Ripple (XRP) – Análise de hoje, 30/06/2021! #XRP #Ripple #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #ETH #binance

it's very personal xrp now 14 and 19 pm here in Spain 9:19 in Brazil drawing our mini w here at xrp as reported yesterday on the channel and facing this resistance band here represented by day by this top of the 24th that coincides with the bottom line of her own in the shimoku video, she will have no difficulty crossing the estimated cloud that will accumulate now to go face her second resistance target at 0.89 0.90 that this range represented by this correction that is still in the memory of the market here Most likely I thought there is still this series of supports and resistances that held the asset for a long time in this region of 0 90 085 to accumulate good and then try to overcome it is this main top here that is the big challenge of xrp at 1.05 and 1.06 which is the top that imposed this Cohesion and May 31st and this correction here on May 26th So the next relevant target of XR p0890 90 it will have no difficulty crossing the cloud in this reg ion here where it is now 067 068 to 070 will accumulate to face 080808 19 here in this range anal resistance here until 09 10 and then try to face its most impacting resistance range which will be around a dollar 1 and 10 10 six that this existential range here, there is this existential range here, between 10 between 1.09 1.10 and a dollar to then accumulate and in the wake of Bitcoin's return to its appeal to the region of 44 45 thousand dollars it catapults the price to this range 3 level pre correction of Bitcoin and let's put it like this and one and sixty ok guys the next relevant resistance of xrp0 eight 160818 maybe 090 to accumulate face 1.05 1.10 which is the most impacting target and we have resistance for xrp realize that buyers are regaining control of xrp will make me migrate both short and slow exponentials both to the upper band of the metric in a little while I'll be back with analysis by ti Ltda ch Oh and whoever wants to suggest analysis and for some reason just put in the messages below big hug

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