Ripple XRP: We Are About To Make MILLIONS Of Cash From XRP! (It’s Up On The HORIZON!)

XRP is about to take a complete turnaround. This coin will ultimately take the top spot
in a matter of minutes, and it will likely happen overnight. Without a doubt, everyone has been waiting
for this moment, but now it’s up on the horizon. XRP has had a rough time in the last couple
of minutes, but it’s all about to end. We will be discussing what will happen in
this video and so much more. So, pop some popcorns and do no touch that
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To my Money Side family, welcome back. Don’t forget to hit the like button if you
enjoyed this video. We are getting closer, and we are about to
make millions of cash from XRP. This coin will go to the moon the minute this
case by the SEC is settled. Jeremy Hogan, a renowned lawyer who’s been
following up on what is happening with XRP Vs. SEC lawsuit. He suggests that we might be close to the
end of this case because, chances are, both parties are working on a settlement that will
happen soon.

Another tweet that caught our attention is
this one by @BabaCugs. The tweet states,
‘Who Is Ready to See a Bunch of People A) Pretend Like They Knew Riddler’s Were
Real B) Pretend They’ve Owned XRP This Entire Time
C) Exaggerate The Size of Their XRP Bags Enjoy The Show
You’ll Like What Happens Next’ Currently, so many people are waiting for
the bullish trend to happen before they can even enter into the trade. But that shouldn’t be the case. You will have already lost a lot from waiting
out on the bullish trend to appear before investing. The best time to start trading is now. When the currency is still at its initial
stages, that’s before it goes bullish. Unfortunately, when this coin starts to move
up, many people will claim that they are Ripplers and believed in the coin from the beginning. Some of them will even pretend that they have
XRPs, while in the real sense, they only bought in once the coin started going bullish. XRP is the currency of the century, and so
many factors tell us that.

Ripple has been making partnerships with influencing
players from all over the world. The company went above and beyond to ensure
they are always working within the confines of the law. But SEC seems to have some hidden agenda,
and that’s why this court case was absurd from the get-go. We all believe there’s something that the
SEC is trying to do that we’ve not discovered yet. That is why they don’t want to release the
documents containing how they came up with the concept that BTC and ETH are not securities. Either way, Ripple hasn’t stopped for anyone,
and the company continues to solidify its future.

With that in mind, Ripple even posted their
recent market report. ‘Ripple publishes the quarterly XRP Markets
Report to voluntarily provide transparency and regular updates on the company’s views
on the state of crypto generally including the XRP market, such as quarterly sales updates,
relevant XRP-related announcements and commentary on previous quarter market developments. As an XRP holder, Ripple believes proactive
communication and transparency are part of being a responsible stakeholder. Moreover, Ripple urges others in the industry
to build trust, foster open communication and raise the bar, industry-wide. There was no shortage of events that were
reported to contribute to market volatility in Q2 — notably ransomware attacks, environmental
concerns, Elon Musk’s tweets and regulatory scrutiny, among others. The second quarter of 2021 saw significant
increases in crypto market capitalization followed by a steady decrease.

During the larger market period, which lasted
396 days (Feb 2020 – April 2021), total crypto market capitalization increased 15-fold. However, beginning April 22, prices eventually
decreased by over 20%. Some countries took sweeping action firmly
supporting or denouncing the use of cryptocurrencies. On one hand, El Salvador passed a law making
bitcoin legal tender, making it the first country to do so. Chinese regulators, on the other hand, reportedly
shut down mining operations across the country citing concerns over environmental impact
and tightened restrictions on financial institutions from providing crypto-related services. These actions resulted in a drop in hashrate
and increased bearish sentiment. Although the jury is still out on whether
“price follows hashrate” or “hashrate follows price”, there is correlation between
the two. During the most recent bear market, bitcoin’s
hashrate dropped 50% from its highs which correlated to the decrease in bitcoin price
over the period. Finally, markets were also impacted by growing
fears of inflation. Just in June, the U.S. consumer price index
increased 5.4% which was the biggest monthly gain since August 2008.’ And that’s not all! Ripple also gave its audience an update on
what is currently happening in the court and the state of regulatory clarity.

In this article, Ripple states,
Last quarter, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority extended its end date of a temporary licensing
regime for existing crypto businesses to March 2022. The extension allows crypto firms to operate
while the regulator continues to assess and approve applications. Similarly, several top crypto players have
been operating under a grace period in Singapore while license applications are being processed
under a clear licensing regime through the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Meanwhile, in the U.S., many pointed out the
need for consumer protection and clarity to drive healthy markets, but regulators continued
to fail to provide clear guidance for market participants as the popularity for cryptocurrencies
skyrocketed. The case is in the discovery phase — the
process of exchanging information, including documents and taking deposition testimony.

Fact discovery is currently scheduled to be
completed on August 31 followed by expert discovery which is scheduled to close on October
15, 2021. Ripple opposed the SEC’s request to extend
these dates 60 days from the original deadlines and will continue to do everything it can
to move the case along as expeditiously as possible. The Court agreed — for the third time — that
Ripple is entitled to certain internal SEC documents. The Court denied the SEC’s request that
it be granted access to Ripple’s privileged communications with its attorneys. The Court found that the proper focus of Ripple’s
“fair notice defense” is on “the SEC’s failure to provide fair notice to the market
about the Commission’s state of mind as to whether XRP qualified as a security.” The Judge’s full opinion can be found here.’ Another piece of this article is the future
of XRP and Tokenization.

Ripple says,
The widespread use of digital assets to represent ownership of assets on a blockchain — or,
tokenization — is transforming how people buy, sell, track and manage assets of all
kinds from art and real estate to intellectual property, equities and supply chain goods. With over 5,000 tokens issued since its inception,
the XRP Ledger was designed with a decentralized exchange and characteristics to handle all
types of currencies or assets efficiently, sustainably and at low cost. Ripple announced its investment in Mintable,
an NFT marketplace that allows users to seamlessly create, buy, and sell digital items using
fiat or cryptocurrency. NFTs have the long-term potential to accelerate
the creator economy, inspire new business models and open access to broader participation
in the modern financial system.

The gaming industry is ahead of the curve. In 2020 alone, gaming saw consumers spend
a collective $54 billion on virtual goods to own, trade and sell — and this is only
the beginning. With plans for XRP Ledger integration, Mintable
is unlocking mass consumer adoption of crypto and allowing potentially billions of NFTs
to be minted, bought and transferred in a sustainable, cost-effective way. In addition, RippleX proposed functionality
that would provide enhanced NFT support on the XRP Ledger at lower cost and allow developers
to leverage auction functionality on its decentralized exchange.

As Europe continues to be a key market, Ripple
announced its appointment of Sendi Young as managing director of Europe. A quarter of Ripple’s current customers
are based in Europe, and year to date, European ODL transactions grew by 250% in comparison
to 2020, making up over 40% of all ODL transactions year to date. In addition, APAC continues to trend positively
with the announcement of Novatti’s use of ODL for instant, cross-border payment focused
on remittances between Australia and the Philippines through the country’s largest non-bank,
Filipino-owned remittance service provider, iRemit.’ This coin’s future is written in stone,
and no one will stop XRP from reaching the top, not even the SEC. That said, this is your time to make more
than a million dollars from the crypto market through XRP. So, stock up on XRP, and let’s wait for
its bullish trend. Now, Let’s take a look the technical guys! We are looking at daily perspective.

Ripple is expanding its popular on-demand
liquidity services in the Asia Pacific region with the launch of the first-ever live ODL
in Japan. Japan is Ripple’s biggest market for remittance
business and its RippleNet technology is quite popular in the region. The ODL services play a key part in the RippleNet
adoption as it allows for cheap and faster cross-border transactions using XRP liquidity. Ripple targets a $1.8 billion Filipino remittance
corridor. Because every year the foreign nationals send
money back home using traditional foreign exchange and money transfer services. Ripple is currently battling out the key lawsuit
filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission that had hampered its business in the US,
however, it continues to forge new partnerships in Asia Pacific Region, especially Japan.

On a logarithmic daily chart, XRP is moving
in an ascending channel. At the moment, the price has approached the
resistance zone. Further growth is expected when 80 cents are
broken and the price is consolidated above. Trade with care guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section
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