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it's pretty personal xrp now 2pm and 7pm here in Spain in Brazil 97 in the morning it's at that point where we can say there's nowhere else to fall you see that it stuck here in this support Mega support that was once a resistance here on January 30, 2021, it tried to overcome this range here from zero, it reached 0, it peaked and 0 75 then retreated below this range of 050, then on February Doze, and it reached a peak and 0 50 has arrived hits 063 retreated to range 0 52 where it is now And there it worked How support lost support then went to test again on March 20th 2021 even made a mass m0 540 600 on March 22nd and threatened to lose in March 25th there in the wake of Mega stupid' Bitcoin that took btc to 64,000 dollars she made a maximum in 1.96 it wasn't her Voltaren Hi that was three something in the big 2017/2018 but the fact is that in this scum of 2021 /2022 she already made the dough at 1.96 xrp and now backing down again to 0.5 2 I have for me that just wants a beautiful entry point and it's logical that eventually I can take a few needles but lose this track here I would put xrp back to this track here November 3rd, 2020 correct What was that period of remembering of Limbo pre Pump Let's put it as soon as it was in that waiting time of the Taurus race so I don't believe that xrp will go back to zero 20 25 It may be that I eat a needle here still in the wake of Bitcoin's recovery that now it's 29 735 it's possible that you think R Pedro is still suffering a few more stings but losing this 050 range I don't think you'll see and the traditional financial market was in a bad mood yesterday because maybe they're entering a big downward spiral now today it's clearly a peal It's just a hangover from yesterday to us here now the future is going up 043 the Israel stock market going up 079 the Down Jones yesterday took 2.09 So let's see how the Ibovespa will behave r today but the fact is that at first desire and the world clip it they World Clip feel the impact of the bad mood of the traditional financial market but a second time he says stick as also happened in the pandemic crisis Sometime the crypto world got unstuck Hi and he took the btc for 64,000 dollars So folks here is this record Maybe this boarding point is very interesting for xrp I don't believe it's going to fall much further than that it's really at the point boiling point that preceded this one, this Pump of her fixes a short story 96 Okay, I'll be back in a little while with tilly's analysis and whoever wants to suggest analysis Any active Just put the messages below big hug

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