Ripple XRP: OMG!!! How Is This Can Be REAL? (Are You READY?)

What’s up, guys? I hope you are all having a fantastic start
to a new month. Today we are going to go over things that
are happening with XRP and XRP community. However, you may have noticed there was a
small cool-off before the charts go higher. Being the month of June, we are about to see
so many events roll out. We are getting closer to all the flare launches
and many more significant dates in the XRP community. This is going to be quite an exciting month,
be ready! But before we get into all that, let’s roll
that intro. As always, welcome back to Money Side-your
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engines up with this tweet from @ashleySteers. She tweeted, Over 300 financial institutions
around the world Rely on Ripple’s growing global payment network. Already adopted in 70 countries, it is estimated
that 87% of the global financial transactions will be supported by ISO 20022 membership.” Guys, I can’t emphasize this enough.

This is truly the reason why XRP, the digital
asset, is truly the one. Further, Ashley shares a picture where we
find this article titled, “Ripple; Shaping the Future of Cross-Boarder Payments.” Things are getting quite interesting, and
I can’t just wait when the actual value of XRP to be realized. In the document, it reads, “Cross-border
payments aren’t ready for the future. It’s our duty t continuously search for
superior technological solutions to deliver ever improved remittance services for our

With the steady rise of remittance flows,
we see Ripple helping us open up new revenue potential and a better overall experience
for our customers.” Moving on, we have this tweet from @KyleMacLeanx
that says, “Now that we know what the financial system (reportedly almost ready for rollout)
requires crypto to be ISO-20022 compliant, are there others you know (I believe there
are) besides: XRP, XLM, QNT, ADA, XDC and ALGO. All the banks know it, IMF, WEF, EU, BRICS.” Remember what we have kept on telling your
guys on this channel? 99% of the cryptos will vanish away. If you look at alone, there
are more than 10,727 cryptocurrencies listed. That means in the entire crypto sphere; the
number might be way more significant than that, which is absolutely crazy. So, a good number of these currencies will
go away.

Make sure you choose the correct coins. Another one from @LordVXrp says, “Ripple
says XRP (ODL) is growing. Companies that choose to use the digital asset
XRP to move money can do so in the 25 countries listed below. United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Philippines,
France, Spain, Australia, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, Germany, Denmark,
Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, and Greece. There are others that are using #Xcurrent
for now.” Looking over an article at, we
can see that, “The cross-border payment company Ripple has released an overview on
the state of its network, including new details on its XRP remittance platform. The company says its network of banks and
financial institutions now spans 70 countries.

On average, a new country is added to the
list every week. Ripple rolled out its XRP remittance product
for commercial use in October of 2018. Last year, Ripple partnered with payments
giant MoneyGram and bought a $50 -million stake in the company. MoneyGram quickly became the largest and most
high-profile user of XRP. The payments giant says it has now sent $100
million in total volume through ODL. MoneyGram is moving 10% of its daily transaction
volume between the US and Mexico using the technology. The company’s CEO Alex Holmes says it’s
also using Ripple’s liquidity solution in four additional corridors, although the company
hasn’t revealed further details at time of publishing.” @X_Anderson, “This surprises me! XRP”
He further shares this image that reads, “Ripplenet continues to Scale in Europe with 250% ODL
transaction growth. Europe is a critical market for Ripple and
has experienced tremendous transaction and customer growth. A quarter of Ripple’s current customers
are based in Europe, and year to date, European On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) transactions grew
by 250% in comparison to 2020, making up over 40% of all ODL transactions year to date.” I don’t if it’s just me or anyone else
who has noticed that there have been many European narratives.

Now, I will get into some exciting news from
@sendiyoung. She tweeted, “My first tweet in years in
a good one… after 15+ years in traditional FIs, I’ve joined industry leader @Ripple
as MD of Europe. Making the jump to crypto was a no-brainer-
this tech is driving the future of finance, and I’m excited to get started.” Ripple and XRP are genuinely focused on the
future. In an article shared on the website,
we can see that “In the midst of rapid growth, Sendi will oversee strategy and champion the
expansion on Ripple’s global financial network technology, RippleNet which delivers financial
solutions that enable customers to run and scale their business easily.” You guys can check out the full article at

In the article, Sendi says, “Over the last
decade, I’ve been at the forefront of innovation in financial services and witnessed how technology
has dramatically changed how we bank and pay. However, the underlying payments and banking
infrastructure remains an obstacle to frictionless value exchange across borders and inclusion. I firmly believe that blockchain and crypto
will be a game-changer to enhance today’s finance by addressing its core inefficiencies,”
said Young. “These technologies can make the global
financial system fairer, more inclusive, and more transparent – this is just the beginning
of what’s possible, and I’m excited to be joining such a talented and passionate
team and a company that is at the forefront of this step-change.” Moving forward, we have this other tweet from
@realLisaDaly that says, “If you want to make asset liquid, you make it liquid to XRP
and then it’s liquid to everything else with XRP.

– David Schwartz”
@THEONE74910858 tweeted, “They’ve been busy!” He shares this picture where we can see more
than 50 blockchain real-world use cases. It’s crazy to see all these blockchains
that have real-world utility. And what’s even fascinating about this is
that Ripple is right there on the horizon. The Ripple section on the image says, ‘The
blockchain that Ripple uses has been latched onto by a group of Japanese banks, who will
be using it for quick mobile payments.’ I don’t know how long it will take for people
actually to accept the immense potential that XRP carries. We have yet another tweet here from @truthcrumbs
that says, “Rep. Tom Emmer. ‘Financial technology & Cryptocurrency are
the future of the global financial system.” He shares a video where we can see Tom Emmer
explain just that in his speech. And that right there is the reason why we
are invested in XRP as it soon will bring generational wealth for many years to come.

Another exciting tweet from @RealWilliamCarr
says, “@attorneyjeremy Hey Jeremy! I’m reading and hearing that part of the
settlement (could) have retail investors turning in their XRP similar to the gold reserve act
in 1934 b/c they want XRP to be for the banks only. This scares the sh*t out of me. Do you think this is possible?” We can see that @attorneyjeremy replied saying,
“Yes, it is possible- from a legal standpoint. I don’t think it’s probable but- yes,
possible.” Further, Jeremy Hogan continues to say, “A
quick follow-up. A ‘taking’ of XRP from retail holders
would require either Executive involvement (President Biden) or Congressional involvement. The SEC does not have that authority. So, let me add a ‘very’ to the ‘unlikely.’ And a ‘theoretically’ to the ‘probable.’” Now, into our last tweet for today, we have
this from @BlackberryXRP that says, “I don’t think it will happen, but If they make us
turn over the XRP, it would be at a high price. Think about it, if they lowball, people will
hold hide them sell on the black market once the price is higher at a discount but more
than the price they wanted to pay.

Not gonna happen.” Just like Jeremy said, it’s most likely
not to happen that we may be required to turn over our XRPs. All in all, we need to get regulatory clarity
as there not much time left. In fact, we have even seen that eToro has
been predicting more crypto regulation ahead. And this is the point where we will have such
coins as Bitcoin regulated out of existence. That is why you need to remove your crypto
holdings from these exchanges, as when regulations come, it’s hard to tell which exchanges
will, in fact, last. Now let’s take a look at the price action
of XRP.

XRP has been on a multi-day recovery trend
that is currently facing resistance. A decision to continue the rally or to resume
the overall downtrend should not be long in coming. The ripple is in a medium-term corrective
downtrend against the USD after a lively rally to a record high at 1.96 USD. Starting from the 3-month low at $ 0.50, the
coin initiated a recovery move that remains intact. In the context of the three-wave recovery
so far, it marked a high at USD 0.73 and bounced off the short-term downtrend line located
there. Most recently it found support on the recovery
trendline from the June low.

We consider the short-term starting position
to be neutral. A decision on a possible continuation of the
recovery rally or a resumption of the medium-term downtrend should, in our opinion, be made
soon. A break across the resistance zone at currently
USD 0.70 / USD 0.73 would play into the hands of the bulls and make further price gains
towards USD 0.79 and USD 0.85 (23.6% Fibonacci retracement ) likely. With a break above the interim high at USD
0.93, there would also be a clearer brightening of the medium-term technical starting position
with further rally potential towards initially 1.06 / 1.1 USD.

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