Ripple (XRP) – Análise de hoje, 30/05/2021! #XRP #Ripple #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #ETH #binance

Personal email, let's move on from xrp now on May 30th 13th and 33pm here at Spain guys xrp and is he loyal to our channel High or did you buy that average indicator here guys here, oh View the display, up a little bit here in my indicators here, people Who don't know this little green arrow this little green elongated arrow here opens when Kendall forms above the waterline What is the waterline is the point of view turning The Happy Journal is a very interesting indicator personally, xrp unlike what Fursan said Apocalypse that Bitcoin for 20,000 km Bitcoin is now 35 e835795 Leaves Pineapple P Keeps Saga Finally Watching Virtual Channel There Try Penetration of the channel twice and thrice here threatening the failure of the squid already reveals Strong sales force exhaustion here, it has crossed the exponential short line on the Mac already from below To the top of a long advance to the city of America he will face the ripple of the personality of Jupiter The xrp is now the bottom line of the shimoku cloud from bottom to top, it should be stacked Here at the height of the red blur on the next few hours A triangle and he has to make a little wedge here to burst up towards mm200, he won't be facing The 200-period moving average 1.13 xrp is very difficult to break ichimoku nova from bottom to top on this leg, dashing is not that for people, this is xrp record Who maintains its reliability virtual ascension channel to Despair of Knights End of the World Well in a little while I will be back with Shiba Inu and Shiba Inu play Big Hug

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