Ripple XRP: Final WARNING To ALL XRP Community! ($1000 Incoming Before 2022!)

It's happening soon, and XRP is at the center
of this entire global change. For years, there have been chatters all over
the internet and in the financial market. There's going to be a major change in the
banking system. Guess what! Everyone is talking about XRP since it's the
perfect bridge between the crypto market and the fiat world. And that's not all! We have a lot in store for you today, so buckle
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to current news, reflecting on the price action.

So, to ensure that you always know what is
happening as a crypto investor, we will highlight the latest. And believe me when I tell you, a lot can
happen in just under 24 hours. With that in mind, I'll break down some of
the events happening in the XRP community. To start us off is this tweet by Ripple that
says, 'The "last mile" in global #payments is the
movement of value from a financial institution to the end recipient. Our Playbook provides insights and opportunities
to leverage #blockchain technology and grow your business. Download it here.' Ripple has been working to ensure the financial
institutions get ahead of the blockchain technology, which is definitely a plus for any bank.

Imagine this; Ripple offers faster cross-border
transactions, a private ledger, and most importantly, on-demand liquidity. If I were the head of any bank, I would've
been the first one to jump onto this train. That's actually the best deal any bank could
ever get. And what's more, the bank's customers will
praise the company for their fast transactions and low fees—essentially putting any bank
in front of its competitors. Who wouldn't want that? That's why no matter how the case between
Ripple and SEC is heading, this company continues to make meaningful partnerships with major
players in the market. Another important tweet worth mentioning is
this one by @RosalynLayton where she says, 'While exciting to follow, the SEC's case
against @Ripple has exposed the comedy of errors at the agency. #XRP #XRPCommunity #Crypto #cryptocurrency
#CryptoNews’ That's totally true. The SEC presented a case against Ripple to
discover that it's been a journey that highlights their flawed regulations. Rosalyn also shares a link to Forbes Magazine
with that article that states the same.

The article describes how the trial proceedings
have been since the beginning of this case. And quite frankly, it makes sense for anyone
who's been following this case. The Forbes article states,
'Covering the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) ill-conceived enforcement
action against Ripple Labs is never dull, and last week offered another development
in the case. When the agency accused the San Francisco-based
software company of seven years of unregistered securities trades by its distribution of the
XRP digital currency, it unwittingly opened the door to replacing the SEC's antiquated
Howey Test for defining securities. Moreover, it appears that the judge agrees
with the defense's argument that the SEC failed to provide fair notice to Ripple (or any market
participant) that XRP was, in the agency's view, a security since 2013. Throughout the pre-trial phase of the case,
Ripple's legal team has demonstrated that the SEC denied fair notice not just on XRP,
but cryptocurrencies in general. When Ripple filed an intention to present
a fair notice defense, the SEC launched a series of desperate filings to stop Ripple,
knowing that if that defense is permitted, the trial case against Ripple will be dead
on arrival.

Key to the strategy is the deposition of former
SEC Director of Corporation Finance William Hinman, which Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn
has now ordered, overruling the SEC. This is crucial because Hinman gave a now-infamous
speech in June 2018, which still appears on the SEC website, declaring that Ethereum's
digital token ether is not a security despite having been launched in an initial coin offering
(ICO) in 2014. The SEC disclaimed the speech, saying it reflected
only Hinman's personal views and was not market guidance. When the suit was filed in December, exchanges
suspended XRP trading, leading to panic selling that erased $15 billion worth of savings and
asset holdings.

Believing to be denied fair notice of the
SEC's intentions, retail holders focus their feelings of betrayal with remarkable intensity
to the court and on social media. The interest led the Southern District of
New York to open thousands of public phone lines to listen to pre-trial hearings. Attorney John E. Deaton filed a Motion to
Intervene on behalf of XRP holders and has signed up 19,000 XRP holders by the latest

Another portent of doom for the SEC's legal
team is a recent missive on a settlement with crypto exchange Coinschedule from SEC commissioners
Peirce and Roisman, two Republicans who likely voted against the Ripple case driven by former
Republication SEC Chair Jay Clayton. The Commissioners were essentially whistleblowers
from inside the agency's top leadership, attesting that the SEC fails to provide clear guidance
and fair notice on digital assets Peirce and Roisman wrote they were "disappointed"
that the settlement "did not explain which digital assets touted by Coinschedule were
securities, an omission which is symptomatic of our reluctance to provide additional guidance
about how to determine whether a token is being sold as part of a securities offering
or which tokens are securities.' The SEC has been trying to cover up its tracks,
even going to the extent of requesting additional time.

Now, what do you think the company has been
up to ever since then? Recently, the government noticed that there
are no crypto regulations that could be used to at least make sense of what is happening
in the market. But that also begs the question; if we still
don't have any regulatory clarity, why in the hell did the SEC file a lawsuit against
Ripple? Or is there something that the regulatory
body is trying to hide behind the curtains that we don't know about? I may get a lot of controversy for stating
the obvious, but the SEC is playing games with us, and they are not telling us the whole

Either way, this body will not get the chance
to slow down Ripple and XRP. As a matter of fact, the only thing the SEC
will achieve from this lawsuit, if any, is restrictions for U.S. traders. That's because this body doesn't have any
jurisdiction beyond American soil. And as Ripple constantly keeps saying, most
of their clients are not from the U.S., to begin with.

So, it's like a snake biting its own tail. Think of it this way; Ripple was going to
help place the U.S. on top of the other countries if only the government accepted it and created
a dollar-backed CBDC on it. If that doesn't happen, other powerful countries
will use this opportunity to rise to the occasion and take that top spot. And now here's the mic drop statement by Jeremy
Hogan that could potentially lead to the end of this trial. Jeremy tweets,
'More clear: Imagine you are the Judge deciding whether Ripple had "Fair Notice" it was violating
the law, and you look in the file and see a letter from 2 out of the 5 SEC heads stating
essentially that "Not only Ripple didn't have Fair Notice, NO ONE had or has Fair Notice.' We've talked about this severally, but now
it's happening.

The SEC didn't give Ripple any Fair Notice. That is why they are so afraid of this coming
out. With this information, Ripple's defense team
might have a chance of dismissal of the entire court case. Guess what that means? The end of this trial is near, and the SEC
is now getting nervous because they don't have any other cards to play. The company has been on Ripple's neck, and
now here's their chance to put an end to all of this finally. Another tweet that's also worth mention is
this one by @Moonchaser2020, which states, 'I believe that the SEC is negotiating a settlement
with #Ripple as we speak.

There is no way they will allow Hinman to
be deposed. The evidence clearly shows the hypocrisy,
inconsistencies, manipulation & corruption of Sr SEC officials@SECGov@ReutersBiz@NewYorkFBI@business'
From all angles, it seems that this court case will soon be over. Now, XRP is about to moon, and anyone holding
this crypto will likely make a ton of profit. So far, the coin has been on a steady bearish
trend by from what we've seen; the tables are about to turn. Sooner rather than later, XRP will take the
seat as the number one crypto in the market.

Yes guys! Now let’s take a quick look at the technical
analysis of XRP and bitcoin. In this weekly perspective, I have been waiting
for XRP to retest some of the vital supports that got broken. Over the next coming months, I believe we
will have tested below $0.34 and lower again and we will be moving sideways. I have set buy targets between my heavy buy
zone and my buy zone once again for the next cycle. Be prepared to wait a couple of years before
any real movement again. If BTC can find support around the $20,000,
I think this cycle could have another leg up towards the end of 2022. We are looking at daily bitcoin chart, "Interesting"
times guys, looks like the summer vacations are fully on and BTC movement supporting vacations
too. 😉
Soon it might be over, so guys swipe the dust off your computers and start to prepare. As I have said previously, if the streets
get bloody, the winners will be only these players who prepared for it. The current pressure is down and let's look
at a bit lower prices from where the price of Bitcoin can find support.

These price levels are not far away. Yes, price-wise 5k to 15k seems quite a huge
gap to fill but if it starts to roll it can collapse quite heavily because we still need
some liquidity. As you see from the image above the price
of BTC has started to approach previous yearly highs which now starting to act as support. Also, I can say that this is a quite good
retest area, especially the lower one which stays below 20k. There is a low chance that the price of Bitcoin
cannot reach 20k and below of that because there are some interesting criteria that might
work as a support. At the moment, the price approaching 2020
high and around the current price is also 2021 low. Some low amount of liquidity might have below
of that price levels and there is also the Fibonacci retracement level waiting for us. Fibonacci retracement level of 62% has worked
historically quite perfectly. Even in my technical analysis classroom, I
have shown how perfectly Bitcoin will react to Fibo 62%. So, here is the opportunity for long-term
investors to slowly start building their positions.

The major area stays below 20k. There are quite a few previous yearly highs
that now start to act as a support zone . A zone from where to make a technically good
buy. It is a good sign that the price isn't retested
20k after the breakout. It adds strength to it because after the break
of 20k the price just flew away. There we have multi-yearly highs which act
as support levels plus there is Weekly 200EMA. It has been also quite a good criterion to
hold the price up and even the bounces of that have guided the price of Bitcoin into
the bull runs! From 3k to 14k and from 4k to 64k , quite
an amazing history yes? 🙂
Be prepared! The collapse might come and it might be fast.

The pressure is down and these are the major
lower zones that I'm looking for and I know when and why I will act! Always trade safely guys! Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section
below and let's have a conversation. Thank you very much for watching. Don't forget to like this video and to click
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