Ripple/XRP-Central Banks Already Set To Use Ripple/XRP And Stellar/XLM,XRP & XLM The Chosen Ones

welcome back to the show everybody we got an incredible show for you today make no mistake about it banks and swift are already set to use xrp and xlm stellar and you're about to see the evidence of that right now in this video somebody wrote that beautiful intro this is digital perspectives with brad kimes subscribe for new content notifications now here's brad kinds come on in [Music] welcome back to the show everybody you can follow me on twitter at backup bradley above and everything that we're talking about here today and give us a follow on tick tock at digital perspectives at on tick tock at digital perspectives no spaces right now 2.087 trillion for the cryptocurrency market cap on august 21st 2021 the crypto market cap is up 2.30 percent here we see quickly here uh bitcoin is at 48 000 plus ethereum 3200 plus and xrp at 1.24 shout out to charles hoskinson his coin is at 2.45 let's look at the range very quickly we got a lot to go over and you're going to like every single bit of it dollar 23 12398 is where we're at for the price and the low end of the xrp price range is at 1.22 11 so we'll keep an eye on it and the upper end of the price range was at a dollar 28 1.2856 we will keep an eye on it but listen here's where we're going to start today xrp and xlm are the chosen ones by the financial system and you are going to get absolute absolute evidence that they are the chosen ones there's no question about it not financial advice but here's where we start today this is evan schwartz from the interledger protocol summit in 2019.

I set the stage here because the interledger protocol was created by ripple and stephen thomas when he was there and his team and obviously that was gifted to the w3c which was the world wide web consortium which is the international organization that oversees the internet and the standards and principles let's start with this little quick clip and hear what evan schwartz says because this is where the phrase all the money came from so i i like some people have heard me say this before but i'll throw it out to the audience what is interledger's total addressable market size all the money nobody wanted to nobody want to feed it yeah it's all the money because what we're really talking about with this idea of the internet of value is creating a single global payment network that connects literally everyone and and there you have it and that is exactly what i believe they've done with the interledger protocol that was gifted to the w3c if you look right here this was back in gosh i don't know when the year was but this article came out in 2019 but if we come down here we see that w3c are also in control of the interledger protocol the ilp this is almost exactly the same as ip internet protocol but for money and value the interledger protocol are a set of protocols that make sure a payment and settlement can bounce from one network to another or through multiple networks to reach a final destination ripple made this protocol and gifted it to the w3c so if you trust the internet it is time that you start to trust the w3c the xrp ledger and the ilp and i think it was gifted in actually 2015 the articles from 2019.

So looking right here this is the w3c which as i said is the world wide web consortium is the main international standards organization for the world wide web founded in 1994 and currently led by tim berners-lee the consortium is made up of member organizations that maintain full-time staff working together in the development of standards for the world wide web now what we're getting into right here is courtesy of ginger ginger bar stud sent me this from the uk and shout out to you my friend this is a patent and patent images from a canadian intellectual property office just like our u.s patent trade office here i would assume and the filing date here was in 2016 august right same month and then 2017 was the publication of that and then here you see national entry on 2018. okay now we are going to move through this pretty quickly but there is incredible incredible amount of information you were about to see ripple listed many times and you were about to see xrp listed many times and it is exactly for the use of settlement through all of the major payment systems in the entire global financial system make no mistake about it don't believe it it's still true let's get started looking right here is a first image on page one showing a diagram for which there are many diagrams and we're not going to look at every single one but we will see more in just a second here this is another diagram giving a layout here and then we're going to move quickly into this which is really laying out the situation of what they're doing here generally it's difficult to keep track of polarity of data during the financial transaction further is even more difficult to ensure the integrity of the polarity of data is maintained either during or after the financial transaction has been completed or to the evidence that is existed at a certain point in the financial transaction process many settlement systems are characterized but effective one-way transmission of the polarity of data in any given financial transaction for example systems based on swift messaging for which we know have been cited by brad garlinghouse and many others is completely antiquated and vulnerable if it is subsequently discovered that there are deficiencies in the polarity of data transmitted time consuming checking querying operations correspondent offers ensuring the benefit it's laying out what the problem is right the problem is is that it's old and it needs to be updated you know a long time ago i had floated the idea that ripple net would be the replacement of swift remember swift is privately owned by a a group of banks and if you know that and you know that ripple net is comprised of a lot of the same banks that own swift it is not a far cry to imagine that one day swift actually rolls right in or ripple net however you like to say it rolls right in to being the new version of swift itself looking right here the reference to figure 9b the payment data record utilizes fed into a settlement network such as for example a network 997 operating under the ripple protocol thereby permitting substantially real-time settlement across multiple institutions and banks as we know let's keep this moving because there's lots and lots of fire we got to get to here we see it right here the damning evidence for anybody who said oh it says ripple it doesn't say xrp well they're talking about settlement baby and 0161 gateway of payers banks sent by way of non-limiting example xrp the native currency of the ripple protocol to billers bank gateway payers bank gateway notifies token database 1023 of the receipt now what you're seeing here in these patents is a specific layout of each step of how this system works with the ripple protocol and the use and settlement of the native token of xrp and they go through line by line by line of every single instance of a transaction and how this would work for settlement it goes on to talk about clearing payers bank nostro account is debited subject to bank institution rules you all know this about the no accounts and about not having to pre-fund it has been a main advertisement point from ripple of late that you don't have to pre-fund your accounts in other countries you can use odl through the ripple net system and this is very very exciting to see this information from this patent here so looking in this i wanted to show you as it breaks down the transactions that are explained inside of this patent for example it here shows the gbp which i remind you the the pound digital pound foundation that we talked about also which ripple is a part of right so the british pound and the pound foundation just like i presume the digital dollar foundation here in the united states we're developing a digital dollar you know that they're on it we know susan friedman from ripple is on it right and then we see as an example here in this transaction exchange gbp and the amount and it shows ripple and it does this many many different times through this uh pdf as it breaks down every instance of transaction here again in this particular section here we are looking at page 52 and it's 403 we're looking at features of this embodiment include the enablement of a private invitation only network for banking institutions excuse me which in a particular form can facilitate cross-border payments thereby to enable substantially real-time payments at reducing processing costs what the problem is and what the solution is baby and it's ripple and xrp and you're also going to see a mention here in a second about xlm as well now let's move to the next one which is page 53 and it is 046 and actually the whole page is incredible but here it talks about uh provides comparison of characteristics embodiments present present invention as compared to the prior art swift based messaging system and a commercial layer security layer and technical layer and then it talks here obviously about the invention can be implemented utilizing ripple the framework protocol and gateway more generally any blockchain framework and a particular final settlement process can be enabled through a ripple framework work thereby to facilitate substantially real-time settlement across multiple institutions and banks this is fire ginger bar stud shout out to you my friend looking right here we see page 55 where they acknowledge not only ripple but stellar we've talked about this yeah that's right brother and sister cousins right however you want to call it blockchain can be based on operate in association with any one of the number of pro protocols for example ripple or stellar this is fire bam boom yeah let's keep moving we're not talking just about swift by the way they are acknowledging here enable use of existing swift ach rtgs i mean this is big ladies and gentlemen it's all the different payment systems of the financial world period moving on let's keep moving here because i want to get you to it more about xrp for settlement baby there's no guessing here this is what they're talking about now settlement gateway of payers banks and by way of non-limiting example xrp the native currency of ripple protocol to billers bank gateway payers bank gateway notifies token database come on in again clearing payers may be a nostro account which is debited subject to bank institution rules it goes on to say here that uh embodiments of the invention can be implemented using ripple framework protocol gateway or more generally any blockchain based framework in particular the final settlement process can be enabled through ripple framework therefore facilitates substantial real time across multiple institutions and multiple banks again laying out the process of these transactions let's take a look at this where they talk about preferably the blockchain settlement system employs the ripple protocol preferably a second message transmitted between the intermediaries it goes through the whole process here of how this works for xrp and the ripple protocol for settlement now let's take a look at this page 66 advantages the invention is not limited to the interaction between two banks only but can be extended to any number of banks involved in the financial transaction for example the token can be included in all the final financial messages sent between a polarity of banks and the token can be used by any bank from the polarity of banks to verify the financial transaction from the enriched data record before taking any further steps in the process massive massive massive massive here is an illustration showing ripple right here and i'm taking the liberty of setting this up so we can see it right side up here and you can see the layout of this diagram here that they're showing token data token bank build data and all of this it starts here with the biller the payer bank all of this this path of process right here and guess what ripple settle populate and settle boom this is absolute fire and it proves to me and i don't know about anyone else but it certainly proves to me without any question and it's not financial advice but this absolutely solidifies to me that the the the work for building the market infrastructure for ripple and stellar i believe has been done and what we need is legislation to define these new payment protocols replace cryptocurrency replace the word digital asset replace all of these different words for crypto and these things to what i said the other day payment networks substitute cryptocurrency for payment networks and ask yourself if the thing that you're holding in your portfolio is a successful or set up to be a successful payment network that is what i'm doing and i have to say i am very excited about what i'm seeing here because it's lining up like everything i'd want to see here is another diagram which i didn't have a chance to flip around here but you can see they break down the issue security uh and tech technical issues swift bypass swift swift-based uh committed infrastructure spend is slow and expensive as we know ripple no competition given infrastructure focus blockchain private gateway establishment and then the proposed banks turn uh call center re-swift processing into profit pool and it says here um ad on a new revenue and bank's private system sparrow uh anonymized messaging and then we go to what we've known for months now since the end of 2020 when brad garlinghouse said we do know that central banks have a private ledger that's built on the xrp ledger open source technology to issue central bank digital currencies and he's known it for years this information is absolutely explosive i think it clear and away shows us that when it comes to the global financial system and the central banks of the world this is the answer it's ripple xrp and xlm again not financial advice but this is remarkable that's going to do it for me make sure you hit the like and subscribe leave a comment below and share with somebody you know by the way ladies and gentlemen check out they have private equity you can actually use your xrp or crypto from any holdings on youtube i mean on uphold to actually buy private equity and it's remarkable and remember link 2 is not a broker so they buy these investments before you do and they invest right alongside of you with you that to me is one level of professional integrity that you will not find anywhere else make sure you check them out and all the different links in the description box in the comment section and i will catch all of you on the next one

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