Ripple XRP: Everything WILL Happen Over A SINGLE Night! (EXPLAINED!)

XRP has once again set off an unprecedented wave, do you understand? Its name is-ripple effect. Do not? Ok! Let's face it! Since its plunge during the SEC lawsuit, XRP has received more hatred than ever before, but this not a problem. Now, will XRP rise to a record high, or will it fall? Guys, I firmly believe that Ripple and XRP will reach high prices soon. I mean, really fast! More importantly, I suspect it will happen overnight. Well, that's right! What's wrong, guys! Welcome to Money Side, we let money do the talking. If you haven’t already, please click the subscribe button and open the notification to get The latest crypto news.

Okay, let's get to the point. I decided to take a moment to show some love to my fans, so today, I will try Answer a few questions before entering the video. In other words, thank you, Duncan Lee Roy, for your breakdown, I agree with you. In the long run, XRP is a good coin and is not suitable for anyone with short-sightedness. Anyone who stays here for a short time may not make a lot of money. But for people like me who have been involved for a long time, when the coin rises , We will obtain considerable profits. Again, patience is the key, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Thank you MLThevoice for your wonderful compliment. I will always make sure that you get the best video every day. Now that it has been resolved, let's start with the topic at hand XRP.

Guys, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission refused to publish about how they proposed that ETH and BTC are not securities File of ideas. What did i tell you I smelled a rat smell, and soon the court will reveal what the SEC is trying to hide. Otherwise, the entire court case will be dismissed. The US Securities and Exchange Commission may withdraw their lawsuit, which will lead to a settlement. Yes, you heard from me! But who knows! Anything can happen, especially when it comes to the SEC. Regulators are trying to file a case, but they don’t have any actual evidence. In fact, Ripple should sue the SEC, not the other way around. The US Securities and Exchange Commission is working hard. This is why they requested that the case be put on hold for the time being. The SEC is likely to have no ideas or excuses to the court Submit private correspondence documents regarding ETH and BTC. We think it’s not wrong to have some prejudices, especially when it comes to When cryptocurrency.

In this case, I believe that the SEC did not know that the Ripple team would use this method Fight back. This is a real case of the Phoenix being reborn from ashes. @JakiJakjakki said on Twitter that XRP will start from a settlement, re-list, and then take off, This is a good inference to the current state of XRP. We’ve all heard that XRP and the SEC may target recent lawsuits News of a settlement plan. I must say that this can end this long and tedious court case. Yes, this is boring, I must add. Not because watching court proceedings is not that interesting. But because the SEC sounds like they are not fully prepared for the lawsuit. Regulators are one of the most important parts of the government, especially for cryptocurrencies As far as stock traders are concerned. They help protect the financial markets of general investors, but this lawsuit is A bad decision, I will continue to repeat this. The SEC has the right to use any actual evidence to prove its sales or any other violations Legal cryptocurrency.

But when it comes to Ripple, they are actually not fully prepared and have no chance Win this case. Yes, we might try our best to convince ourselves that Ripple Labs actually committed Has committed a problematic crime, but let’s wait and see to see the next step in this lawsuit. However, if everything goes according to plan, we may see a settlement soon, and then re When listed, the price will rise.

If you haven’t invested in XRP yet, buddy, you’re setting sail on this ship. Good time to try your luck before. Another tweet that caught my attention was @Digitalassetfun's tweet. He said,'The tide is turning, and soon the waves will become ripples. I think sec is beyond its depth and the legal clarity of XRP will be established soon. By the end of September at the latest. I must agree with him. To be honest, "A calm sea never makes a skilled sailor", I think this is XRP is happening. Once they pass these difficult times, the company will become stronger, better.

To be sure, the entire crypto world will support coins. I mean, Ripple is the bridge currency we have been looking forward to. Since its inception, the company has cooperated with some of the most famous financial The institution has established a partnership. These partnerships are essential to the integration of these two worlds. In addition, the company has also created an attractive package for central banks around the world. . In fact, it is one of the first cryptocurrencies to do this and have a chance of winning. To create a network where banks can integrate cross-border low-cost transactions is The icing on the cake. Which bank doesn't want it? Most importantly, private ledgers in the network provide banks with much-needed security. So far, some World Banks have joined RippleNet’s mission and started Work with it to integrate cross-border connections.

Ripple Labs has a solid mission, and no entity can stop them. If they have any chance to lose the court case, all they have to do is to be in the United States Register their tokens as securities. However, from my perspective, I believe that XRP will be traded to the world as a cryptocurrency other places. That's because the SEC only has jurisdiction in the United States and cannot exceed that range. Ideally, the best course of action in case this happens is that Ripple Labs must The headquarters moved to another friendlier country.

In the final analysis, the loss will be the US government. China and other countries are leading the way in adopting 5G networks . This is an opportunity for the United States to catch up with China and possibly surpass it. But this happened. Although the SEC is exercising its rights, I think this is a bad idea because American citizens will fail in this process. I mean, let us consider this idea logically outside of the law and all scope. Why would you choose one that tries to fuse the two worlds together instead of letting them destroy each other Cryptocurrency? If the fiat world and the crypto world are allowed to exist in different ways, one of them will be eliminated . Due to the economic benefits and simplicity of its framework The clear winner of this battle will be the crypto world.

It’s hard to get a bank loan now, even if you get Yes, the interest rate is also high. This is different from some packages you can get in the crypto world, this is Why do most people like encryption so much. It gives civilians the opportunity to try different financial solutions and in the process Generate income. Yes, banks try to reach small businesses through small business loans, but the interest rate Still very high. In addition to this, we have a significant advantage in the crypto world, so if you think Encryption is just a fluke that will soon disappear, so you are so wrong! Decentralized blockchain technology will continue to exist, and the sooner the government will accept it The better it is.

Guys, I saw this. If the US Securities and Exchange Commission continues to fail to cooperate, they may face monetary sanctions. This article was published on and we are about to see the SEC and the court The fierce battle between, rather than the ironic Ripple. The never-ending saga between SEC and Ripple has now taken a new route. The motion to force financial regulators to surrender documents is It went back and forth between the two parties and Judge Netburn. The SEC has consistently refused to hand over the documents, "Despite repeated instructions, the SEC insisted on refusing to search for obvious External communications respond to the evidence base," the defendant said.

The SEC has requested a 60-day extension, which seems to be an attempt to Delay the case and avoid revealing the truth behind the lawsuit. Then listen to this; it should be pointed out that If the plaintiff is still uncooperative with the ordered discovery, the judge can order Impose economic sanctions on the Securities and Exchange Commission and even dismiss the case completely. However, the possibility of dismissal at this stage is very small. On this point, let’s take a look at technical analysis, because things will soon Soaring. We are currently working on weekly views. First of all, labels 1 to 5 are not Elliott waves, they are to support the price Comparison of changes! I was asked how the price of XRP increased due to insufficient quantity. So, I’m showing a fractal comparison with LINK, which not only provides price fractals, Volume fractals are also provided! Moreover, you can clearly see that the volume is entered at an appropriate time so that LINK Push up and challenge its previous historical highs.

Please also note that LINK continues to set higher highs on some fairly sluggish volume. If we look at the Bitcoin chart in a 4-hour time frame. We talked about this emerging model, now it’s time to look at the market The direction of Up. In this analysis, we want to talk about breaking the trend line After the expected rise or fall time or…? The answer is obviously a breakthrough The trend line (blue or black) is the first confirmation of direction. But as you can see, there are some local resistances and supports mentioned on the chart, and these resistances and supports break In the second form, the increase in trading volume is when the market greets again and starts a new wave The third signal.

We expect a greater possibility of breaking upwards, today is the last day when prices are restricted by this pattern . My best wishes to everyone. Safe transactions as always guys! Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel are for entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comments section below and let us have a conversation. Thank you very much for watching. Don't forget to like this video and click the subscribe button below. Turn on notifications to get notified when we post great content. See you in the next video..

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