the xrp vs sec lawsuit is something the entire crypto space has been paying attention to since the beginning for all the right reasons it seems like xrp might win the case is that true what are the updates on the lawsuit when will the final verdict be given watch till the end to find out how to double the money while you're at it make sure to enable all your notifications to our channel to keep up with all the hottest secrets in the world of xrp xrp lawsuit has come to a crucial point judge seals evidence that could prove sec lied to the court judge netburn has approved the motion on a provisional basis as the court may reckon on its ruling after the authority evaluates the merits and demerits of the underlying motion last december ripple was accused of selling unregistered securities by the us regulatory body sec although things were pretty rough for the crypto company in the beginning ripple crossed many milestones that actually helped the crypto to rise in valuation and stance meanwhile the crypto community as a whole got to know the deep market sentiments xrp holds in the crypto space oh oh i get it eventually it looked like sec was the one undergoing the lawsuit rather than ripple as the company had seen more courtroom wins than the latter the crypto spaces fate is believed to be dependent on the final verdict of this case if sec wins the case against ripple they will have the power to get a rain on the rest of the currencies trading across the market sec can then use ripple as an example to get the entire crypto space under control since the charm of cryptocurrencies is independent of any authority or illegal terms the action will put the investor community in a dilemma with that being said it was only recently that the judge gave a verdict in favor of the request put forth by ripple the crypto company requested the court seal exhibits a and b included in the defendant's response to the regulatory body sec's submission of three additional documents for the in-camera review while putting forth the request the crypto company revealed that they discussed things with the regulatory body and concluded that sec does not oppose filing these materials under seal pending the sec's chance to examine the submitted materials and analyze whether to request sealing in the process eventually at the same time ripple and its defendants involved with the lawsuit chris larson and brad garlinghouse have not yet decided a position on the absolute confidentiality of these materials that is confidential information though man however these materials are regarded as part of the discovery materials that were to be filed according to the court's order to submit documents to support their discovery related disputes these materials were designated as confidential by the producing party as such they are not judicial documents and are not permitted to a presumption of public access which the crypto company's council argued exhibits a and b are considered part of the discovery materials to be exchanged between the parties through a compulsory process to promote systematic preparation for trial and it's not meant as materials to educate or entertain the public what are the three additional documents put forth for review ripple pleaded with the court to compel the regulatory body to submit three documents the crypto company was successful at it and sec had to deliver three documents it includes the january 28 2019 email chain sec forum on digital assets the october 25 2018 email chain the meeting between sec staff and industry participants on digital assets and the final one is september 9 2019 email chain on a distributed ledger technology firm's request for possible no action relief according to sec these documents are to be considered as documents that fall under the process of deliberative privilege or dpp comprising the one where the sec instructed a third party to state its digital asset under the framework of hinman's speech the submitted documents will likely put more pressure on the sec's position and it looks like hinman's speech will not be considered an official sec policy taking the matter as mentioned earlier into concern the crypto company ripple has got a fair chance at proving sec lied to the court about hinman's personal opinions do you have any evidence to support this conclusion mr finch moreover due to the sec's mistake in court ripple might as well utilize these documents to follow its fair notice defense further given the agency's seemingly contradictory positions regarding the regulatory guidance and enforcement xrp sure has grown in popularity and reception due to the legal tussle going on between the company and sec before the beginning of the lawsuit xrp prices weren't up to mark as it is now following it the token could surpass the one dollar benchmark and crossing the one dollar mark is considered a significant milestone while recording the video the token is trading at one dollar and 23 cents and has a market capitalization of 59.006 billion over time the token has managed to get a stance into the top 10 cryptocurrencies the court extending the discovery phase deadline might also act as an advantage to xrp holders during this time ripple could obtain more solid evidence from those holding the digital asset meanwhile the crypto lawyer also stressed that the most significant aspect was not money the lawyer also added that ripple's efforts and the court's declaration could probably direct other companies in future sec lawsuits the crypto company is currently working on a remittance project with qatar and bhutan's central bank on their cbdc project among other significant partnerships that are underway according to analysts at fx street it was predicted that xrp would enter a rally and will manage to ultimately hit the 2 benchmark in light of the exploding on-chain activity with more such deals included in the token's roadmap we might see the token reaching the top 3 crypto list within a short time frame well some good news if the company succeeds in gaining more reception and ultimately manages to win the case nothing will stop the token from pumping up to the moon while all these facts look enticing to the investor community we still have to watch how the lawsuit progresses possibly as we mentioned earlier ripple is more likely to win the case due to all the right reasons we have been talking about so far rapt has disclosed that wxrp will hit the ethereum blockchain in december the warp crypto will be supported one to one by xrp in the defy ecosystem the cto of ripple david schwartz shared the news wrapped xrp will put xrp in possession with hex trust it is an insured and licensed provider of bank grade custody for digital assets the significant variation between xrp and wxrp is that the wrapped version of the crypto can also be used in smart contracts as market participants a lot more capital wxrp increases use cases and demand in the defy ecosystem supporters have condemned the entrance of wxrp due to the high transaction fees charged on the ethereum network nevertheless the expansion of xrp to multi-chain is anticipated to improve xrp's utility long-term benefits are expected to occur with the coming of wxrp on d5 following the announcement xrp price exhibited 11 percent gains and began an upward climb also know that the prices of cryptocurrencies frequently change so by the time you watch this video it might have switched to a whole new value all the financial decisions should be made after doing your research with that we have come to the end of the video thank you all for watching if you found this video informational and wish to see more content please hit the like button do let us know your opinions in our comments section don't forget to subscribe to our channel and make sure to turn on the post notifications so that you always get notified whenever we post a new video till then keep watching our other videos we will see 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