Ripple XRP & Flare Network Are About To Make Passive MILLIONAIRES! (Was This ALL Planned?)

What’s up, guys? I hope you are all having a fantastic week
so far. Today we are going to talk about what’s
happening to XRP in the XRP community. And now, before we proceed, let’s quickly
look at how XRP is fairing in the market on As you all can see, the price of XRP today
is $0.5461, and it seems like we are finally in the green zone again. The price has been up 2.40% over the last
24 hours, and I must say, this is impressive to see.

With that said, let’s roll that intro and
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the notifications so that you don’t miss out on our daily crypto updates. Now, back to today’s topic… we are going
to rev those engines with this tweet from @kingDoggoXRP that says, “I understand when
people can’t see XRP going to $1,500 after settlement, not everyone can be a multimillionaire
or a billionaire.” As we all know by now, the settlement is coming
very soon.

So, it wouldn’t be so absurd to see these
crazy numbers sooner than later. Some people might think it’s crazy the kind
of prospects people have for XRP, but only time will tell. If I were you, I’d not want to be left out
when XRP goes off. Proceeding to our next tweet today, we have
this interesting one from @jordannharryy that says, “THE SHIFT FROM SWIFT IS HAPPENING
75% of big global banks, especially US ones, are pulling out of the international correspondent
banking system.” He shares this video where @AnjaManuel1, a
board member at Ripple, shares some fascinating facts. She talks about how SWIFT and how people are
moving away. Further, she says that most people will say
that the regulatory requirements are too painful and not worth it.

She says that most people still don’t get
why they should have a correspondent banking pair with Ghana or Uganda or maybe Chile. We have innovations like the Chinese Digital
Yuan, and the big payment platforms could take their place. But on the US side, what do we have? Maybe Ripple would be it! It’s crazy how everything is just there
in front of our faces. We just have to see it! XRP is the chosen one. From @Ripple, we have this, “The last mile
in global payments is the movement of value from a financial institution to the end recipient. Our playbook provides insights and opportunities
to leverage blockchain technology and grow your business.” Now, if we tap at the link they’ve shared,
we can see, ‘The Last-Mile Playbook to Global Payments. Speed, transparency, and liquidity are critical
for efficient payment processing in cross-border transactions. In many regions around the world, however,
this isn’t always the reality. This simple guide will help your organization
build differentiated value propositions in 14 key markets, including Mexico, Thailand,
and Nigeria. Download the playbook to discover new opportunities
to leverage blockchain technology and grow your business in this country-by-country primer
on domestic payment systems.’ We have yet another one from @SmartieXT that
says, “3 years ago, Brad said it’s a marathon.

Now Ripple stated it’s the last mile. Buckle up, boys; we are right at the finish
line.” He shares this tweet by @bgaringhouse that
says, ‘And to be clear: @MoneyGram announcement is one step in a marathon ahead to truly make
XRP the global liquidity solution for payment providers and banks.’ This is a tweet from 2018, 3 years ago. And now, in 2021, they shared another tweet
talking about the last mile in global payments. Without any doubt, we are right there at the
finish line. @unidentifiedta1 says, “Last mile in global
payments. Funny… the juxtaposition. Rest of the world uses metric system. US Dollar system is done.” There we go, people have different but interesting
perspectives about all this, and it’s impressive to see.

Moving on from that, we have some more fantastic
news. If you are an XRP holder who will be receiving
spark tokens, you will also get a second free token from Flare Network. This is just incredible! However, we are likely to see this 2-month
delay in the launch of the Spark Token. Some people were not very happy to hear that,
but, in my book, I’d say whatever they need to do to make sure the network is secure,
let them go ahead and do it.

There is no need to rush what’s happening
here as they only get to launch this network once. We have this tweet shared by the official
Flare Network Twitter account, and they shared a link that leads us to the Flare.Xyz website. Here we can see, ‘Introducing Songbird,
the Canary Network for Flare.’ Let’s quickly look at that article and highlight
only what’s necessary here. ‘Introducing Songbird, the Canary Network
for Flare. We are excited to release our updated plans
on the development and launch of Flare. At Flare, we have been conducting extensive
testing of the network and the various core Flare protocols intended to provide utility. Our testing has now reached a point with many
elements where little more can be understood from further testing on an isolated test network.

We will now progress to live testing on an
operational blockchain in an adversarial environment. In the next six weeks, we will be releasing
a “Canary” network for Flare called Songbird.’ ‘What is a Canary Network? A “Canary network” is an operational blockchain
with a defined (and hence scarce) token supply that is intended to be used to test features
for a related main net. On a Canary network, users have a balance
that cannot just be replenished at will. This is in contrast to a testnet which generally
has an unlimited token supply available in increments to any user through a faucet.

The defined and scarce token supply may confer
value to the token, potentially making it attractive to attackers such that testing
is as “real” as it can possibly get. This allows for the hardening of the system
under testing. Polkadot is the originator of the Canary network
concept, with their Kusama Network.’ Songbird will have its own token, Songbird
($SGB), which will be distributed once only and in the same ratio to all the same recipients
of the FLR distribution. The total starting supply will be 15 billion
with initial inflation of 10% per annum through the FTSO and validator rewards systems. This means for every 1 XRP held at the time
of the snapshot, 0.1511 SGB will be allocated. There will be no pre-defined minting rewards
pool. Instead, that supply will remain with the
Flare Foundation. If you claimed FLR through self-custody, you
will use the same Ethereum style address but with a different chain, ID to access Songbird. If you claimed your FLR through an exchange,
they will receive SGB on your behalf. You will need to ask them to distribute it
to you.’ Now, as we wind up today’s video, we have
this article shared on titled, ‘Ripple and SEC reach a deal ahead of deposition
about speech on ETH.’ Let’s look at that as well and see what’s
going on with this SEC case.

As we all know by now, on Friday, Ripple and
the SEC announced they made progress regarding the privilege issues and planned to further
narrow and resolve those issues relating to Mr. Hinman’s speech. Looking at that article, we can see the following;
‘With one week to go before the deposition of William Hinman takes place, the plaintiff
and defendants have jointly sent a letter to Judge Sarah Netburn announcing they have
reached a deal so that the testimony goes smoothly. “We have reached an understanding, reflecting
a compromise by all parties, pursuant to which the Defendants may examine Mr. Hinman on various
issues without triggering a privilege objection from the SEC.” Last week, the Judge ordered the deposition
to go forward despite the immense resistance from the SEC – “desperate,” according
to attorney Jeremy Hogan. On Friday, both parties announced they made
progress in regard to the privilege issues and planned to further narrow and resolve
the issues relating to Mr.

Hinman’s deposition. Despite the understanding reached between
the SEC and Ripple, some remain skeptical about the progress made. “I will be surprised if the parties do not
come to her after the deposition to get a ruling on the privilege “deliberative process”
issue,” said XRP Holders’ attorney John Deaton. From the look of things, they may have decided
to ask certain questions, allow him to answer them under seal, and then seek a judgement
later.” Deaton has already proposed 10 fundamental
deposition questions that do not come under the privilege argument, although a Special
Master may still be needed to rule on the potential stream of objections.

The ex-SEC Director of Corporation Finance's
deposition will be centered on his 2018 lecture about Ether, in which he stated that it should
not be regarded a security. That sparked a wild market reaction, and numerous
agreements were made at the time and afterwards, but it also raised a lot of issues. Ripple Labs plans to raise some of these concerns,
which might expose the SEC's mistakes while also putting pressure on ETH as its status
as a non-security could be reassessed.' With that in mind, let’s take a look at
the technical analysis of XRP. We are looking at a daily timeframe. The FED will be making a decision about the
interest rate and announcing their monetary policy on July 28th. What does that mean? If they decide to increase the interest, then
it will most likely put everyone in the stock market in panic and will most likely sell
out their positions.

This means catastrophic for the crypto market. Yesterday the stock market saw one of the
biggest sell-off within one day in the stock market's history. Hedge funds are moving into the stock market
which is also a bad sign. I’ve been tracking whale wallets in this
market and a lot of cash is also leaving and more coins getting injected into exchanges.

Like I said in my past TA’s if the stock
market falls, so will bitcoin and the rest of alt. coins. This is not intended as a FUD. Please use caution. A lot of people are about to pay for their
tuition by investing money in things they don’t understand. This market doesn’t care about anybody. It will do what it will do. I'm still neutral on alt coins but if we get
a push from the outer Gartley on Bitcoin , XRP probably pushes higher to that longer term
trend line around $0.87 as resistance. I've been long since $0.20 so XRP could crater
and it wouldn't salt me a bit. Don’t be dumb and get carried away by your
emotions. Be careful trading and protect your investments. Trade safely guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only.

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