Ripple (XRP) – Análise de hoje, 28/04/2021! #XRP #ripple #BTC #bitcoin #binance #ETH #BNB #ethereum

Yeah, guys, let's talk about xrp now and eax RPG confirming the prognosis previous had already bought had already made a purchase with full transfer of the channel of kelta right up to the ichimoku cloud the personal price when he crosses the red part of the schmorl cloud above it suffers this force gravitate the gravitational of the cloud and the price of that light carried out but when it goes over the green part of the cloud you will notice a magnetic repulsion upwards as it happened at what time there is a repulsive magnetism that catapults the price upward when the price crosses the part top of the cloud when it goes when it transits here by the top green cloud now when he's crossing it is the red part it really suffers this accomplished but it is a magnetism disgusting that will happen at that moment when the price goes over the green part of the cloud and xrp at that moment also faces a certain difficulty to cross the 200-period moving average which is a slab in the same way that the price had difficulty breaking anm200 from above down that was a powerful support the supports as you know if transform into future resistance so the price is suffering a little to overcome this brutal resistance that the mm200 you see that it is there trying to drill there in the region of 139 138 back to 134 but when it passes to the green part of the cloud over here for sure it will pierce and overcome this resistance the twix is ​​in the positive band showing the complete domain of the price by the buying forces is attentive xrp tends to respect the update of the crypto world without excluding bp from btc of the auditions and you can see that the top one here in 1 trillion here when hitting a trillion 1,009 was that first top here is a resistance so the price was realized a little bit and towards the median here of keltner channel now he is coming back to try to overcome this last top and overcoming that last top, the totalization of altcoins will then seek this another resistance which is the previous top and 1.059 trillion so xrp folks have a very positive prognosis she will cross the ichimoku cloud and over the top going to the green part of the cloud in about four two hour bars in 8 hours more or less 6 8 hours and we will realize that the price will give a letter pointed up here in Squeeze a ripple of realization happening due to the resistance of the mm200 and because of this gravitational force of the red part of the cloud but here in histogram we already notice the formation of a buying ripple So folks is this xrp analysis What if I find some other interesting point buy back report big hug

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