge let's change gears this is dj peter vass another hall of famer here federal judge allows ripple to question former sec director in xrp lawsuit stay with me here you know uh what's interesting about all of this is what will he say and i'm going to get right to this part here in this where we talk about william hinman being deposed and we know that there is a possibility he may be a difficult witness we know for a fact that he has made some very very questionable decisions and remarks concerning ethereum in the early days saying it was his personal opinion that ethereum was not a security which is quite baffling on its own and then the sec and william hinman at his time there and jay clayton began to take the position of those personal point of views and regulate from the sec chair as if that was the sec's decision and they even used verbiage that expressed it was the sec's opinion after that original speech that he gave now the lawsuit sent waves of volatility across trading venues when it first came out which obviously uh good for brokers however we immediately saw restricting coming in from some of those lps liquidity providers exchanges de-listing xrp and us having to adjust our risk accordingly and that really has been the fallout since the case what's been the big impact here well certainly on ripple and their customers unsure about what is going to come of this suit and the asset itself i certainly believe we get out of this thing and they pay some fines and we move forward and the customers for ripple can begin to really go to the full-scale intended use of the asset at that point but the reality here for me is is that u.s retailers have been sidelined greatly that's one of the real real byproducts so far is all of this to take place and sideline us greatly so eventually we can be back full on with xrp offered everywhere or will it change for us and how we will be able to get the asset going forward after the settlement summary judgment end of the court case what have you fortunately we were able to maintain tight price uh pricing mostly due to our technology which allows markets participants to act as price makers and thus ensure good liquidity levels said miss zakarova but the market is clearly following the lawsuit and william hyman deposition on july 27th which is the day before july 28th where the sec has to put forth their wish list on what they want to see for crypto regulations to elizabeth warren and the rest of congress so key event as ripple looks to gain leverage against securities exchange commission in order to get the best settlement deal and possibly expose the agency's missteps which they've been doing a great job thereof the best possible deal however may still be bittersweet as the settlement could include listen certain restrictions that would bottleneck the flow of xrp according to attorney jeremy hogan and i'm inclined to agree with him there is a possibility that we could see a lock up for three months 90 days you know 120 days and you may not see any of that you may see a decision made in that settlement where it is now no longer available to the secondary market where you and i go get it off of exchanges and it ends up being a situation where it is a accredited investor to an institutional level product that it has to be purchased with and then it may be turned around and offered through a broker-dealer situation there are many things that could happen here and i'm just saying these things so we can all remain open-minded to what the outcome may or may not be the human deposition could also put pressure on each depending on what truths come to light besides what is already known including the sec revisiting the nature of ether if it is a security or not according to mr hogan the danger rating of eth and e2 being securities is quite high and with that being said if you haven't seen this video from over the weekend please go check it out there is a couple people out here technical analysts that certainly believe that there is a possibility of a 20 plus dollar xrp at the end of the trial and if we see the end of a trial and immediate adoption of the token xrp for full-scale intended use we could even see a rush up to 240 dollars for the asset itself so this gets pretty exciting as we move forward watching all of this unfold one thing i do know as hard it as it has been to go through this process and watch what's happening with ripple and xrp i think however this ends my personal opinion not financial advice i think we are better for going through this process once this is done however this shakes out as far as i'm concerned as far as i can understand all of this ripple and xrp will be the most vetted company and asset in the entire digital asset space and i ask you this one question alone what do you think that will do for price that's going to do it for me make sure you hit the like and subscribe leave a comment below share with somebody you know and make sure you hit that notification bell too so you don't miss a thing check out all the links in the description box and the comment section they are trusted vetted links of products and services i use each and every day there may be something in there for you as well i'll catch all of you on the next one

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