Ripple XRP: LEAKED Documents! 🚨They Are WARNING You!🚨

What's up, guys? I hope you are all having a fantastic day
today. Now, today we definitely have a lot to talk
about. There have been some recent developments in
the SEC Vs. Ripple case that we can't afford to miss out on. But before we get into all the good stuff,
let's head over to; we can see that the price of XRP today is $1.13 and
has seen a positive uptrend of 3.36% over the last 24 hours. We have been consolidating above the $1 mark,
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from @MatthewLINY that says, "Canada see #xrp as a utility Token not as a security, according
to Canada Tax Foundation." If we look at the screenshots he has shared
on his tweet, we can see a document from the Canadian Tax Foundation that says 'Taxation
of the Token Economy: Cryptocurrency and DLT Tokens.' Let's look at the second document that has
been shared there.

We can see that under utility tokens, native
utility tokens, and application settlement, we have Ripple, Siacoins, Mysterium, and Filecoin. These native tokens are meant to provide P2P
settlement for transactions with third parties on a native application platform. As we keep on saying on this channel, Ripple
XRP is a utility token that the whole world has backed. It's fascinating that Canada has also come
into play. Next, we have this tweet from @Kevin_Cage_
that says, "Why does PayPal not offer $XRP??? BECAUSE IT IS MEANT FOR THE BIG PLAYERS HERE
On the backend for SETTLEMENT 80 million accounts.

Fools can ignore this. #XRPCommunity"
As we all know, XRP is meant for the big players, and that's why they will most likely price
so many people out. They don't want you in. Right now, we can't quite tell at what price
most traders will be priced out before the flick of the switch. But my good guess is that we will see so many
people being priced out when XRP gets to $10, $20, $30. Somewhere around that range. From @Jaydee_757, "$SEC sued $Amazon and $Tesla. Average people sold, while the Elites bought. Those who bought the fear are now one of the
richest people in the world. SEC is suing #RIPPLE now. Those who bought $XRP WILL soon be one of
the richest people in the world. MORAL: Don't be average!" It's that simple, guys! In the past, we have all seen SEC go after
Amazon and Tesla, which are some of the biggest companies worldwide right now. The same thing is happening with Ripple. If we go by history, XRP will be much further
ahead in the come years after the SEC vs. Ripple case has settled. Always have that at the back of your mind.

Next, we have quite an interesting tweet from
@attorneyjeremy1 that says, "Ripple: If we're doing something wrong, how can we fix it? Hinman: You can't. Just stop selling XRP until we get our lawsuit
finished. Ripple: That's extremely unhelpful. Hinman: I'll be more helpful when I get back
into private practice. Call me then. -Hinman depo pg.96." Another tweet from @attorneyjeremy1 says,
"Here's the deleted portion of the SEC doc:n"You call ten different law firms, they give you
ten different answers, each of them has their own particular spin. It's like the white light of your speech went
through a prism and came out in ten different colors of legal advice." Crypto boom replies to Attorney Jeremy, saying,
"Holy crap! Look at this! It looks like the @SECGov tried to delete
and hide information from a document?! But @Ripple's attorneys found it in the metadata." Moving forward, we have this tweet from @BlackberryXRP,
"Gaaaarrrryyyy, are you there? What did Mr. Seaman delete? Did Hinman tell him to? Why are your attorneys coaching the witness?…. settle it, give clarity, and have fun with." He further shares a video, and when we listen
in, it says, "Gary, let's talk about this little information that Mr.

Seaman may have
deleted. And… did Mr. Hinman tell him to delete it. Plus, this attorney, Mr. Tenrero he might
as well testify for the client. There is no speaking objections. Mr., what's the basis of that? To him, there is no foundation for that right
now. Mr. Tenrero, even if it is, you can ask him
if he directed Seaman to delete it. I mean… does he remember that? What is he doing coaching the witness? Gary, settle this, move on and hand;e the
more important things.

And good luck with that investigation." Again guys, the developments we are getting
about this case goes to show us that this is all a shenanigans show. It continues to baffle me why don't they just
settle it. But I guess you all know why now. They are just waiting for the perfect moment
in time. @Leerzeit, "In December 2020, the @SECGov
charged Ripple. 8 months later, we are at a point where Ripple
is charging the SEC, interrogating its employees & convicting the agency of destroying evidence. @GaryGensler, on a scale of 1-10, how would
you rate your start as chairman of this agency?" As we all know, Gary is literary the puppet
for this whole Ripple Vs.

SEC show. Another tweet from @X_Anderson says, "Just
a reminder that the Ripple train is not stopping." He further shares this article from
with the headline, "Ripple Partners with South Korea's Leading Payments Service Provider." The article says, "GME Remittance, one of
the leading companies in South Korea, has announced a tie-up with SBI Ripple Asia, a
subsidiary distributed ledger company Ripple, in order to enable faster payments to Thailand.

By becoming part of the RippleNet network,
GME Remittance will be able to swiftly open new remittance corridors across the globe,
according to COO Subash Chandra Poudel: We chose Ripple as our partner because, with
RippleNet, we can launch into new countries with new partners within 1-2 weeks. This has drastically reduced the time to market
and provides us with an edge compared to our competitors.

Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand's oldest bank
and a longtime Ripple partner, has connected with GME Remittance in order to receive money
transfers from South Korea. Ripple has a strong presence in South Korea
with such partners as Coinone Transfer, Sentbe, and Hanpass." Now, as we wind up today's video, we have
this tweet from @Ripple that says, "#ICYMI – #RippleNet enables GME Remittance to accelerate
and scale global #payments with @scb_thailland. Here's how their partnership has expanded
remittance corridors across the globe." Let's go over that article that Ripple shared,
"GME Remittance Joins RippleNet to Accelerate and Scale Payments from South Korea into Thailand. Today, we're excited to announce that Global
Money Express Co. Ltd (GME Remittance), one of the largest non-bank remittance service
providers in South Korea, has joined RippleNet. Through RippleNet, Ripple's global financial
network, GME Remittance has connected to Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), Thailand's largest
bank in terms of market capital.

This partnership, established through SBI
Ripple Asia — a joint venture between SBI Holdings and Ripple — will accelerate and
scale payments from South Korea into Thailand. With 184,000 Thai nationals residing in South
Korea, the Thai population is the third-largest in the country — after Chinese and Vietnamese
nationals. GME Remittance joins an existing roster of
Korean financial institutions and money transfer companies already on RippleNet — including
CROSS ENF and Sentbe — that currently serve the remittance corridor between South Korea
and Thailand. The number of transactions sent via RippleNet
for this corridor has doubled year-over-year. Through this partnership, GME Remittance is
looking to connect with existing RippleNet customers to expand into additional remittance
corridors across the region and globally, including Europe and the US.

"We chose Ripple as our partner because, with
RippleNet, we can launch into new countries with new partners within 1-2 weeks. This has drastically reduced the time to market
and provides us with an edge compared to our competitors," said Subash Chandra Poudel,
Director and COO at Global Money Express Co. Ltd. (GME Remittance). "Since launching our partnership, our team
has benefited from the robustness of RippleNet, where transactions are tracked at every step
of the process, making it easy to send money across borders with speed and transparency,"
he added. "The remittance corridors requiring high-performance
payments to this region are growing exponentially — with people needing to send money round
the clock, even on holidays or weekends," said Emi Yoshikawa, Vice President of Corporate
Strategy and Operations at Ripple." We're pleased to partner with a leading payments
service provider like GME Remittance to deliver a superior customer experience while accelerating
their expansion into new markets as they connect with our existing network of established partners
on RippleNet," she added.

This new connection on RippleNet between GME
Remittance and SCB comes off the back of strong customer momentum for Ripple in Asia Pacific. The region is one of the fastest-growing for
Ripple, with transactions growing 130% year-over-year, driven by existing RippleNet customers and
new connections. RippleNet leverages blockchain technology
to help partners across a global network accelerate their business performance and scale. It delivers a superior end-customer experience,
simplified network partnering, liquidity management solutions, lines of credit, and state-of-the-art
infrastructure to enable real-time payments." With that in mind guys, Let’s take a look
at the technicals! This is just the beginning of the bull cycle
get ready for an explosion to around $10 or even potentially higher. sell around 10 then buy back around 2-3$ for
more gains.

Have an exit strategy prepared for these next
few weeks anything can happen. Hopefully, the sec case ends because that
would be an instant boost for us. but even without the case end, we've still
got this ball rolling. I think by next may we could potentially see
> $100 so we have some ways to go. for now we should expect a mini pull back. The worst-case scenario IMO is we drop down
to .8 so don't worry. if we drop lower than that ima have to sell
for sure.

Check out areas 1a, 1b, and 1c. they look
like they are repeating themselves and if they are then we can see the same pattern
we see in areas 1a and 1b, happen in 1c. The directional movement index should play
out the same way it did back in the beginning of the 2017/2018 bull cycle. (for guidance about what could happen in the
future we look to the past). Because of the time frame for the last highs,
we can expect to hit the next high before the beginning of October. The selling line is a good selling point so
if we ever hit it it wouldn't be a bad idea to sell there. The red vertical line is when i think this
next run-up could likely end. If you look at the bigger picture you can
also notice that the past few years we've been building an ascending triangle so when
we break that it's gonna be big. after we break the triangle, hit the high, then hit
support were going to see xrp hit hundreds of dollars if possible and be bigger than
bitcoin. In this bull cycle, people will fully realize
the potential of xrp and were going to get a lot more media attention than before! Trade safely guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor.

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