Ripple XRP: No MOONBOY Mentality! ($13 XRP Is Very Possible!)

What’s up, guys? I hope you are all having a 
fantastic week so far. This has been such an   eventful week, which is reflected in the current 
XRP price. As we can see, XRP currently sits at   $1.08, and we are slightly in the red zone today. 
The price has been down by 4.87% over the last   24 hours. But before we get into all the juicy 
stuff of today’s video, let’s roll that intro.  As always, welcome back to Money Side- your 
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To rev up those engines, we have this tweet from   @attorneyjeremy1 that says, “Ripple’s first 
request for admission to the SEC was attached   to the most recent court filing and, in the 
SEC, admits that it never told anyone that   XRP was a security, until the lawsuit was filed. 
That is now an official admission to the case.”  At this point, I have no clue why the cases 
against Garlinghouse and Larsen have not been   dismissed with prejudice. Clearly, they had no 
chance of knowing that the SEC considered XRP a   security or could’ve recklessly disregarded that… 
What more evidence does the Judge need??? Maybe   she is manipulated as well, SEC is hiding, 
deleting, and slowing down all evidence, and   postponing, so ETH had more time with the “banker 
Inner circle” to create a competitive platform….   May the truth come out about Clayton, Hinman, 
Jackson, and Gensler, and they get jail time.  If we look at this following tweet 
from @attorneyjeremy1 says, “Well,   that is officially/legally ADMITTED.” 
Looking at that tweet, we can see an   image he further shares on that tweet.
If we look at that image, it says,   “Request for Admission No.

99. Admit that prior to 
the initiation of this proceeding, in response to   inquiries by third parties described in Request 
No. 99 above, the SEC has never informed a third   party that it considers XRP to be a security.
Answer: In addition to the foregoing objections,   the Commission objects that this request 
is irrelevant because the Commission can   prevail in this case even if this requested 
fact is true.

Subject to all of the foregoing   objections, the Commission admits 
that before the filing of this case,   certain third parties inquired about the legal 
status of XRP. However, the Commission did not   state a view one way or the other in response.”
From what I’m gathering from this, the SEC   admits they never responded to certain parties 
that wanted answers whether XRP was a security   or not. Until they shocked everyone with an 
enforcement action a few days before Christmas.   Did Ripple have a Fair Notice? No! Only clarity 
was how ETH ICO transformed into a non-security.   At this point, it’s actually hilarious 
what’s happening with this whole lawsuit.  Moving on to our following tweet, we have this one 
from @JamesRuleXRP that says, “This is it’ moment   for XRP in Ripple lawsuit, legal expert says.”
He further shares news shared on

If we look at that, we can 
see that “This is it! This is what the SEC is   going to prove in Court and so let’s 
take a look at its answer under oath”,   said Mr. Hogan. The SEC has filed a letter in 
opposition to Ripple’s motion to compel the agency   to provide clear answers to its interrogatories.
The plaintiff argued the defendants have waited   until the end of fact discovery, more than 
seven weeks after receiving the SEC’s first   interrogatory responses, to inform the SEC 
they considered the responses deficient.   The SEC claims it has supplemented five of 
the responses at issue, met and conferred,   and asked Defendants to identify what specific 
information they still required. “Defendants   refused and instead filed the motion less 
than three hours before fact discovery closed.  The agency further added it has substantively 
answered the interrogatories at issue as required   by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the 
Court’s recent guidance that a party “need not   catalog every fact or piece of evidence so 
long as it identifies representative samples   and provides…meaningful disclosure.” 
“Defendants’ argument here boils down   to a complaint that they do not like the answers 
they received to the interrogatories at issue,   in large part because the SEC’s and Defendants’ 
interpretation of the applicable law differs.”  “But the SEC is not required to answer 
the interrogatories in a way that adopts   Defendants’ incorrect reading of the law.

parties’ dispute as to the correct application   of the controlling legal standards should be 
resolved by Judge Torres at summary judgment,   not on a motion to compel interrogatory 
responses”, the plaintiff wrote in the letter.  Ripple’s interrogatories aim to identify the SEC’s 
theory of how the Howey Test applies to virtually   all Defendants’ transactions in XRP over the 
last eight years. The creator of the XRP ledger   filed its motion to compel slightly after the 
extensively covered telephone conference, which   resulted in the Judge being unhappy with the SEC’s 
arguments and ordering an in-camera review of the   documents of which the SEC claims privilege.
In the motion, Ripple stated evasive responses   “must be treated as a failure to disclose, answer, 
or respond,” putting further pressure on the SEC,   which has been quite evasive in regard to its 
deliberative process. The motion also shows how   the plaintiff has evaded Ripple’s inquiries.”
If we look further, we can see that “The agency   alleges Ripple was involved in creating a liquid 
market for XRP and promised to create “uses”   for XRP.

Secondly, Ripple allegedly attempted to 
manipulate the price of XRP, which did not have   utility. “So, putting aside whether the SEC has 
proven or can prove its case with these facts,   the question for this motion becomes – is that 
a good enough answer?” Mr. Hogan asked, leaving   legal expert Thien-Vu Hogan to provide the answer.
“Not specific enough,” Ms. Hogan stated. “I mean,   at one point in answering Interrogatory #8, the 
SEC provides a link to evidence, and it’s just   a link to Twitter in general. When I clicked 
on that piece of evidence, I saw a picture of   my face – that’s some ugly evidence”. “So for that 
reason alone, I would predict that Ripple’s motion   to compel better answers to interrogatories will 
be granted in large part. But that being said,   it’s probably in the SEC’s best interests to 
amend its answers because they aren’t very   compelling to me and obviously not very specific 
and If I was representing the SEC, I would   want to amend these with an eye towards summary 
judgment, and I think it will be allowed to do so   because discovery has not been completed yet”.
Next up, we have yet another tweet from   @CryptoBuddha589 that says, “Of all cryptos 
favored by the World Economic Forum,   Ripple XRP has the strongest utility, globally 

Eco-friendly, cost-efficient, scalable,   adaptable, and interoperable ODL. Awesome.”
In the following tweet, we have @Ecossecrypto,   saying, “Writing is on the wall. I wonder who 
will hit ath next.” If we look at that tweet,   we can see that he shares a list of a few 
cryptocurrencies. In that tweet, we have the XRPL,   where we can see, the XRP Ledger (XRPL) is 
an excellent open-source, public blockchain   that focuses on payments as a use case. 
XRP boasts 1,500 transactions per second,   costs $0.0003 per transaction, and settles 
in 3 seconds. The following resources are   available to learn more about scalability on XRPL.
Now we have another tweet from @digitalassetbuy   that says, “Looks like @Bitboy_Crypto 
thinks ‘All the World is a Stage.”  If we listen to that video that has 
been shared on that tweet, Bitboy says,   “I think you are completely wrong because 
I think you believe the Ripple and SEC   are on separate sides.

He continues to 
ask, ‘who do you think Gary Gensler is?   He further explains that he is as thick 
with the banking cartels as you can get,   and the next four to five years are going 
to show how thick Ripple is inside the   banking cartel. He explains that even the 
Coinbase thing is just a political theater.  All these parties you think are on opposite 
sides are really just on the same side.   This thing will break very soon as it 
was part of the plan the whole time.   The SEC is actually doing here is they are sending 
a shot across the bow, and they will not have   competitors where people can just take USDC and 
earn 4% on that. And why is that? Because these   bond yields will go down, and they don’t want 
a way for people to make money in the markets.  The nitro for the XRP bull run is if they go 
ahead and announce that they are going public   and give us a date for that.

If that happens, 
that’s the most bullish case. The SEC lawsuit   will be settled, and before the end of 
the run that’s announced, it’s going to   be the nitro fuel. It could potentially push it 
between $20 and $30. Without that, we can also   definitely hit a good 12-15 dollars. With that 
in mind guys, let’s take a look at the charts.  XRP setting up for explosive 
price in the end of the year,   like it has done the last two bitcoin cycles.
We can see across the board how the SEC have   started moving and going after other crypto 
projects. Ripple have been in this position since   December when SEC decided to go after them, could 
they be the first to find clarity before everyone   else? Or will the industry finally support it?
What happens if there is clarity & when   exchanges have to re-list it again?
I believe price will go up either way   because of how XRP is positioned in the cycle and 
how the market is forming with bullish structure.  No moonboy mentality guys.

We might see a 
little dip but I'm confident to say "$13 Xrp   is very possible". Chart is perfectly 
aligned. As always trade safely!  Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed 
financial advisor. All videos on this channel   are intended for entertainment purposes only. 
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