Ripple XRP: The Most EXPLOSIVE News We’ve Had This Month! (Must WATCH!)

What’s up, guys? I hope you are all having a fantastic day. Now, today we have some insane news that I’d
like us to discuss in this video. This is one of the most explosive news we’ve
had this month. So be sure to stick to the end to capture
all the juicy details. But before we proceed, let’s head over to and see how XRP is fairing in the crypto market. As we all can see, the price of XRP today
is $1.26 and has been up by 3.21% over the last 24 hours. We are still in the above one-dollar consolidation
point, but it’s good to see all our progress. With that said, let’s roll that beautiful
intro and dive right into today’s main agenda.

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have this tweet from @nietzbux that says, “So identitii is helping the 11k Swift member
banks update for ISO20022, and they just filed a patent to use XRP in a settlement system
they are creating that overlaps with Swift.” And the patent was filed in the United States! While there is a case going on in the US! That’s how we know this whole Ripple Vs.
SEC lawsuit is just a show. This is a patent for a new system that would
most likely use XRP for bank-to-bank settlement, as that is the coin they cited in the patent. If they actually build this system and use
XRP, it would be a good use case and drive demand. Even with all that has been happening, it’s
either Swift works with XRP, or it vanishes away. But from the look of things now, they will
be working with Ripple and using XRP.

This is something we just can’t make up! Yet another tweet from @nietzbux says, “Going
through this patent is wild. There are examples of HSBC UK settling payments
with HSBC China. The gist is…. ‘Preferably, the blockchain settlement system
employs the Ripple protocol.’ XRP is the only coin mentioned as a settle
mechanism by name.” It’s all before our eyes, guys! XRP is the chosen one. I just can’t wait until all is said and
done, as we will know that we have been right all along. Again from @nietzbux, he tweeted, saying,
“Lost in some of the euphoria is that full scale, global implementation of a public ledger
coin has yet to happen. We have seen retail’s appetite, but nothing
that says, ‘this is the new financial system’ All signs still point to XRP being at the
center when that day comes.” XRP will literary be the heart of this new
financial system when the switch is flipped. What’s even crazier is how this new financial
system will be born from the ashes. XRP is meant for just a $10 price level. We are about to see some crazy double- and
four-digit numbers in the coming times.

We just have to wait for the right time. So many people are invested in XRP, but they
don’t really know its actual value. Moving forward, we have this other tweet from
@ThinkingCrypto1 that says, “This is interesting! Some big names here. #ripple #bankofamerica #paypal #coinbase #visa
#xrp #crypto #hodl @PayPal @Ripple ” If we look at that image shared on this tweet,
we can see the participating companies in the virtual west coast payments. Some of the mentioned companies there include
Coinbase Global Inc, Paypal Holdings Inc, Ripple Labs Inc, and Visa Inc. As we can see here, Brad Garlinghouse seems
to be very well connected with most of these big names in the game. This is quite interesting as we can say that
we don’t see many coins in the crypto sphere do what Ripple labs are doing. Further ahead, we have this tweet from @sentosumosaba
that says, “Liquiditaaay! @Ripple participates in the funding round
for a NEW cryptocurrency exchange start-up in the Philippines.

Can you say MORE #XRP ODL participants? YES, YOU CAN!” XRP is clearly going all around the world,
connecting everything, guys. XRP is genuinely the one; I mean, it’s all
right there before our eyes. What’s left is for us to see its full potential. From @MackAttackXRP tweeted saying, “The
XRP Ledger takes a completely opposite approach to Bitcoin. Besides the environmental disaster that bitcoin
is, the entire world cannot run on 7 transactions per second that take an hour to confirm.” Again, we are seeing all these comparisons
between XRP and Bitcoin.

But we all know which one is the more superior
coin here. The XRP dimensions are way ahead of Bitcoin,
which is why XRP will be the chosen coin in this new financial era. With that said, let’s move ahead and look
at all the shenanigans of the Ripple Vs. XRP lawsuit. From @xrp_ninja, he shared this tweet saying
and attached a link to an article posted on that says, “SEC Vs. Ripple:
Bombshells in deposition pave the way for a win on fair notice, says expert.” The article says, “The ex-SEC Commissioner
waffled, according to Mr. Hogan, and then answered “no.” As fact discovery comes to a close in the
SEC v. Ripple lawsuit (see agenda), parts of the infamous William Hinman deposition
transcript have been attached to the SEC brief. Attorney Jeremy Hogan analyzed the documents. “These excerpts of the deposition were of
course chosen by the SEC, so we don’t see the bad stuff yet, but this is our first look
at some real evidence in the case, and it didn’t disappoint.” From the probably over 500 pages, only about
90 pages were attached to the brief, and “much of what we do have is redacted,” the XRP-friendly
lawyer said in a video, then moving on to two bombshells he found on the transcript.

Bombshell Number 1 is on page 376 of the transcript
as the former SEC Commissioner said he had his first meetings with XRP representatives
trying to figure out how XRP could come into compliance in 2020. Only then did he let Ripple executives and
counsel know they were breaking the law. By then, the SEC’s investigation of Ripple
was already underway, and the complaint was filed in December 2020. “But also keep in mind that when asked what
they could do to come into compliance, it seems according to his testimony his only
response was to say “stop selling XRP.” Given the nature of the blockchain space,
a burgeoning industry, the lack of fair notice argument gains strength in the eyes of Mr.
Hogan, who added that testimony “only really helps the SEC for the period from when Hinman
told the SEC in 2020 until the lawsuit was filed.

It does nothing for pre-2020 Fair Notice.” Bombshell Number 2 regards the SEC’s policy
for the agency’s employees owning securities which states they can’t own securities they
are in any way working with or about to. Moreover, the purchase of any security by
an SEC employee had to be pre-cleared. The Ripple counsel asked William Hinman if
digital assets were not covered by the securities clearance form until 2018. The ex-SEC Commissioner waffled, according
to Mr. Hogan, and then answered “no.” “The SEC did not consider digital assets
securities for their ethics purposes until 2018. You never ask a question on cross you don’t
know the answer to already. And that bodes very well for Ripple as far
as its Fair Notice defense for periods from 2013-2018”, the lawyer concluded. The fair notice defense is Ripple’s favorite
strategy for a win in the SEC v. Ripple case that has been dragging since the complaint
was filed in December 2020. Mr. Hogan has recently analyzed both parties’
strategies as they become apparent at the end of fact discovery. The SEC has warned the court that a Ripple
win on fair notice would nullify the ‘Howie Test,’ which is used for assessing the nature
of an asset and whether it is a security or not.

On the other hand, such a win could “save
the industry from the SEC,” as attorney Hogan previously explained.” As we wind up today’s video, we have this
tweet from @truthcrumbs that says, “SEC officials under investigation for conflict
of interest in Ripple lawsuit.” He further shares this article from
where we can see, “The United States regulator the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) former
officials are under scrutiny over alleged conflict of interest regarding the agency’s
handling of the Ripple lawsuit. The Empower Oversight is leading investigations
against the regulator, having submitted a request seeking communication between SEC
officials, their current and former employers. The watchdog has questioned the handling of
the matter by former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton. The focus is on Clayton’s declaration that
Bitcoin wasn’t a security. After his tenure ended at SEC, Empower Oversight
notes that Clayton joined One River Asset Management, a cryptocurrency hedge fund focusing
on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Over the years, SEC has increasingly faced
scrutiny over its handling of cryptocurrency regulations, and the Empower Oversight investigations
might impact the ongoing Ripple lawsuit. The case recently took a twist after the SEC
attempted to delete subtopics relevant to the lawsuit involving Hinman.

Notably, since the start of the case, John
Deaton, the lawyer for the XRP Holders, has publicly stated that there was a conflict
of interest from SEC officials.” With that in mind, let’s take a look at
the technicals. XRP has been showing a great amount of strength
over the last few weeks as prices have risen over 120% off the low set in July. A pressing lawsuit with the SEC has not stopped
Ripple from continuing business or XRP from showing strength. Many investors are anticipating a win for
Ripple against the SEC as they have been buying up XRP rapidly behind the scenes. XRP is one of the top 20 gainers over the
last month which is somewhat expected as it's one of the only top coins that has yet to
make a new ATH. Even since XRP set its low of $0.50 back in
July, the price has been on a strong uptrend. This particular price movement has been extremely
healthy as XRP has formed an ascending channel formation.

Each time price reaches either trend, it makes
its way to the other side of the channel. At the time of writing, XRP has just got rejected
at a 4-month downtrend line that has held the price down from a new high. Along with this trend lies a major resistance
zone found from $1.28-$1.37. If XRP manages to clear both of these marks,
the skies are open for a potential $1.50+ price tag. In the case XRP fails to break its important
resistance areas, we should expect a drop back down to the bottom trend of the channel. Before this may occur, XRP has a chance of
holding a minor support zone at $1.19. In this case, bears take control and push
the price below, expect the bottom trend of the channel to provide a bounce. Along with this trend line lies the 60 MA. This MA has held XRP up ever since its low
of $.50 was set. As long as bulls can keep XRP above this mark,
it is in a bullish state.

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