Ripple/XRP-SEC vs Ripple Septmeber Settlement?,XRP Price-Will We See $4.53,$8+,$13+ Or $0.85

welcome back to the show everybody we got a lot to go over today there's a lot of news happening in a lot of different areas we're going to try to squeeze it all into this video today but right now take a look at this we're talking about the price is 97 cents after a dollar eight peak is this something where where we're seeing a breakdown in price and now we're going to lose all our gains or is this just a slight correction and retracement and we're on to higher prices for xrp i tell you what i don't really know but we're going to talk about the technical analysts who i believe do know and we're going to hear from them today let's go ahead and roll that beautiful intro this is digital perspectives with brad kymes subscribe for new content notifications now here's brad kinds come on in [Music] welcome back to the show everybody you can follow me on twitter at backup bradley above and everything that we're talking about here today 1.899 trillion dollar cryptocurrency market cap we're getting closer climbing back to that uh 2.5 plus trillion dollar crypto market cap and i can't wait to see three trillion for 5 trillion plus for the cryptocurrency market cap because that's the kind of money that is going to pour into this space once we get some legislation that obviously we're going to get into that today too let me stop right there so looking here we're slightly off from where we were at 1.9 trillion slightly plus we're down 0.61 on the crypto market cap space right now bitcoin is sitting at 44 000 plus and ethereum's sitting at 3100 plus and cardano coming in at 1.76 this morning and xrp is pulled back a little bit at 97 cents we will take a look at the range now of the price we hit a dollar eight yesterday and man was xrp it just explosive yesterday you could feel how strong the momentum was and i don't believe that it's left and neither do the technical analysts we're going to take a look at that and hear from coins kid if you're not following them you should i tell you you're going to like what he's got to say here in just a few minutes but looking at the lower end of the range was 88 cents 0.8801 the upper end as a dollar eight as we talked about one dollar and eight cents 0.823 we will keep an eye on it but what's nice about this ladies and gentlemen is we're above that 82 cent line which was resistance for us and we're well above that now we have to wonder will we come back and touch that 85 82 as support or will we go on and take a breath before having to come all the way back to that point we will get into that shortly looking right here 138 million xrp were shifted by ripple and top tier global exchanges it always fascinates me when we see this level of xrp being moved around knowing that u.s retailers are broadly and largely handicapped from getting it in the manner that they have been previously before the sec ripple lawsuit we like to thank uphold for that because uphold still offers it and you can open an account there got a link in the description and comment section and looking right here crypto carpenter xrp shares with us that xrp is finally being recognized by mainstream media check it out administration fights a civil war over the future of the crypto markets charlie's gonna break it on that but as high as bitcoins going xrp and dogecoin are going to the moon at least right now they are breaking news there you go xrp and dogecoin going to the moon at least right now and thank you to liz claiborne for that i think are claiming uh uh i don't know her name i don't watch cable television but nevertheless i know that she has interviewed brad garlinghouse more than once she's very very versed in the crypto space and i tend to think that she felt very good being able to make that announcement on mainstream media and mainstream media is not the only place that we're seeing the kind of awareness for xrp and what they have been working on for years you know for those of you that are new into the space xrp army xrp investors have taken an enormous amount of heat for believing in what xrp is doing and what ripple has done to build the market infrastructure for the new fourth industrial revolution or as they say the internet of value and here we see a moment where bit boy lays it down very quickly here and shout out to bitboy for showing the humility to express that you know what all the fun we used to make of the xrp investors all the crazy talk we used to say about them those chickens are coming home to roost listen to this and shout out to you know which banks are going to be choosing to use xrp uh they chose a long time ago this has been in the plan for a long time and you know those people in the xrp army that we all call crazy for a long time those chickens are coming home to roost because the fact is whether or not they were going on pure opium or not a lot of those people are going to turn out to be correct yeah well for the record ben it wasn't pure opium it was just good solid ass research the banks chose this a long time ago and to answer austin's question yes exactly when this is over we are going to see much more adoption of xrp you're seeing this across the world right now uh we've had south korea singapore japan we've seen this just in the last few days thailand an sbi by the way an indian bank so where's he's absolutely right and listen what he says here in a minute talking about the possibility of a settlement i believe seeing all across asia right now this start picking up picking up picking up we're seeing ripple net being used we're seeing odl the on-demand liquidity former you know i think that was uh ex-current maybe i can't remember anymore after doing that video this weekend but this has already happened now here's some exciting stuff you guys want to hear some exciting stuff uh-oh i'm being told by the middle of september we will have resolution of this things are changing very rapidly though we could see resolution to this much earlier than that and if you think about everything we've talked about for xrp and the price pumps and where this is going the middle of september would be the absolute best possible time for this news to come out this will be right as bitcoin is going parabolic this will be right when all coins are picking up steam and if you think any of this is on accident you are not paying attention if you i absolutely agree with bit boy on this one ben nails it to the wall and again shout out to this guy for his humility i met him at bitcoin miami and he was so cool and i told him you know i was an xrp youtuber at a channel yada yada we did the whole thing and then he was like hey you know what let's make some money and let's get rich together that's this guy i mean he's an open guy and he really feels like and i think we align in this way and you can hear it from him he's not afraid to say you know what i think i had it wrong back there and instead of being on the sidelines laughing at everybody i've got a position and now you're laughing at me too because now he's in it and this is really a paradigm shift moment what he's talking about with the banks and all these things that we already know but listen listen to the the idea of this because we know it so well i think we forget what does all that mean these core doors opening up the banks have been involved with it for years and as we get legislative clarity it's going to roll out and this that and the other what does all that mean it means that we're getting paid in short but in long-term sense of understanding it what it really means is that use case utility will be the price driver for xrp and not speculation that moment is coming upon us very very quickly and it won't matter what the rest of the market is doing every day because the banks have been involved with us for years right and all of this is about to roll out and we're seeing it roll out very quickly now in the apac region as he mentioned and touched on and the truth of that is is that that is going to become a massive massive level of utility that is in this network 24 7 365 and it won't matter what bitcoin or ethereum or other coins are doing in the market because they have use case utility and at some at some point not too long in the distant future i believe price driver is use case utility and we'll be talking about a whole different market in the way it looks than it does today no doubt about it shout out to bitboyd and dai for the clip rock legend gene simmons says he's all in on bitcoin well thank you kenwood capital for that one and you know look i think bitcoin's got a long-term future just not as a payment network and to that point here michael val five link says indian bitcoin exchange you know coin will now allow its users to purchase everyday consumer items such as pizza coffee ice cream and country using bitcoin local news outlet but wait for it we're talking about vouchers through an application right no one's accepting the bitcoin india has made it very clear that cryptocurrencies are not legal tender right they will have a central bank digital currency as well an e-rupee and the truth is is that this application allows you to say oh i'm going to take 50 voucher you know of bitcoin and load it up as cash on my phone and then i can technically go spend that at these merchants for these things but it is not directly bitcoin to to the merchant just wanted to make that clear but shout out to gene simmons uh look guy's got he's a billionaire already so shout out to him he's a smart investor he sees a pop coming he wants to ride the wave i don't blame him now this is to clear up some stuff that we shared yesterday to try to get some clarification together as an audience and a group and this is ashley steers who showed us that this looked a lot like the legislative uh bill for the u.s infrastructure building included crypto has a language in it that really looks like they're calling digital assets securities and it does but as we dig into this and thank god for the community we have because i did put out the hey all hands on deck let's try to figure this out it appears that the language inside of this build the way we were talking about this is not necessarily classifying all digital assets as securities but the treatment of them as far as the approach from the irs and taxation so just wanted to clear that up if we get anything else that says differently we will readdress the issue so there it is and shout out to ashley steers i believe it was for that information so jesse h says can everyone apologize to ripple now they're on your side and if you can't see that you are clueless to what's really going on crypto industry spent 2.4 million on lobbying during the first half of this year according to the center of responsive politics and this is a quick clip and i don't want to play the whole thing but i just want to play you this for a second and hear what they say here listen to this you can do it buffering come on you can i think you can well i guess it's not going to the suspense is killing us all but essentially what they're saying here is there's a new hire here with tillerman and crypto is the alternative to a broken digital status quo and basically acknowledging and tillerman tied in with adreson horowitz for which i wanted you to hear that and that's okay i'll tell it to you instead but the reality is is that uh jason horowitz is also an early seed investor in guess wait for it ripple right so they're deep into this thing and they are clearly out here on mainstream media on squawk box telling everybody it is the solution it's where we're going and what is going on right now with the legislation from the senate to the house of representatives and all of this business which we're going to touch on more in just a second you know is going to come to fruition we are going to get the clarity however awkward it may look going through the process now because crypto and those payment networks that work as real utility will become an answer to it all there's no question and here we see promethium which is proud to announce that our subsidiary promethium ember ats alternative trade system was approved by member of finra to operate an alternative trade system ats for digital assets securities with the help of anchorage as you know who earned a banking charter i think was at the end of last year the early part of this year won all investors accredited and non-accredited will soon have access now that is really really exciting this is the exchange right here bling and bringing blockchain securities to the world i tell you what i'm going to check that platform out i mean it looks it looks pretty great to where we're going there and i just wanted to show you that there's an ats with digital asset securities coming soon for accredited non-accredited investors approved by finra change is going to come guess what changes here bank of ghana to pilot cbdc with german securities printing firm come on in here we go you see what's happening here right so regardless of hey we were at a dollar eight what's going on with price hey uh i thought this was going to go through with this verbiage and the vote the amendment and all of this and it looks like things are stuck a little bit or hit the mud a bit but the reality is is everything continues to roll out in large measure that's what we're talking about here right and this is also another clip here where i want to show you a trend that's happening between xrp and stellar that's right xlm stellar remember jed mccaleb one of the original co-creators of the xrp ledger itself left ripple and went to start stellar and took the xrp ledger open source code with him now this is pretty interesting now just listen this quick clip here but he is showing us about the trang globe partnership ripple partnership there and how that's going to be positive going forward opening up more asian corridors and it doesn't stop there because here we also see that gme remittance joint is also opening up corridors in thailand and south korea so that is exciting as well well guess what stellar blockchain remittance corridor to power thailand and europe payments you know if they i mean i don't know about to you and maybe it's just me but i'm seeing this and going you know and i believe that stellar and xrp will really be you know payment networks that work for the system you could i always thought of it as like front end back end but yes i believe you can send xrp peer-to-peer two but i think the main full-scale intended use of xrp could certainly end up being back-end for the majority of its full-scale intended use that doesn't mean that you and i can't send it to one another but also uh stellar being more of a front-end consumer-heavy offering where it really is set up to cater to that so it looks like that's exactly what we're seeing rolling out here and i think it just gets bigger and better all the way around now let's keep going here because here we see the creators of the world's second largest stable coin pursuing a u.s commercial banking license how about that one now that we covered this yesterday the day before when it came out about the s4 filing which i think is amazing because you know this is usdc and circle becoming a full-on chartered commercial bank and that's exciting i have also lean into the idea heavily that the usd coin could become the private stable coin with a public-private relationship with the federal reserve and the us treasury we shall see how that goes now let's take a look at this because retweet if you believe xln will go to ten dollars when i retweeted it because i've been in xlm and xrp for a long time and i'm very very excited about it now the reason i say this is because you know usdc coin is launched over uh or launched on the stellar network right so that's a huge connection there we just see usdc apply for a commercial bank we see them open up corridors in relative areas and regions the same way we're seeing uh ripple open up corridors for xrp i mean this to me is just as clear as day right here now what else is clear as day is that chairman gary gensler is absolutely going for a power grab for the digital asset space here there's no question about it the question is is can the house of representatives tom emmer and everybody over there do they get it and is their voice strong enough and is their power and influence strong enough to get everybody else to get it we need to get the sec back in their own lane but at the same time i do believe that we need to see cryptocurrency exchanges and defy have some kind of regulatory oversight now i don't want it to stifle innovation and i don't want it to stifle people's ability to to remain private and have their privacy controls but i do believe we need to have a highly regulated market all the way around i just don't want to see it to the point that the sec is so deep in this thing the way they are now that they're absolutely stalling what's going on and to that point we're going to take a look at this from coins kids who talks about the fact that where the price should actually be if there was no sec case hanging over xrp's head right now let's take a listen to what he says about what's going on in the last 24 hours where we may be going and what the price would be if we didn't have that case unresolved you're holding the support at the moment at the zero five 99 cents but if you do start to lose that that's your technical target just there okay to 382 at 85 cents which would see form this little beautiful handle of this cup and handle and effectively some kind of ball flag as well it might not necessarily come that deep but anyway that's a technical target keep it in mind okay so yeah it's looking good it's looking healthy but i would anticipate that once you break this high of 109 you are looking at further continuation here for xlp and that's your primary target of a 53 pump bringing you back up to where you formed this and with that you're breaking out yeah you're absolutely breaking out of all key levels of resistance you've broken the dead cat bounce you've broken the golden ratio and you broke in this 786 so you are looking at an impulsive wave up you know to the this is a target this white line is a target of the the larger coupled handle that we're potentially going to form but you are you know you break them levels of resistance right there this is good it's healthy but break these levels of distance you are looking at a 4.53 price tag round about that area okay the one six one eight you it's gonna be bumpy you know don't be disillusioned you're not gonna take off into space because that'd be ridiculous you might do that because it has done it in the past but it is gonna be bumpy pretty much like this one was let me show you the previous breakout for xrp and this is why i was able to lay down this particular price of prediction when it was breaking out you know just check out the earliest step of videos i did on xrp so right here you created the site you rolled down you created a low pretty much like what you've done now capitulation everyone's themselves thinking of going to zero the foot campaigns look when you drop the fibs down let's drop this down like that and you can see the xrp actually come up and me just a little bit shy of 1618 to be honest with you but just a little bit shy just there ran into a level resistance before rolling back but you know these are the structures that it adheres to and i just want to remind you just there look on this particular break let me show you on the daily and this is why okay why i was able to call the top here for xrp and call this retracement it's because of one thing it melted through the golden ratio without baptising its support on a larger time frame i won't draw it now but that's why i was able to say you're toppy here you've not you've not tested the golden ratio you're gonna come you're gonna come back to it as support and that's exactly what you did for xlp so anyway what you've done here look at this particular pattern that's playing out because you're looking at a very similar scenario here for example this is how it works not necessarily rinse repeat but you can see that when you break resistance levels without holding them more back testing testimony support when you lose the support of that their you support targets on the fibs okay so look and that's when he talked about the idea that if we see it roll back uh quite a ways we could see it come all the way back to the 85 cent range and check that as a support level as well right so let's go ahead now i want to move you to another point in the in the video here and make sure you give him a like and subscribe he does great great work let me move it here and let you hear the rest of this play out here about where we go if we catch the support or whether we whether we catch the support and then and then bounce back up or whether we do a correction and come back and and test uh the 85 or whether we continue on up this is what we're looking at here ladies and gentlemen 1.68 right a dollar nine dollar 68 we could see all of this happen so listen to this right here but for transparency i could be absolutely wrong i love that he says that you know i could be absolutely wrong about a lot of this stuff right but let me full disclosure he hasn't met and he what he does to avoid that situation is give us this is what happens if we go up and this is what we can expect if we roll down that's what we're looking at and we could absolutely just take off into space pretty much like we did down here in a previous bull run uh for xrp where i was around cla it's gone you know breaks all key levels of resistance but there's a lot of fomo down there you know and it didn't have the sec over its head as well so you want to remember that okay it has got that big big block on it said that sort of resisting it from breaking out to where it should actually potentially be because in my opinion xrp should already be up here at like eight dollars and we should now be looking at a move an impulsive move up this important move here should be at eight dollars we trace and we should be looking the impulsive move up to 13 and right there at that top we should be retracing and looking at the 27 but like and that is amazing to me because i think it points out exactly what we're all talking about here is that this case will not last forever it will change and when it ends everything in the market's going to change you're going to get the clarity you need you're going to have legislation come out with that as well for the entire market to complement it and it is off to the races because all these years where it appears that it's been stagnant consolidating lying dormant and all of these things that we've been being made fun of we're about to have our time in the sun like i said this market is about to change and have a huge paradigm shift and that paradigm shift is going to be into utility driven market not speculation and i can't wait that's going to do it for me make sure you hit the like and subscribe leave a comment below share with somebody you know don't forget to hit that notification bell so you don't miss a thing make sure you check out all the links in the description box and the comment section they are products and services i use each and every day in their trusted vetted links purevpn 99 seven day trial you can't beat it one of the many different ways i hide my anonymity online and ledger nano store your crypto offline great deals every day check out the links i'll catch you on the next one you

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