Ripple (XRP) – Análise de hoje, 23/07/2021! #XRP #Ripple #BTC #bitcoin #XRP #ripple #ETH #binance

Well folks let's go xrp now 14:51 pm here in Spain in Brazil 9:51 am you see that xrp is already going back to 060 it now circulates through the upper band of the keltner channel in the 26-period projection to the cloud of ichimoku is tightening xrp now it's getting a little heavy because it's overcoming this top Zinho here that preceded the sting on the 20th of July it will most likely end this impulsive leg going on here Nando into the schmorl cloud with or maybe crossing and starting the transit over the cloud to go If you break this range from 0 to 66 with peaks to 068 And then yes, I managed to accumulate to overcome this top here, d073 and this top here, 07107, well then it is very likely that this impulsive kick promote a symmetry with this leg here and with this one also this leg here on the 22nd of June did a rally of 0.18 and our Fernanda now from the bottom to the top ok, our streak now did a ridiculous rally the 0.05 still maybe we haven't even reached the half, it didn't even reach the half of this impulsive penchant even because the left one is opening here an elephant trunk here the real bodies are getting extensus and whenever the real bodies form these trunks of elephant they never come alone always come with a bunch of little brother like here with here you understand she thinks that Windows with real large bodies never comes alone Oh see here it comes full of little brother so it's very likely that this leg ends here in the range of 0 6607 to maybe accumulate already erupt and for our second resistance target that would be this here or relative to this top here in 07 09 and this top from 0734 to 90 is narrowing in Squid, a range of rational buyer in Mac Dias lines has already opened exponential body and slow are already migrating quickly to the upper band of the metric there is no xrp record that is forming Most likely this big w here it will be in a little while I I'll be back with an analysis from tilly das and hz the coin from the Tocantins fan big hug

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