get ready for him here a bit the comments so this is what I'm afraid of is that it was Bitcoin buying not out of purchase mainly for full training roll at this very moment here with you as you just finished with me and as I said several times at the beginning of Live TIM and I’m buying and showing up here and explaining why guys look at whoever wants to learn graphic analysis the link for the channel raises you here in the description Okay, the first class is out there and the next class i will teach the Bonatti configuration in a way that you use not if you want to learn this is the link is in the description of Teresa is not good but only that he will create his account and that the account does not lose the one that made me part come on and I want to talk about the projects, take it and watch the television for Ted is also having one she is still okay she is still and for an hour without breaking structure while the witch tipped for an hour but that one didn’t break and all the graphics So I guais So good guard does not always have race in one are exactly the same okay good taste let me see there is here Hey there Xavier Our beautiful here I have a service here she also respects the region Sorry there sis but it is a fact for me the tennis player to have more said it to me and I didn’t want to start it nicuri the year I started buying a suit for Rudi’s wallet because I’m going to make a fake okay that's it water until I have to tell you I started doing it this has to start doing if I get pregnant eternal BNB I also bought it I put it in my wallet to be able to get it well Send a good price here look at 200 and a few dollars and it is but I still have everything there, but you wake up and saw it I think it will fall Macho but seriously I don’t have I don’t have much I do n’t have a forecast Okay I don’t have the next one tells me a lot, at least using my analysis, who knows this region here for an interesting region if the price starts to drop a lot in two together whenever they’ll start to get a lot of attention and then you’ll get paid so you don’t come to this region, who knows, who knows, so do n’t have it and while you told me phk this i am amazed at your ability to buy things that suck or buy things that are soaring because it started to rise with this ghost but it is a kid i want to talk to you about CNG also we are not going finish the eternal Okay, so for me, they have only one reason for him not to buy and retain And today is that for me it is worth buying and start doing it here if you are worth buying because you started doing what I am going to do this one just because it's worth buying and Kelly I not only because I'm buying BNB the same situation I'm going to buy and keep buying with a vision I was going to do it here in a lot he fnb attention pay a lot to feel for example I want to do a split inverter until that 2.0 comes out, right, that’s going to be some, I don’t remember if you want to do this here when people leave I think that 36 months where you present these videos here look withdraw I think that's it let's go yes Bitcoin fetch 20 thousand is to have it together it is obvious it is obvious that to have it together it is also obvious that already BNB goes to ethereal BNB the way to follow me fan In my opinion it is a fact also I have to say the price the straight graph it is not so clear the video but as a Bitcoin graph as it records for me to see it denies us but as for example we went at this exact moment it even renewed the background it made this background here in this creature it came here up and I don't smoke it is here look I made a new one it present 72 hours I believe that it will cook in what is already good I believe that it will continue to fall history with an eye on this he will see you here for example this one until I will have that cut that no one does not want cut it has to be the same here and if he asks to have CNG we will talk about ingesting it is also important but first in your Bible here a little water let's go xrp low grp I believe 55 cm is good to manage I still continue to legs in this region here 55cm Dog is good That's where I believe she comes from but it was respected very well million of figs went up there and will come back will come back to this scenario here that I'm kind of hello there in the group too right go get my one straight and come get 78 still the first one stay 55 cm ok basically these are good night here is a week picture and video this background here look i got Alice background is to stick Turbo stated Our inversion that I have here at the Sheriff this one that confirms very very very well so well that it even scares 55 cents and then when you send a trick really also gp55 cents not there in the other forecast for me I really believe that we are not skipping a graphic time graphic time smaller co now for example we already have this one this one was good our inverse here also let me get these things here inverse continues to confirm 55 centers continue all columns are confirmed this Rogério price is good continues breathing Regiane Pires or is it old then to hit the head this is the price I keep an eye on if I were to get a train sheriff I would get it here we would get it sells here in this region I called the sale let me see I have this one you put in 4 hours do not stay more of course it's not four hours to stay there too, not so this is caught here, I can't have a good night to continue investing in the island, but I think this trail is here .

Sale here let there in 15 minutes to see if we can have a region or these people have more interesting ok this region here look it is more interesting to take a short 98 cent Stop loss and put hey here above here ó 1,041 the target 55 cm is right here in the center directly up directly here up there again for I think the market to bury it will continent this is it I tell me the market to close it will remain whole since the beginning cause see if I can get some p 45 thousand maybe the Muri thing but he will come here Hello I will answer some questions here bichat dude you saw that there is a triangle the holographic seed is still an hour I do not want to love you It will come of no time Arm of a time feel like returning no trailer can tell you how long something is going to happen all those who say in the background your circulation is also okay no one can see me you can operate whatever market you can but say it is not that it hits time market is already there in people place not that no I can't and I don't see that until today I haven't met anyone can Okay maybe we somebody right there is no one but maybe there is someone like that i two days too when will be five thousand 15,000 at last but I do not not know did not know it was not you put a little bit and get a lot everybody could do it so when you have enough people talking is good to stay out okay I I speak a lot this world changes we went to buy where a lot of people skidded there in style then I’m going to buy a Bluetooth man he’s for a lot of people at MC Filhão here since with him a lot of things buy a motor or because the little fox and so on that has to draw your attention here is what happens what we would be the next one is better to buy now stay out a lot of people said that they would not earn anything but didn’t really get ahead she she knows it starts to be worth a cent that a lot of people ago but i'm not very very very very very very very very very very very pessimistic for me the shit the project I don't even know how to bathe in this destroy this right but anyway I really hope that for you rent a money get to go enjoy it because for me the pro is locked up gave me part of the point he’s looking for people with $ 1000 all these projects there that you are hearing about so cents are wanting a dollar to come and there’s no good project no project is weak weak of March at the end of the day they won't even exist ok come on what is fake state Don't worry about steak I know who I know basically who you are [__] lend your coins to Não Vale da Lua and he will pay you a percentage ok good or just for you to have the coin you get more coins ok in Miramar but these meats LP today likes this little legs and card Anyone who wants to buy hks here I will use a cut come on then since you want to know it is not here is no longer a good sign let's see it with a job, it doesn't appear now with this one here and on Google So it looks like put hks from here to volcanoes Hopefully it’s not kiwi Hopefully it’s not this ah I understand it’s the curvature cover what do you want to buy this from here are you sure to subscribe with this shit guys are you sure where you heard about it can you tell me this in chief I decided not to talk where where where Union where you heard about hks where from where where from yesterday on YouTube on YouTube you researched you found a project heard on YouTube from a website But tell me where from where did you hear about this asset there holders there mine 21 there is no holder gh-ks day 21 did not exist none of my Cerro Zé Rubber zero is good And today we already have more than 57 we have a super total here which is thousands in the billion billion trillion of everything this address here has 4 billion the person leaving the nation says it is still so so finally I tell you I wish luck well if I had to bet with you I would go here this one is the next real one that will have a Pump the website here does not open for me I don’t know why it opened if I had to say something it will come here this will go i have a bank and then walking But who am i right anyway the school pictures like where you want and possibly you already bought hts in your resort to sitting They asked me what you think but I don’t know if you already bought it and say you have to be like that you have to have you have your own people your opinion then we will open it for me this is some ok for me but come on Open Wikipedia from here do not open the back let's see what you want to do anything with Isaac racquet festival how to follow you will be able to buy at the waist or whoever Twitch What is the super maximum of 10 million manually owes the project those were created to bring we are simplicity of the election season when we get together to play video games with friends at home and when screwing up bro this was the project is to make a user of Embaú mind and joy and adolescence with some games and the styles that marked who knows and show some things like that animal l an increase of forty percent by SELIC for a month on social networks together we are stronger transparency that he accounts I will glue with made it shine on him know the person and resources in ST i no no no no no thank you if you are the lord project thank you not for me the project is weak This is my opinion a name for my project is weak and money doesn’t buy and I don’t see why buying this is lucky for you that you can expand there and actually manage to monetize in some way Mania coin crochet But seeing here for something that did not appear nothing interesting appeared in my opinion what I put my money in arcing standing nostalgia nostalgia for people as well as bringing nostalgia transvestite motor that the purpose of the project do the eyes remember the moments of joy of adolescence with some games in the style that have marked lives yes for me I do not wish luck to go sometimes you people side with you that c reached your community AND the maximum song of people possible but for me there are no more interesting things

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