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Yeah guys let's go xrp and now it's 9:25 am here in Spain it should be 4 and 5 o'clock Morning in Brazil, but let's go xrp, like I mentioned in yesterday's video, day 13 is May 14th. Tri-box we see and it is this configuration it is Natural SW this wv is really in treble clef acupuncture and as I mentioned that The paper will return because our default high channel did not reverse the downtrend In the indicators projecting in 26 periods, the clouds remain red but stripes The cloud flashed the Kiel channel which although still flipped down 90, that's snot With the three lines it remains bearish although the top line is already entering the cloud And not due to the fact that the channel is still low in the cloud, and there is still no technical signal to reduce the replay Paper cart By purchasing powers, you can see that the X RB passes more through The lower range of the Quel channel. And the top bar this indicates that sellers Still in control as weighs will be a definite drain on the seller's momentum seeing that capacity The wave of the latest wave of selling has already lost enough momentum in my opinion're A reflection chart here this time is XRP migrating to the upper Kelvin channel band Right-hand and indicates a possible reversal of blackout lines in the 26-charging period's projection Mac font is both short exponenciar and significantly slower Mac font Sign is both up and pointed and migrate to the metric average in distance from The period 200 moving average noticed that the paper has moved too far from the MM200 and now the exercise begins On Twix forming the abdomen is pointed upwards and migrates backward For the average subjective scale I'm going to draw you that our hypothetical voiding duct is to see I got the vaccine , I expected the paper would return to our dear, hypothetical high channel Today there was no one else to return to our Zinho high channel and I said it was It's going to be a triangular needle coming out of the channel and look at that xrp moment as it climbs up the limit The bottom of this high channel then, folks, this analysis is now on the morning of the 14th of May, two thousand and twenty xrp return to our ascending channel and once again confirm Recon, confirming Autism bias of the paper in the long term in the medium and in the long term In the short term, he is training the downtrend reversal to the upside and on The long term Mid-term In our personal technical analysis, I made it clear what role a band plays Bolshoi ballet and possibly after punching in shimoku, sell from bottom to top and mm200, this station should start here another 199 before its meeting time, I'm fine, everyone here is 1184 at 188 then 196 for those who know how to get it all the time high in three.

Something about the dress is there at Burger 2017/2018, well, that analysis is here at On the morning of May 14th, anyone who wants to suggest analyzing some assets can include in letters Below and I find a good opportunity from the crypto world to report a big hug.

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