Ripple XRP: Here Is PROOF That XRP Will Be Used As A Reserve Like GOLD! (Don’t MISS Out!)

What's up, guys? I hope you are all having a fantastic day
today. We have exciting news coming up in the XRP
community that we can't afford to miss out on. But before we get into all that juicy stuff,
let's look at the price of XRP on As we all can see, XRP is at $0.6009 and has
been up +2.59% over the last 24 hours. We are seeing some green there, and it seems
we are making small steps in the right direction.

Now that that's out of the way let's roll
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from @FilanLaw that will get us started today.

He tweeted saying, “#XRPCommunity #SECGov
vs. #Ripple #XRP BREAKING- SEC files response to Defendant’s letters concerning public
statement made by commissioners Pierce and Roisman.” In his tweet, he shares this document that
shows the SEC response to Defendants' Letters Re: Peirce and Roisman.pdf. To keep you up to speed, this is actually
the response to a motion filed to dismiss the case from Brad Garlinghouse and Chris
Larson regarding Pierce and Roisman's statement. I will walk you through this document, and
we will point out some of the exciting stuff that has been highlighted here. As we all probably know by now, Pierce and
Roisman made some statements and Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larson said that these statements
from these two people actually back up their motion to dismiss the SEC lawsuit.

This is quite interesting so let's look further
into what actually happened here. According to cryptoglobe.come, in this statement,
Peirce and Roisman expressed their disappointment with the fact that the SEC’s press release
about the settlement with Coinschedule/Blotics did not “explain which digital assets touted
by Coinschedule were securities,” and they pointed out that such an omission shows that
the SEC is reluctant to “provide additional guidance about how to determine whether a
token is being sold as part of a securities offering or which tokens are securities.” They went on to say: “There is a decided
lack of clarity for market participants around the application of the securities laws to
digital assets and their trading, as is evidenced by the requests each of us receives for clarity
and the consistent outreach to the Commission staff for no-action and other relief. The test laid out in SEC v. W.J. Howey Co.,
328 U.S. 293 (1946), is helpful, but, often, including with respect to many digital assets,
the application of the test is not crystal clear.

Now, this letter right here states;
'Dear Judge Torres: Plaintiff Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") writes in response
to the July 19, 2021 letter filed by Defendants Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian A. Larsen
("Individual Defendants") (D.E. 264) and the July 20, 2021 letter filed by Defendant Ripple
Labs, Inc. ("Ripple," together with the Individual Defendants,
"Defendants") (D.E. 266). In this action, the SEC alleges that Ripple
and the Individual Defendants violated Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933 ("Securities
Act"), 15 USC § 77e, by obtaining billions of dollars from public investors via unregistered
offers and sales of a "cryptocurrency" called XRP. The SEC also alleges that the Individual Defendants
aided and abetted Ripple's violations of that statute. The Individual Defendants now argue that a
July 14, 2021 statement by SEC Commissioners Hester M.Peirce and Elad L. Roisman ("Statement")
supports their Motions to Dismiss (DE 105, 110) the SEC's claims of aiding and abetting. Ripple similarly argues that the statement
saves Ripple's argument that, because the SEC has not issued regulations governing cryptocurrencies,
the Constitution bars the Court from applying Securities Act Section 5—a strict liability
statute— to Ripple's otherwise unlawful conduct.

Defendants are wrong for at least five reasons.' The SEC goes ahead to give its five reasons
why Ripple is wrong about the statements. We are definitely not about to ready the 61
pages of this letter, but the one thing that's definitely evident in this is that this letter
is just another painful read that falls back on old arguments. The Howey test is absolute here.

The SEC just sits and says; we will just ignore
the fair notice defence in our arguments and frame it otherwise. Still claiming Ripple sold billions of securities
to public investors knowingly. Pierce and Roisman's views are their own and
not that of the SEC. Clayton gave a speech about ICOs; the SEC
position should have been clear. But don't you think it's actually funny how
the SEC completely omits the fact Ripple had no ICO, ETH did and got its free pass.

Clearly, they are relying on the Kik and Telegram
cases to frame their argument again, which I feel Ripple will tear apart as it has already
been argued that the tokens were not securities in that instance. It's all cherry-picking. We are clearly seeing that the SEC is just
doing their best to delay the regulatory clarity on XRP hence delaying its implementation as
the world reserve currency. And we are not just making stuff here. I want to share with you some sources that
back up this claim. So, stick around to see those as well. Now moving on, we have this tweet from @WillyWonkaXRP
says, "Trump Federal reserve Nominee Judy Shelton suggesting 'Back to the Future' approach
utilizing a gold standard in a cryptocurrency type of way!! 'Level playing field' Listen closely. Hodl #XRP! Wonka Knows!" This guy shares this video from Tom Wilkinson
where Judy Shelton is interviewed about the gold standard for the US economy. She shares her thoughts about it, stating
that what a gold standard stands for is a monetary discipline for its own sake.

In that, if money is supposed to be a unit
of account and a reliable measure and a dependable source store of value, it really shouldn't
be subject to who's the chairman of the Federal Reserve. She states that she thinks that money needs
to be stable and provide the foundation for productive economic growth. And when money is just a variable that financial
markets just toss around or is part of a derivatives formula or it's part of someone speculating
on the currencies, it's not serving the private sector in the sense of providing that reliable
unit of account so that you can make plans. And under Gold standard, you did have that
stability, and she thinks that's what missing. Further, she clarifies that she likes the
idea of a gold standard that could be used in a very cryptocurrency way to the point
where we have a unified money system. When you talk about the international marketplace,
everyone is playing on a level monetary playing field.

She further says the fact that we need a rules-based
approach, she is advocating for the virtues of a gold standard, and we should try to come
up with something that is very much closer to that if we want to have a more solid economic
growth. What she is talking about here is that we
need to have a store of value that you can move around, but it also needs to be reliable. And as we all know by now, Ripple XRP fits
this profile. That's because XRP can be used to make transactions
in a very efficient way; you can bridge currencies with it, it is green for the environment,
a great store of value.

In short, it has all these aspects, and that's
what she is talking about here. If we look at this tweet from @truthcrumbs,
we can see something interesting he tweeted here, "When you hear all these discussions
about CBDCs, you never hear anyone asking, 'How are you going to settle intercontinental
payments?' I'm here to tell you that they're going to
be settled by a World Reserve Currency that's going to come from BIS, World Bank, IMF or
somewhere." And he further shares this video where these
two brilliant men are there describing a problem and has no idea the solution already exists,
which is quite unbelievable.

They are discussing the situation with banks
and CBDCs talking about how there will be cross-border payments. People in the US can transfer money to another
person in Ireland or Japan, and how the transaction will need to be settled too since the bank
money is a liability to the fed in the US and the bank in Japan. They talk about how when someone in the US
sends a thousand dollars in reserves to someone in Japan; the transaction will need to be
settled as the bank in Japan won't just take on the liability for no reason. But this conversation tells us that even if
the solution is already here, people are not doing enough to search for it.

XRP literally is going to be that world reserve
currency. If it comes down to the technology, they will
use to settle these payments, everything leads us back to XRP. We need something between the two banks involved
in a transaction as in no instance are we going to see another bank hold a foreign bank's
currency. XRP presents just the right conditions to
facilitate this as it can bridge assets, it fits as a reserve currency, it's an efficiently
green currency. It's fascinating just how XRP has all the
aspects needed here. Those who are not seeing it have decided to
be blind about it.

Yes guys, now it’s time to check out the
technical analysis! We are looking at 12 hour time frame. XRP price recoiled from support $0.52, clearing
the path toward $0.6. A break above the month-long descending trendline
rejuvenates the bulls' effort for gains heading to $1. Ripple has gained some ground since the selloff
earlier this week. The cross-border money transfer token lost
a considerable amount of its value, whereby the bearish leg extended from $0.6 to $0.52. A more than 10% decline in the cryptocurrency
market is not surprising, but the same in another industry would leave an imperfect
and an unwanted storm. Meanwhile, XRP seems to have gained all the
ground this week, suggesting that the international money transfer will end the week in the green. At the time of writing, Ripple teeters at
$0.59 and looking forward to trading above $0.6 in the near term. Several buy signals keep Ripple bulls on toes
as investors speculate on the price hitting higher levels in the coming sessions. Firstly, settling above $0.6 would be an excellent
boost to ascertain the market's stability. Secondly, Ripple is trading marginally above
a month-long descending trend line , suggesting that one of the most significant barriers
are out of the way.

Note that the 50 Simple Moving Average ( SMA
) caps the immediate upside and must come down for bulls to extend their leg toward
$0.7. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence
( MACD ) indicator is vividly bullish as the 12-day EMA crossed above the 26-day EMA . As
the MACD nears the mean line, the odds for Ripple sustaining the uptrend increase incredibly. Similarly, the Relative Strength Index ( RSI
) affirms that bulls have the upper hand. This technical tool follows the trend of an
asset and calculates its strength. A sharp move from the oversold region to the
midline shows that the bulls' grip is more substantial.

If the RSI continues with the same momentum
to the overbought territory, Ripple will take down the numerous stubborn hurdles, heading
toward $1. As always trade safely guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section
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