Ripple XRP: No One Can STOP This RIPPLE Effect! (MOON No Doubt!)

What did I tell you guys? XRP is the only crypto that will likely make
it to the moon, aside from Doge, thanks to Elon Musk's backing. But a crypto as influential as XRP doesn't
need the backing of an influential billionaire like Musk. All you have to do is check it out, and soon
you will be an XRP fan. Today I have some excellent news for you regarding
XRP and Ripple that I'm sure will turn heads like never before. So, stick around to the end as we break down
what's current and relevant in the crypto market. What's up, guys! Welcome to Money Side, your favorite crypto

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button, and let's make this money together. Bitcoin is again under fire by the Department
of Justice. Thanks, @TruthSeek33, for sharing this video
that exposes what the justice system is about to do with the cryptocurrency world. In the video, they talk about technologies
that attempt to anonymize payments, and they have seized millions of dollars of bitcoins
to that effect. That's another hit this year that bitcoin
has got only a few weeks after the Tesla News. An innocent person paid millions of dollars
in ransom to regain control over the computer systems. That's way out of line, and unfortunately,
it's not the first hack case paid in cryptos, especially bitcoins.

Truth be told, such incidents make it hard
for the world to embrace the cryptocurrency network fully. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Bitcoin might not survive another attack again. The crypto king is a glorified coin that's
literally been around for years now, and throughout this time, most people have profited from
it. But now, the coin's value is under siege,
and we could see it tank alongside other cryptos like Monero or token that anonymizes payments.

Regulations on Bitcoin are imminent, and that
could potentially lead to another severe crypto market crash. Even though this news will likely hurt bitcoin,
there's a question that keeps bugging my mind: did we not use fiat currency as ransom before
the adoption of cryptocurrencies? And was that any reason to drop the entire
fiat currency network? I don't think so. The government only came up with more innovative
ways to track money, including using the latest technology chips planted into the money or
even serial codes. Why don't we use the same tech in crypto? Like encryptions that are trackable so we
can find out where the money was sent to.

In my perspective, I think that's how they
seized the crypto payments. For any savvy investor, it's better to bank
on crypto that doesn't have any anonymity, like, for instance, XRP. Yes, I said it! I'm pro-XRP, but this is the perfect opportunity
for this crypto to shine bright, and I promise you, it will. Two months have passed since the court ruled
to give Ripple Labs access to the SEC internal communications about Bitcoins, ETH, and XRP,
yet the SEC has not yet turned over the documents, and we are here again. The SEC is quite stubborn, and I believe it's
time for them to hand over these documents.

Currently, the SEC is avoiding turning over
the documents by asking for a 2-month extension of the discovery deal. I don't know about you guys, but I smell a
rat. Let me pitch you a theory, and you can comment
in the section below whether you think this is possible or not. What if the SEC is asking for a two-month
extension so that they can alter the documents regarding how they came up with BTC and ETH
as securities in their favor? They are possibly looking for a loophole so
that they can pin down XRP.

I know it's pretty shady for me to consider
that a government office would alter documents but, we've seen even more bizarre things happen. So, this wouldn't be the first one. Anyway, let me know what you think about this
extension and your thoughts SEC in the comment section below, and let's have a conversation. Thankfully, Ripple's defense team is already
trying to contest the extension request. I mean, what do you think will happen to Ripple
if the court grants the SEC the two-month extension? The company will be at a standstill, and that
could potentially hurt the future of Ripple Labs. But don't get me wrong! No one can stop this Ripple Effect, get it? The XRP company is working overtime to ensure
they are on top of their game.

They've also hired experts in different fields,
including NFTs, which means the company is about to expert to new territories. Ripple Labs is also making deals with the
world's central banks to ensure the SEC lawsuit doesn't stop their plans for the crypto world. If everything goes according to plan, Ripple
will essentially be the only bridge cryptocurrency to work hand-in-hand with an influential fiat
company such as the central banks. That could potentially put this crypto on
the radar of other corporates hence pushing the price of XRP through the roof.

XRP seems to be the apparent winner in the
crypto market, and in truth, it will likely take over BTC's top spot. I'm actually not the only one who seems to
think that way. @Neloangelo314 shares the same thoughts as
I do. According to @Neloangelo314,
#Btc will not help the liquidity crisis and energy crisis that will ensue. The technology isn't even there fundamentally. They will need something fast. Scalable. Low cost. Green. #Xrp. Regulations are coming. It's during this collapse coming. When Regulations hit,
From what I believe, BTC's storm has just started, and the crypto is about to go even
lower than ever.

I'm sorry, my BTC investors; I know this news
will not please many of you, but I believe it's about time to cash out and invest in
some of the rising stars to recover your losses. I'm not saying that's the best advice because
I never go with cashing out, but as the future of BTC grows duller, I think you are about
to be hit with even more significant losses. Anyway, this is not financial advice, so check
in with your financial advisor before making any drastic changes to your portfolio. On the other hand, XRP seems to be the apparent
winner, other than ETH 2.0. Yes, guys, I believe ETH 2.0 will shake the
entire crypto market, and it will probably give XRP a run for its money.

If you don't know what I'm talking about,
let me give you a summary. ETH is upgrading the consensus protocol to
Proof of Stake, which is more scalable than their previous Proof of Work. And that will birth new technological advancements
and applications in the dApp platform pioneer. I can't wait for that to happens since that
will be one hell of a switch, especially for developers in the ETH world. Back to the topic at hand, XRP is literally
giving all crypto investors the green light to stock up on the crypto, but we are all
too blind to see. Of all the cryptos in the business, this coin
is the only one trying to merge the two worlds, making cryptos more trustworthy.

Essentially, this coin will also make most
of you guys rich if you jump on the ship now. More importantly, XRP also has real-life applications,
making it the best big 'gold rush' of the crypto world. Most cryptocurrencies have been trying to
enter the real world in different formats but to no avail. XRP has made it through, and it now has the
backing of several central banks. Now, why wouldn't you invest in this coin
when it's still at its early stages? I mean, if the central banks believe in it
so much that they've incorporated their firmware into their systems, why would you? I've constantly told you guys that this coin
isn't just a fluke that will go away once the SEC lawsuit is over. In fact, in my twisted mind, I believe that
the lawsuit is actually working in favor of XRP's publicity. Everyone knows how crypto works and how it
will move to the next stage of life. Above all, 'iron sharpens iron.' So, if, sorry, when Ripple pulls through its
current state, this coin will be virtually unstoppable.

No one will catch up to it. And if the coin adds all its plans together
and strategically, this crypto will, without a doubt, head straight to the moon. Guys, you don't have to be a crypto genius
to see this, and we can't make this up. Evidence of this happening is all over; you
just need a keen eye to see it coming. That's how most people make millions, if not
billions, in the crypto world and retire.

So, if you want to profit from the crypto
world, XRP is the crypto for you. Let's look at the technical analysis for a
more vivid picture. Using weekly charts and going all the way
back to 2013 leading up to the bull run of 2017, a rectangular channel is formed in which
the price goes down 95.76% (+-1%) from the all-time high ($0.06) to the bottom ($0.0028). The first rectangle ends when the previous
all-time high of $0.067 is reached, rejected and after 4 weeks a breakout to the upside
happens. We want to be out of these rectangular channels
so we can experience the crazy upward moves that we hear about often in crypto. After the first rectangle ends which lasts
about 1365 days (+- 7 days), we see 245 days of more than 4800% breakout (NOT ALL AT ONCE). The 4800% in the last cycle happened during
245 days between the two rectangles which in itself had a 50-60% drop and further price
consolidation for at least 6 months before another breakout and price discovery and a
new ATH .

After the new ATH that happens by the end
of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, another rectangular channel is formed which has the
same characteristics as the last one. The new rectangle that we are experiencing
has also created a channel that goes through a 96.65%
(+-1%) drop from its ATH ($3.38) to the bottom ($0.11) and I expect it to last the same amount
of time as the last cycle's rectangle (or close to it). As of June 8th, 2021, we are in the last stretch
before a crazy move upwards. If this prediction is true, first we should
see the breakout from the ATH price of +$3.38 and then after a few weeks, we should be going
on price discovery . Following the last cycle’s breakout pattern, I expect to see prices ranging
between $14-$17 within 5-7 weeks of breaking above the previous ATH which would be September
– October 2021. I am aiming to sell about half of my XRP holdings
in this price range. After ATH the bottom for XRP should be around
$5-7. I am only going to sell half since I am looking
at the bigger picture which could come in the second half of 2022. 2022, we should see another breakout and price
discovery that will take XRP to + $50 followed by another cycle of accumulation inside a
rectangular channel (BORING!!).

We are almost at the finish line with this
cycle’s accumulation (the rectangle ), and we could see crazy moves upwards that would
make $1 XRP look like a bargain. These are the times to accumulate and get
ready for the actual bull run. I am well aware of the SEC lawsuit and all
the noise surrounding XRP, but I have been proven before that the right news comes exactly
at the right time when the charts are ready. Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section
below and let's have a conversation. Thank you very much for watching. Don't forget to like this video and to click
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