Ripple XRP: All Of Us Gonna SEE The New Wave Of Crypto MILLIONAIRES Soon! (Don’t MISS Out!)

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a fantastic day. Today we have quite a lot   to talk about. We are about to enter 
the last lap before this coin hits   its all-time high and turns XRP holders into 
millionaires. Yes, guys! XRP and Ripple are   about to shake the whole crypto community. 
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we will rev those engines with   this tweet from @reb0rn13 where he says,
People selling #XRP @ the beginning of the   yr bcause of the #SEC Lawsuit People selling $XRP 
to jump on the meme coin craze 3 mnths ago People   selling #XRP bcause of the $XDC hype 1 mnth ago. 
Now people selling $XRP to jump on the $QNT train'  Without a doubt, this coin has had a rough 
start ever since the lawsuit with the SEC,   and that's only half of it.

Like the 
tweet says, once the lawsuit happened,   most began selling their cryptos to jump to the 
meme coins. Everyone seems to be jumping away   from this crypto because of one reason or the 
other, but mostly because of the hype coins.   Unfortunately, the hype coins do not last long. 
And with that in mind, instead of making good   returns from your investment capital, you are 
likely to crash and burn. That's the unfortunate   side of purchasing a coin because of the hype 
and not because you believe in their mission.  Hands down! XRP and Ripple aim at making a 
difference in the crypto community. They have a   vast following and an excellent roadmap. Ripple 
has made amazing partnerships with the world's   elite businesses, including central banks.
Show me a meme or hype coin that's come   close to making a decent partnership 
with major players in the fiat world?   That's right! None! Meaning, you might make a few 
profits here and there with meme and hype coins,   but in the long run, you will potentially lose 
all your investment.

It's just a matter of time.  @Luminusdesign also pointed out an interesting 
line of thought with this tweet saying,  'There are tons of cryptos, and I bet only VERY 
few will survive, I think BTC & ETH will go down.   When this kicks out I hope everyone has their 
stuff off exchanges. XRP XLM & maybe 1-6 more.   Gold Silver. Please when you stack, 
stack and have your families in ur head.'  So, the simplest and most straightforward idea is 
that XRP's success doesn't depend at all on the   two crypto giants, that is, BTC and ETH. In fact, 
XRP actually challenges these two coin's thrones   because it plans to overthrow them all. Above 
all, XRP is bridging the gap between crypto and   fiat currencies, whereas BTC and ETH only 
want to exist as the sole medium of exchange.  That is why it's been difficult for the 
government and other fiat-friendly firms   to adopt cryptocurrencies completely. But all 
of that is about to change.

XRP will ensure   the two worlds merge to create a better and 
more effective ecosystem that works to ensure   both crypto and fiat exist in harmony.
Moving on from that, we have another   tweet from @ Neloangelo314 that says 'I 
wonder what would happen if ethereum and   bitcoin collapsed? So much money…'
Everyone else jumped onto this trend,   commenting that most of the money will go to XRP, 
and I'll have to agree with them. XRP is the next   big thing in the crypto space since it has all 
the factors needed for the next phase of cryptos.   Let's be honest here; cryptocurrencies 
were originally created to challenge   the fiat currency, and with good reason.
Big corporations and governments only felt the   benefits of fiat currencies. There were so many 
regulations in the fiat world that it was nearly   impossible to make a generational fortune without 
a direct connection from someone in the government   until crypto. Cryptos made is so that the commoner 
can now make money by simply holding on to assets.   The best part about this asset is that it 
made so many millionaires before crypto   had nothing to do with it.

Now, we are 
reaching a point where governments and   big corporations will fully adopt cryptos.
The beauty of this is that the somewhat   'illegal' side of cryptos will no longer exist. 
That's because the whole society will have   accepted cryptos as a medium of exchange. For 
that to happen, we need a bridge currency that   will unite both worlds. That's exactly what XRP 
is trying to achieve with its RippleNet framework.   If you hadn't noticed, RippleNet would only lure 
the big fiat firms into the cryptocurrency world.  The framework offers fast cross-border transfers 
with on-demand liquidity that's based on XRP.

So,   essentially central banks working with Ripple 
are already implementing blockchain technology   into their activities. So, why not start a CBDC? 
As a matter of fact, Ripple also encourages the   formation of CBDCs, and the company has stated 
on their website that they are pro-CBDC.  In my perspective, Ripple is actually 
pushing the central banks to adopt   cryptocurrencies but in a softer way. Which I 
must admit, seems like it's working. The only   thing that's stalling XRPs price from skyrocketing 
is the SEC lawsuit.

Yes, you heard that right. An   article published on says a 
lot about this event. The article reads,  XRP price stalls in tandem 
with SEC v. Ripple lawsuit  XRP price has been uneventful after its 10-day 
rally as it starts to lack decisiveness,   much like the $1.3 billion lawsuit 
filed by the SEC against Ripple Labs.  In late July, Ripple requested the court take into 
consideration a statement by SEC Commissioners   Hester Peirce and Elad Roisman that has been used 
as support for the blockchain firm to oppose the   agency's motion to strike its fair notice defense.
The two commissioners' statement was referenced   by Ripple in its argument that there was a 
lack of clarity on what the law requires for   market participants around the application 
of securities laws to cryptocurrencies.  The SEC stated in response that the commissioners' 
views did not reflect the position of the agency   and what they say in public would not be 
relevant to the financial watchdog's argument   that Ripple violated securities law.
Ripple further argued that the SEC's   arguments regarding the two commissioners 
highlight that the agency's position is   "legally untenable." Further, the blockchain 
firm's lawyers stated that previous cases,   including Kik and Telegram, did not involve 
any claims against individual defendants.  Therefore, the lawyers responded that Ripple 
executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen   should not be accused of knowing and 
recklessly disregarding the legal   consequences of their actions when they sold XRP.
Attorney Pascale Guerrier recently filed a notice   of appearance on behalf of the SEC, which 
indicates that no settlement deal would be   on the table.

Although Ripple filed 
for a settlement earlier this year,   attorney Jeremy Hogan believes that the addition 
of a new lawyer for the agency makes it look like   there will not be any resolution in the near term.
James K. Filan, an attorney familiar with the   case, said based on his experience that a 
settlement is unlikely to happen any time   soon. He added, "This is a war. I think 
we should settle in for the long haul."  Here's the most interesting part of 
it all, once the SEC lets Ripple go,   this company will be virtually unstoppable. That's 
because Ripple has made connections with ETH,   Central Banks, and even governments. The 
launch of Flare will ensure you can use XRP   on the infamous dApps platform hence giving this 
coin more value in the crypto world. And that's   not all! Ripple has already implemented its 
cross-border network with several central banks.  Guys, XRPs bullish trend is up on the 
horizon. That's because the SEC and Ripple   are rumored to be talking about a settlement. 
When that happens, you are all going to see the   new wave of crypto millionaires soon. We expect 
XRP to hit $2 or even $5 and continue to soar   even higher.

Yes, guys, this coin will be 
heading straight to the moon and beyond. I've   said this time and time again, XRP has so much 
potential and will likely be the leading coin.  We just have to give it time, and everything will 
unfold in front of our eyes. Speaking of which,   let's take a look at the technical analysis 
to understand how the price action in this   coin is speculated to move.

That should help 
us better anticipate what will happen with XRP   in the coming days and its future. With that 
in mind guys, let’s take a look at the charts!  XRP price failed to extend the bullish leg 
to $0.8 following the gains on the weekend.  Ripple hunts for support at the 
50 SMA to avert losses under $0.7.  The MACD and the RSI reinforce the bearish 
outlook, leaving XRP vulnerable to losses.  Ripple price has continued with an upward 
roll started after July’s worst selloff that   saw it plummet to $0.52. The international 
money transfer token seems to have restored   investor interest, especially with the 
launch of the On-Demand Liquidity remittance   corridor between Japan and the Philippines.
The payments corridor tapping into Ripple’s   flagship blockchain service is significant because 
of the nearly $2 billion a year remittance market   between the two companies. Following this 
news, XRP made hastes stepping above $0.7.   The bullish leg stretched toward 
$0.8 over the weekend but stalled   around $0.78 on some exchanges like Bitfinex.
XRP Price Engages Reverse Gears At Full Throttle  Ripple is trading at $0.72 in the wake of 
rejection from $0.78.

Since the recovery   began last month, the price action shaped in an 
ascending parallel pattern. The channel’s upper   edge contributed to the overhead pressure, 
cutting short XRP’s bid for $0.8 and $1.  Besides, a break under the middle boundary 
appears to have put bears completely in control.   Hence, Ripple needs to hold the support at 
the 50 SMA and the channel’s lower boundary.   This will ensure that losses do not stretch 
to $0.7 and explore levels further down.  It is worth mentioning that the short-term 
technical picture is mainly bearish,   starting with the MACD. A sell signal from 
this trend-following tool appeared when the   12-day EMA crossed below the 26-day EMA. 
Note that the odds for a bearish outlook   soar as the MACD moves closer to the mean line.
RSI adds credibility to the bearish narrative,   especially with the ongoing retreat from 
the oversold region. Sellers will get more   aggressive if the RSI confirms movement 
below the midline and closes the gap to   the oversold area.

Trade with care guys!
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