Ripple XRP: We Are NOW At The Final Of This SHOW! (It’s Coming FAST!)

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Now, back to today’s topic, we will rev those   engines with this tweet from @XrpMr 
that says, “That’s the difference!”   He shares these two images wherein one; there 
is Pump right there holding a Bitcoin Pizza box   while on the other hand, he shares an article 
published by Ripple saying, ‘Ripple Launches   On-Demand Liquidity with SBI Remit To Accelerate 
and Grow Cross Border Payments from Japan.’   I hope you all can see the difference between 
the two because it’s right there before our eyes.  Moving on from that, we have another tweet 
from @Djevans71 that says, “@Neloangelo314   the adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies is 
Inevitable- Bank of America” What does this mean,   guys? The adoption of CBDCs will come fast, 
and the majority won’t even see it coming   even though we have been giving you all these 
heads up.

CBDCs are up on the horizon and could   launch any time now. But where is the catalyst 
to collapse the current financial system? That’s   definitely the blackouts and the cyber-attacks.
Now we have yet another interesting tweet here   from @Ripple that says, “Announcing our newest 
On-Demand Liquidity corridor in (drumroll please…)   JAPAN!” In fact, if we look at this article posted 
on, we can see that Ripple has   announced the blockchain company’s first On-Demand 
Liquidity (ODL) service implementation in Japan,   thus setting the stage to drive more adoption 
of crypto-enabled services in the Asia Pacific.  By leveraging the digital asset XRP to eliminate 
pre-funding, the two companies can also free   up capital and accelerate the expansion of 
their own payment’s businesses. SBI Remit,   the largest money transfer provider in Japan and 
a subsidiary of Ripple shareholder SBI Holdings,   has gone live with Ripple’s ODL as part of 
a project for remittance payments from Japan   to the Philippines. The firm has teamed up with 
mobile payments service and digital asset   exchange platform SBI VC Trade to provide faster, 
more affordable remittance options for customers.  The partnership addresses the high demand for 
affordable remittance services for the Filipino   diaspora, one of the largest in the world.

migrants look to send money home to support   family members, and the flow from Japan to the 
Philippines has grown to $1.8 billion per year.   Japan (10.50 per cent) has one of the 
highest remittance costs in the world:   almost twice as much as the average of all the 
G8 countries (5.92 per cent), said Ripple, who   helps remittance services to leverage the digital 
asset XRP to eliminate pre-funding, thus freeing   up capital to accelerate their own expansion.
Nobuo Ando, Representative Director of SBI Remit,   said: “We see tremendous potential in leveraging 
blockchain technology to transform not only the   way payment transactions are made but in how we 
manage our business by unlocking trapped capital.   The launch of ODL in Japan is just the start, 
and we look forward to continuing to push into   the next frontier of financial innovation, beyond 
real-time payments in just the Philippines, but   to other parts of the region as well.” Ripple and 
SBI Holdings have established a joint venture, SBI   Ripple Asia, to introduce XRP-powered remittance 
services across the region, having recently   launched the product in Cambodia and Vietnam.
In the meantime, the SEC v.

Ripple lawsuit   has had a major development: the deposition 
of ex-SEC Director of Corporation Finance,   William Hinman. Despite the public interest 
being one of the reasons why Judge Sarah   Netburn allowed for the sworn testimony of 
the former high-ranking government official,   the deposition was not a public hearing. His 
statements will likely be used in Ripple’s   Motion for Summary Judgment on Fair Notice.
Far from that, we have another tweet from   @bgarlinghouse where he tweeted saying, “Hugely 
excited about our newest ODL corridor— Japan is   one of our largest markets. With regulatory 
clarity and innovative partners like SBI,   the region is ready for a crypto-enabled future.” 
I bet the SEC must be panicking to see all this,   and that’s why they have been silent. If 
you have all noticed, Brad Garlinghouse is   more active on Twitter recently. It’s almost 
impossible for him to mask his excitement.  We also have this other interesting tweet from 
@Cryptocwby that says, “Instant cross-border   payments with zero prefunding and no 
Nostro accounts… in the near future,   most global payments will work like this.” As we 
all know, we are now in the finale of this show,   and we XRP holders are right there at the 
front seat watching the scenes unfold.  Another tweet here from @RepTomEmmer says, 
“Bottom Line: trying to offset the infrastructure   package’s out-of-control spending on the backs of 
everyday crypto investors and innovators will do   nothing but leave our country in the dust.” Tom 
Emmer is a great supporter of Ripple and XRP.   In fact, he once spoke with Brad Garlinghouse 
and said that XRP is truly the one.

As we   all can see from his tweet right here, if America 
doesn’t implement the CBDCs and doesn’t use XRP   even with the true potential, it has shown 
time, and again, their country will be left   in the dust. They might fool us into thinking 
they are unbothered, but they know this too,   and soon they will swoop in.
We have yet another tweet here from   @bgarlinghouse that says, “I’m encouraged by 
this morning’s Senate Banking hearing that   members of Congress are looking to understand 
the nuances within crypto- a far cry from just   a few years ago when some thought crypto is 
just a fad or mostly for criminals. 1/4.”  He goes further to say that, “I’m also encouraged 
by bipartisan efforts to provide much-needed   regulatory frameworks to an industry that is 
by and large looking to work with policymakers,   not against them.

As I have said before, all 
blockchains and cryptos should not be painted   with a single broad brush. 2/4.”
“Like any technology of currency,   crypto & blockchain can be used for good 
or bad. To discount the real use cases   for billions globally (cross-border/micro 
payments, tokenization, instant settlement,   transparency, to name a few) because of 
the actions of a few is shortsighted. 3/4”  “As @senwarren has recognized, our current 
banking and payment systems need improvement.   Crypto and blockchain were originally created to 
provide access to those who have consistently been   left out, and many companies are using this 
tech for precisely that purpose. 4/4.” Now,   I want you to remember that 99.9% of these coins 
will vanish away. But XRP will be here to stay and   will be the heart of the new financial system.
Now, as we wind up today’s video, we have this   tweet from @XRPisOurFuture that says, “I guess 
we will never know!” @VitalikButerin #XRP.” He   further shares a video from 
that talks about Ripple and XRP.

The video   says that of all the crypto projects out there, 
Ripple is the one that continues to turn heads.   Yet, like all other digital assets, Ripple 
and XRP are often a source of confusion,   mystery and speculation. The video clears 
the picture by discussing ten things that   everyone gets wrong about Ripple and XRP. Starting 
with fact number 10, the video discusses that the   Ripple project is actually older than Bitcoin.
Well, I bet this is not something that many   people knew, but the original implementation 
of Ripple was created by Ryan Fugger in 2004.   That’s, in fact, four years before the first 
Bitcoin was mined. Also, we are further told   that in 2013 before Vitalik Buterin created 
Ethereum, he wrote an article for Bitcoin Magazine   praising the Ripple project. He stated, 
‘Altogether, what Ripple has accomplished is   impressive. With Ripple, we have a way of sending, 
receiving, and holding any currency- not just one   specific cryptocurrency- in a decentralized way.’
He further stated that ‘The fact that Bitcoin now   has a strong and compelling alternative makes it 
clearer than ever that the idea of cryptocurrency   as a whole is here to stay.’ A quick fun fact is 
that Vitalik Buterin was going to work for Ripple   but had difficulty securing a Visa to 
work in the United States.

Can you imagine   Ripple and Vitalik working hand in hand to create 
the next big cryptocurrency? I guess we’ll never   know what could have been! With that in mind 
let’s take a look at the price action of XRP!  Now we are looking at the weekly XRPUSD chart. 
If the price maintains above the 0.51-0.68 range,   we expect the uptrend to continue.
However, the 0.71-0.88 section is expected   to create a new wave if it rises and breaks 
through an important volume profile section.  If it declines from the 0.51 point, there is 
a possibility of entering the mid-to-long-term   investment zone, so you need to trade cautiously.
If we look at the weekly XRPBTC chart, and if   it rises in the 653 Satoshi-2413 Satoshi 
section, which is the bottom box section,   it is expected to turn into an uptrend.
In particular, if the price is maintained   above the 4264 Satoshi point, it is expected to 
create a new wave.

As always trade safely guys!  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor. All videos on this channel   are intended for entertainment purposes only. 
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