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personal e-mail let's go to xrp nowadays May 19th the 12:54 here in Spain since it is already good afternoon right there in Brazil it must be almost 8 o'clock in the morning a Incredible as it seems xrp Follows its autistic bias the schmorl cloud that in the Projection of 26 periods rehearsed here to create the creation of a reddish cloudiness but at that moment there is even a slight greenish cloudiness it is very thin almost rehearsing the creation of a red cloudiness the paper held right here at the base of the cloud of schmorl the three lines of the Kiel channel that threaten to cross ichimoku clouds from top to bottom But this will not happen because there in our virtual high-hour channel that I will already talk about it the paper continues to religiously climb the bottom line of the channel of our bullish channel and therefore the upward bias xrp remains the amplitude of the shopping waves far outweigh one is these parents in the sellers even though that last selling wave here this early morning from 18 to 19 te already open in the third Barrinha a certain violence I have for me that the btc that is dragging everyone crypto down is already cooling their IPTU seller this reality is reflected in the Mac day when both my mobile and short exponential pointed down in the case the short of is already in that first quadrant of the lower band of the metric But I believe that it will return The longest EA in the signal line is still in the second quadrant of the upper band of the metric in which Pese pointed to the median of the metric and maybe switching to lower the histogram band has just denoting the violence of this last wave seller Good morning already Bars in the third quadrant of the lower band But I believe that from that moment the XRP will live a congestional stalemate between buyers and private sellers go to our virtual xrp class channel at that moment paper scales the bottom line of our high channel xrp crossed from top to bottom anm200 here on region of a 1.48 in the wake of Bitcoin's fall, of course, but she keeps making our ballet beautiful Bolshoi What's this here? he was tested top of the channel on the 5th of May now tested bottom continues testing bottom continues climbing he didn't lose ours high channel and probably in the next few hours it will pierce Ichimoku Cloud from the bottom up and go to get the top of our channel there in two dollars but of course there are meetings scheduled here at 1.68 which I top most recently after 1.76 then 1.85 and 1.96 but it will probably follow this Climb from bottom to top of the ichimoku cloud and initials the kick a two dollars guys listen to the xrp autists didn’t change and i will i will do a quick analysis here about Bitcoin which has a lot desperate people thinking that the crypto winter has arrived Hello guys I have this graph here from Bitcoin that I received it in 2015 already one that is a non-linear logarithmic regression line and Mickey seemed to me this graphic graphic was a friend of Punta de Leste and this graphic was made by the Mit people of the shot in the United States and that it projects the value of Bitcoin by 2025 you realize that it is Bitcoin today at this very moment it is here looking for $ 100000 here it’s $ 100000 it’s getting to $ 100000 Bitcoin and it will reach the range of 1 million dollars by 2025 2026 that would be more or less here outside the chart you have already thought that this chart works like a witch I’ve been following this chart since 2015 and he practically never made mistakes Of course, technical analysis cannot be based on a mere Projection of the valuation of an asset by logarithmic regression but this graph has been observed has been religiously fulfilled So use this graph as the north but in the technical analysis and for comparison effect between all the blurs the new head 2013 for 2014 that took Bitcoin from 30 dollars to 1166 dollars you see that the people who faced a congestion similar to the current one now the new head 2017 for 2018 was the same thing we planted a congestion in the middle of the road and now no steering wheel 2021 to 2022 is in the same situation at the present moment it is this congestion now current that led the price of Bitcoin to 43 thousand and a few dollars So, our people, our target, above 100,000 logic for this graphical projection, Bitcoin is going to 240,000 dollars, but our target For the sake of security in operations between $ 150,000 that would leave 20 was more or less here it is the cursor So folks don't have to worry about xrp at this point by climbing the base of our bullish channel and twix didn't even migrate to the lower metric band denoting total control of the asset by the buying forces so the people like us all of us all our predictions remain the phoenix they must be very calm at that time because the role continues to climb the base of our high channel ok people, soon I'll be back with some opportunity in the world clips if anyone has any suggestions for assets Just put in the messages below big hug

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