Ripple XRP: The SEC Doesn’t Want The Whole WORLD To See This! (This Is INSANE!)

Have you seen the latest news on the XRP vs
SEC lawsuit? Well, it's about to get real juicy today. The court case has severely impacted XRP's
price, and now we are about to witness the end. And that's not all! I also have some excellent news within this
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Let's start here, guys. The SEC refuses to turn over internal BTC,
ETH and XRP documents after Judge Netburn told them twice to turn them over. The regulatory body hasn't produced even a
single document, and we expect the proceedings to be heated. This discovery battle in court isn't so entertaining,
but something new comes up every minute. What do you think is in those documents that
the SEC doesn't want the court or the whole world to see? I'm sure there must be something shady for
them to refuse to produce them.

Jeremy Hogan also agrees with public opinion. The judge is literally saying that the SEC
should hand over the documents, but they don't want to. Now, I can't wait to see the judge's response
to this action. Before then, the SEC has requested more time
to conduct discovery, but as @XRP Power points out, it isn't easy to ask for time while at
the same time refusing to turn over relevant documents already ordered by the court.

Even a patient and courteous Judge like Netburn
has her limits. Whoa! That's a lot. Netburn will lose it when she realizes that
the SEC is trying to avoid producing these documents. They are protecting it with everything they
got. And, for sure, soon, this regulatory body
will run out of excuses to give to the court. By now, they should have already produced
these documents, which will show how they came up with the conclusion that BTC and ETH
are not securities. I mean, that's the whole agenda of this court
case. Why are these two crypto giants described
as not securities while XRP is a security? If they don't produce the documents, we'll
go ahead and assume their grading system is flawed and biased, especially when it comes
to cryptocurrencies.

Something else that's also worth noting is
that Garlinghouse and Larsen are looking for documents from foreign exchanges that show
none to few of the sales on those exchanges were to U.S. Nationals. The issue is the SEC's jurisdiction over sales
to Non-U.S. Nationals. If no jurisdiction, the SEC can't do anything
about them. That could potentially change the case's fate,
especially since there are chances of a settlement coming up soon. Yes, you heard that right! According to @XRP Power, a settlement between
SEC and Ripple could arrive before June 9th, and that's an absolute win if the case goes
in our direction; I mean in favour of Ripple. To be honest, I don't think this court case
was necessary in the first place. Ripple Labs and XRP have a solid mission that
could potentially change the future of cryptocurrencies as we know it, and that's a good cause. The problem is the SEC seems to be grasping
at straws by trying to mount a case against this company. I believe they've all seen the future of XRP
is bright and are trying to slow it down so they can also profit from its move.

Anyway, I'm not here to question how the regulatory
body is conducting its business, but I think this was a bad call on their part. There are virtually thousands of altcoins
in existence today; why did they go for, at the time, the third-largest crypto? I mean, that totally beats logic. But if XRP is ranked as not a security, then
they are in the clear. The SEC only goes after securities according
to its jurisdiction. Well, look at Monero? It's practically invisible in the eyes of
the SEC, yet it's been associated with drug syndicates for years. This case against XRP and Ripple is crucial
because it will be the benchmark on how the SEC will view the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

If they grade XRP as a security, that means
many altcoins will have a lot of trouble coming their way. However, if everything goes according to XRP's
plan and they win, we might witness a significant price jump in this coin. I hope that's the outcome we get because that
could lead to most XRP holders making millions from the price jump. This tweet by Arturo gives us a literal example
of how the SEC is acting in court regarding the lawsuit against Ripple. The regulatory body wants to mount a case
against Ripple, but they don't have any actual evidence. They are asked to submit BTC and ETH documents;
they don't want to. That's absurd if you ask me. Anyway, I hope they get their story straight
and develop the best way to approach this case. I mean, after all, they protect investors,
maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets and facilitate capital formation. That's a pretty slogan, but can they hold
up to it? In other news, Russia's central bank governor
said there is a need for fast, cheap payment systems, and digital currencies can fill that

Which crypto do you think he was talking about? Duh! XRP. XRP and Ripple Labs are the only two entities
that can provide central banks with the right amount of security while at the same time
maintaining fast cross border transactions. This crypto is designed to provide liquidity
to any RippleNet client without the need to pre-funding your capital. That's a win-win situation, especially for
banks since it will give them a seamless transition into the crypto market. If Ripple's mission pulls through, the Whales
will only increase in numbers inside the crypto market. That means there's no chance that the cryptocurrency
world would simply vanish. There's a famous YouTuber who gave his thoughts
about XRP and Ripple, Andrei.

Hand down! I must say his interpretation of the coin
is pretty solid. Talent recognizes talent! But the idea that XRP will go to zero entirely
is not accurate. The concept that Ripple uses the funds of
XRP to provide liquidity is, in fact, genuine. And they actually openly say that to their
customers. The RippleNet uses XRP to provide liquidity
which is still a win-win for any XRP holder. That's because, since XRP has a real-life
value, it carries the potential to increase in price over time. More importantly, XRPs can still exist outside
the realm of blockchain technology which, I must say, is reassuring for any sceptical
investor. However, we can't say the same for other cryptos,
for instance, bitcoin. The crypto-king is, for lack of a better word,
an over-priced virtual gold. Yes, I said it! This coin's price is purely speculative, and
that goes to show it might fall any day. That's why after the announcement by Tesla,
the price of bitcoin tanked like never before. On the other hand, as much as this downtrend
affected XRP, it was not as impactful as what happened to other altcoins.

If you ask me, I believe it's because this
coin has a solid mission and backing. If the world's central banks believe in this
coin, why don't you? Also, did you notice that Andrei, the same
person positively critiquing this coin, also has XRPs in his wallet? Yes, he explains he bought them long ago,
but if the altcoin could potentially decrease in value, why does he still have them? That shows that even if you don't like XRPs,
you can still invest in them because of their mission. Another critical piece of news that I thought
is worth sharing is this tweet by @XRP_Cro. XRP future is to be the bridge currency that
ensures we all get fast transactions across borders with extremely low, or in other terms,
free cost. That's the reason why so many central banks
are already drinking the XRP Kool-Aid.

And also why the entire crypto world is looking
for more information on Ripple and XRP. This coin has proven time and time again that
it's not backing down lightly, and that's why I believe it's worth investing in. If, sorry, when XRP beats all the odds, this
coin will become virtually unstoppable. Anyone who hasn't invested in it will jump
into the rising star, and that will push the price of XRP even higher. Let's face it, the most significant driving
force of the crypto market aside from breaking news is supply and demand. And once the demand for this coin goes up,
so will its price and value. Instead of waiting until the last minute,
why don't you stock up on XRP today and start enjoying the profits? That said, let's take a look at the technical
analysis of this coin. Now we are looking at the 4-hour timeframe

XRPs negative correlation to the other major
cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin increased in the last volatile developments,
these divergences are necessary to distinguish. Technically XRP has now formed this main ascending-triangle-formation
which is normally a reversal formation, within the triangle XRP has already completed the
waves A to D in the structure and is now about to form the wave E in the triangle which will
complete the whole wave-count and therefore also the ascending-triangle-formation. After this is done when XRP closes below the
lower boundary of the formation as it is shown in my chart this will be the setup for the
further continuations to the downside and approaches of the descending-support-line
and the dynamic supports lying there, for now, the bearish scenario should not be underestimated.

You can to look the weekly timeframe , in
meium term, XRP it's leading to $3.47 USD, this it's the historical maximum price on
2017 when XRP went from less of $0. 01 cents to $3.47 USD. Now, XRP going to the moon very soon. But my reccomendation it's that during the
next months, open your eyes in this cryptocurrency, becaue there're a lot specualte news of big
institutionals, federal reserve and government that they'll have a secret plan that the population
don't know. Trade safely guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor.

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